Tools you need to DIY your facebook page (and save a gazillion dollars)

So  how many of you business owners out there have thought about getting some agency to set up your facebook page? Maybe a ‘welcome’ tab under your facebook page, saying that people should sign up for a newsletter?

I don’t do stuff like that. I don’t tell people to have a welcome-tab. I sell a lot of “turning the social web (hereby also facebook) into a strategic creative tool for you, as well as giving you a detailed plan for how to use it and add to your company identity“.

Don’t get me wrong I love facebook pages, but I don’t like the “welcome – ad” because, in my humble opinion I think it’s destroying the flow of the facebook page experience. That is a really bad thing on facebook, basically because it introduces something that is ad-like in a space that is ad-free and filled with interaction (yes I know that people are posting links and that there’s ads in the sides) but not in the middle where the news feed is.

Now if you could turn that ad-welcome tab into something awesome and cool – I would roll with it all the way.

But – I haven’t seen any great welcome-tabs on a facebook page (and I’ve checked out a fair ammount of them, which is why I decided not to have one on my own facebook page.

I decided to get a facebook page for me and my writings because it gave me an opportunity to exist in the “like’rs” newsfeed, and therefore get more traffic to my blog. I think a facebook page welcome tab should call for interaction on facebook instead of sending people off, to be lost on some webpage in the middle of nowhere. And that’s what I see them doing. “go to our website” – “sign up for our newsletter”. Stuff like that.

But – I think the whole design part of a facebook page, is so limited and so “ad” like, that I would rather set a designer loose on a real webpage and then direct the traffic there via links to valuable content in the newsfeed. Continiously. Hard work, and damn creative!

I also believe that if you can’t communicate what it is that people are seeing in less than 30 words in the info box on a facebook page – you have a communication problem.

Anyway that’s just my humble opinion. I don’t like facebook ad-tabs. Get it? I like the creativity and the strategic approach to facebook. I have a whole rant coming up about the mainstreamness of facebook for businesses in a blogpost tomorrow.

But if you should have a facebook page – I think you should make it madly creative and toy around with it. If you make it flow probably and end up by enhancing my facebook experience of you instead of interupting it, I would love to see it =) (drop a link in the comment section – please?)

Here’s two tools I toyed around with, that could help you create a facebook page for yourself:

Shortstack – custom facebook tabs in minutes.

Pagemodo – design your own facebook fan page for free

And a couple of facebook page links :

How to add a video to your facebook page

How to get a custom facebook webadress

The difference between a facebook page and a group (coming to you from the almighty facebook themselves)

Im looking forward to see what you come up with.

Be creative!

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