Epic web stuff going on at Le Web in Paris

(me on stage the day before the conference started-w00t =)

If I should put one word on  le web in Paris this year this year (also called le web 10), it would be Epic web.  I’m actually an official blogger for the conference, but I’m cookin’ up more stuff in danish than in english on that account.

However, I didn’t want to leave you guys out of all the fun here on henrietteweber.com.

For one of the first times in 5 years I have really gotten a strong feeling (as somebody referred to as the “reboot7” feeling) from a tech conference.

Don’t get me wrong,I go to a lot of conferences, and most of them are very well organized, but nothing has ever come close to the feeling I got from reboot7 in Copenhagen in 2005. Reboot7 was lifechanging for me, and leweb10 is going to be as well. So it’s right up there together with the best. I wish you all could have been there.

So, you’re probably thinking, “that all sounds well and good, but why is that? what did it have that other conferences didn’t? Well I have a sense for change, and just as I did at reboot7, I smell epic web revolution at Le Web. There was so many strong indicators that we are heading on from an internet focused on social tools, to actually starting using them to change/save the world (and not just hanging out on twitter all day).

There was so many strong messages from really strong companies and people. Like when Better Place they said that their mission was to end oil. Like when the CEO of Renault said that the car industry was f***ed if they didn’t find a way to make the car a family pet again, and they are doing it with their 100 % electrical car.Like when Gary Vaynerchuk said that every time you got asked what the ROI of social media was, you should answer “that it’s the same as the ROI of your mom”.

You can say that it might not be the the conferences fault that I got this feeling, but the program was so well designed with thought-leaders, so you couldn’t help to feel it in the air.   It’s the strongest indicator I have gotten for the beginning of a new era of the web in a while.

It was such an awesome experience to be at and feel le web 10, and I am honoured to have been a part of it.

I needed this outburst to you all. I will put more tendencies in my next newsletter, and possible also something that’s a little more down to earth I know I tend to fly high some times, but the next wave is just about to burst, I can sense it=)


  1. heidi Harman December 10, 2010

    Oh how i wish i would have gone and stopped this nonsense about Paris being to freezing in the wintertime. Im happy to hear about it being epic!

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