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My curly thoughts on facebook timeline – why so little visuals still ?

This morning I got access to the facebook timeline. My first thoughts was that it was kinda meets (ps. you can get to play with it too – see how here) but here’s what I think about it : I like that facebook is finally turning less linear and they are breaking up the browsing format.


There’s not so much scrolling or load to do (however I would love to see the newsfeed before Im too exstatic about it). Another thing I think is spot on is that it looks more like 2011.

than the previous version – meaning more sharing, more pictures and I bet it will make people go in discovery mode on their friends more. One thing I think is kinda tiresome is that the investigation and discovery mode is still mainly kept on people – instead of integrate some of people’s passions as well…

or the things that people thinks are cooler than a like – but something they would re-share with their peers. I was hoping that facebook would have integrated a bit more of a pinterest feel and make it a tad more visual (especially with the likes and shares) – and giving people incentive to like and share and subscribe more – but I think it’s coming soon.

I mean for a lot of people facebook is the infrastructure of the social web. Then us firstmovers can stand in the corner and say “to a lot of people the internet is bigger than facebook”… but to some parts of the mainstream crowd  facebook is the no 1. place on the internet. Why not let facebook become the full experience to them then ? If I was facebook I would do something more with the visual side for sure… keep people inspired by something more than text and “xx liked toothless tiger“.

But where the actions that people took where more and more supported by images. It looks like they’re also turning “like” into other gestures – which I am looking forward to as well – and will be an interesting turn.. so exciting days ahead… I think that’s what I have to say right now.Weekend is coming up and Im feeling good =)


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