Goodbye delicious! hello pinterest and evernote

Today I decided that I would move all my bookmarks from to pinterest and evernote.

It’s a good way of going through all of them and see which ones are keepers which ones has to go, which ones are broken links and which ones are hopelessly outdated compared to who I am today – au contraire to who I was 5 years ago. it’s good fun really. Pinterest is somebody that I have researched a lot, especially since my work with fashiolista. I really digg the flow of pinterest and I think they’re spot onto something right and something that makes websites and the internet seem less linear. I digg that. it’s doesn’t look as much as a catalog or a magazine as it’s more like instant inspiration. I so want to be a part of that community and I am now…

The things that I don’t want to share with the world goes to my bookmark folder on evernote. Ciao Delicious –  I might pop by for occasional research for clients though.

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  • Hector Hurtado

    Hi there,

    I am considering a similar move today, from delicious to either Evernote or Pinterest. Being very visual by nature and by trade, I tend to lean towards Pinterest, but would love to read your feedback on both after these months of use. If you had to choose only one app, which one would you go with?

    Cheers, H.

  • Henriette

    Hi Hector, Im still on both – thinking about what is more visually sharable and what is filled with wisdom and needs to stay in my own notes =)

  • Tina C.

    Did you do this one by one or use a specific program? Thanks.

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