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Buzzword Bingo won’t get you where you want to go

I am a fan of “huge” words in a business context. Words that are world-changing, that really has the potential to change the world for your business if you implement them, so they fit you.

If buzzwords end up being something you’re using as a value, you can really move mountains within your industry. You will finally be able to show that you practice as you preach. We have seen it various times with different businesses and startups that have dared to be <insert favorite buzzword here> as a part of their identity, marketing, and branding.

However, I get so tired of these huge words thrown at me as if it was something you could fix in 5 minutes and get on with your life. It makes them diluted, and it makes me cringe – because I’m left standing on some random streetcorner saying. “I’m sure that’s not what they meant when they started to talk about authentic businesses or involvement onsocial media”.

So even though you probably get a fair amount of buzzword bingo at your job every day, I can surely say – it’s not the ones that have fast buzzwords coming out of their mouth that really cracks the code for bringing in money through a digital sales funnel, it’s the one that works around it and implements it as a value. And not just on a strategic level – throughout the whole organization.

You need to take your buzzwords and create your own good sh*t around it – define what it means to you and to your colleagues. Practice as you preach, rockers.

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