My takeaways from Copenhagen Startup Weekend

Picture by Jeppe Liisberg

I used half my saturday mentoring Copenhagen Startup Weekend.  It was crazy cool and left me floatin’ on a creativity trip, just from spending around 5 hours at the venue, together with the teams and the organizers. I can imagine how much inspiration the team members have gotten from a weekend filled with executing ideas. Anyway I got to mentor 5 ideas and the concept behind all of them was great.  I’m hoping that they all would be executed well and be some of the cool startups of tomorrow – like some startups emerged from last year (cough Memolane and Planely cough).  So this was where I saw that the teams I mentored where heading.

Using “online” to create convenient offline services

Actually, when I think of it, most of the teams weren’t doing communities on the internet or social websites, they where using online connections to create convenience in the real world. The talk was more on apps, RFID tags and censors then on “building the next facebook for xx”. I was happy because I’ve gotten a bit put off lately by the amount of web services that saw themselves as the next facebook (or facebook for businesses).

The idea was all about the end-users

No matter if it was a business-to-business or a business-to-consumer idea, it was all about the end-users. Involving them in ways that could make you collect data from them, and create a win-win situation for you (smarter companies) and for them (more relevancy and substance in the interactions with the companies).

Most of the ideas were built on visions of making the world a better place

Again it was about convenience but the drive came mostly for making the world fitter and happier.  I love when it’s not all about the money – I mean, money is fantastic, but the love I have for people who want to change the world is enormous.

I left Startup Weekend confirmed in my own hunches for the future, inspired and filled with enthusiasm for the teams – I’m sure they will do extremely well.




  1. Andreas Christoffersen February 28, 2011

    Thanks for your great feedback Henriette -It was very valuable to ping-pong ideas and inspiration – and YOU ROCK :-) Andreas –

  2. Nick Hawtin February 28, 2011

    Great post, great points. Well put.
    Thanks for volunteering your time on Saturday!

  3. […] Some of the teams were as big as 19 people. As one of the mentors, Henriette Weber, put it in her summary of the event: ‘It was crazy cool and left me floatin’ on a creativity […]

  4. Anders Hansen March 6, 2011

    Hey Henriette

    Was great getting your input on our idea – another Gratitor team member :)

  5. Henriette March 7, 2011

    thanks guys – I appreciate you liking my input, it was really fantastic to be a part of it. I would love to do just that every day =)


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