Want to work at the movies ? Do as Energia Productions

Two years ago I was invited to Finland by Finnfacts to go on a blogger tour to see the startups of finland (and if you finnfact people are reading this – I want to go BACK – please ?) and one of the big big surprises up there was to meet the head production company (Energia Productions) behind movies such as Star Wreck and Iron Sky. Here’s the brand new Iron Sky trailer:

A couple of days ago I catched onto some conversations about Iron Sky on twitter and it make me re-live the eufori that I also had in Finland when I visited them in Tampere. As one of the guys up there told us about Star Wreck “Even though we’re big fans of Star Trek – there was just something that we didn’t like about the movies – so we decided to try and change it – and the result was Star Wreck”.

Projects like Star Wreck and Iron Sky inspires me so immensely because it’s crowdsourced movies made from people sitting in different places all over the world. If you want to work at the movies, Energia Productions is the perfect way of starting out, by doing it yourself and then enable your community around you. And that’s what I see in both Star Wreck and Iron Sky – it’s community driven movies and they are super fun.

So what are you waiting for – take their lead and get going =)

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