The woman with the evil plans

I get a lot of ideas – some of them are really huge, some of them too huge and some of them are put into a context that I can carry out on a daily basis – and still have a huge perspective. I thought I would write a blogpost about how I make my evil plans. From HUGE to tiny worldchanging actions.

The first thing you need to do, is to know what your HUGE evil plan is.

I like to say I have several.  Actually I have one for everything I do, and they are all attached to my driving forces in life: epic, unusual, creativity and action. Really when it comes down to it I just want to die at 120 years old and know that I made a huge difference in the world. That I mattered, and that I’ve created a legacy that my family is going to be proud of.  I strive everyday to be the change I want to see in the world. But I want to make a lot of money and have a ton of fun doing that as well.

To make that happen I need other plans – such as business plans.

I find inspiration in other fields of work than my own for my business plans. I find inspiration in large companies and software in general, and I find inspiration in NGO’s and cold canvas sales. I mostly find inspiration in what it is they should do, and aren’t doing, and I tend to tell them as well.

Then I find inspiration in my darling network and especially with my advisors. I pay a lot of money for advice and inspiration, and I value it so much more than I pay.
I find so much inspiration in music, art, nature and health.

And I find inspiration in unusual business books.  One of the ones I refer a lot of people to is Marina Hjørdies “the visual businessplan/den visuelle forretningsplan” (only in danish so far, but hey, you get to brush up on your danish as well =)”

I love the “business model generation” book and I could cry myself to sleep at night, thinking about the fact that we didn’t have that book when I went to school, I would have loved it because it literally makes business models into a game =)

To make business plans happen, I need my action plans.

I think a lot in flows. I like to ask questions. A question I get a lot is “how do we turn this viral?”  The answer to that is that we create great content that our target group actually adores, and make sure that they love us as well. It’s that simple (and yet very complex at the same time). I mean we could make the best content but if the target group is wrong there’s not a thing in the world we can do to to make it viral. It’s not gonna happen. So we turn things viral with more questions and answers to more evil plans.

To make my action plans happen I need to take action.

It kind of make sense right ? But I love to see my actions as creations. I love to see my work as art and change. If I am creating art and change instead of business, I’m more inclined to do so. Here’s a secret for you: I get so turned off by boring things. If I think a thing is boring, there’s not anything in the world you can do to make me prioritize it. I think business per se, is really boring. However I think that business unusual and how I make my living is crazy cool and fantastic – and it’s still business – but not business as-we-know-it. It’s Henriette-business because it’s defined by me, and it is me who decides if it works for me or not.

To take action I need my lists and my structures.

I need my to-do lists and my timer to take action. I set the timer on a half an hour or something and then I work work work until it rings, take a break and then over again. I need structure in form of people telling me what to do, or timers, otherwise I end up not prioritizing what’s urgent or important, but what’s fun (sometimes I’m lucky that it’s both urgent, important and fun=)

And that’s the evil plans of Henriette Weber. What’s yours ?



  1. Laura March 24, 2011

    You are totally my business hero Henriette (and my personal hero as well)! :)

  2. Ann March 24, 2011

    I think the timer on “half-an-hour” periods would make my day. I always get stuck up in reading interesting stuff on the web and then suddenly the day has gone by. Thank you Henriette…..

  3. Henriette March 24, 2011

    aww Laura – so much likewise =) @ann it’s insane but it really works..


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