Your product is totally groovy! – right ?

I think it’s amazing to come across some people who have their own startup – or are responsible for selling a product, and who still approach sales and meetings like they are bothering others.

I used to be just like that, but fortunately I don’t think like that anymore. The last couple of months have done so many wonders for me in that direction – both with a new partner in Toothless Tiger, but also with some of my kickass advisors. They have worked on convincing me that I am the best social web strategist out there, and that I am the brain behind the coolest social web agency on the planet.  Because of that, I get to choose who to work with, and not the other way around. I feel truely blessed for figuring this out, and it has taken me a long time.

Radical self-esteem and business-love, people: It rocks!

One of the first reasons not to get that client or that meeting is that you don’t believe in you’re going to get it. You make your product seem like a hard sell, even to yourself.

Well I am here to tell you that your product is totally groovy! It’s like thinking things are easy. Running a startup is a piece of cake. Starting a business is something I only have to do 3 days a week and I still get loads of loads of clients. See?

I want you to think your product is groovy. Because it is, if you threat it as a puppy and not as crap. I’m convinced you’re the most competent person to sell your groovy product – right ?

Have a fantastic weekend rockers=)

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