Don’t be fooled by the curls that I’ve got, Im still Henriette from the blog

Last week I found out that my company Toothless Tiger and my personal website full of curls had it’s 7th birthday (I was blogging on blogspot for a couple of months before buying the domain and turning into an army of me). A 7 year birthday is something to be proud of in these internet times, where everything goes so fast. I have always had a passion for internet, relationships and communities, but it was first when my maternity leave ended, that I thought to myself: “life is too busy living other peoples dreams”. Toothless Tiger and started out as playgrounds where I could document everything I wanted, all the business revolutions driven by 1 on 1 relationships on the internet. A lot has happened since then. I’ve written several books, developed several creative tools for change, storyliving and business unusual, worked with a lot of really cool people. Gotten a lot of dear internet friends.

I guess one could say I became a grown up in the realm of this blog and Toothless Tiger. Sometimes I ask myself “Henriette – is the best way to spend a large part of you time?” And I must admit that yes it is. I see this as building a public legacy for my kids and family to come. I see this as documenting “Henriette” and my commercial thoughts. I see this as the personal part of Henriette Weber, my very own space to inspire, to tell stories, to rock and to rant.

Wish me happy birthday in the comments ?

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  • Kathrine Felland Gunnløgsson

    Tillykke med firmafødselsdagen. Tillykke – og tak! Tak fordi du inspirere og sætter ting i søen, som mange andre bare snakker om. Du er et fyrtårn i det digitale landskab og jeg sætter gerne kurs i den retning du udstikker. Så er jeg nemlig sikker på, at der sker noget – og at der sker noget fantastisk. Geek Girl netværket ville ikke være det samme uden dig.
    Så klap dig selv på skulderen – og skulle du nogensinde mangle en kop kaffe, så giver jeg gladeligt en kop!

  • Stephanie Booth

    happy blogday! happy business anniversary! congrats for sticking around when so many just come and go!

  • Armando Alves

    impressive milestone, red curly girl 🙂 a legacy that’s yours and not rented (as in FB) and will surely will be something to review for years to come

  • Henriette

    thank you for your wonderful comments – they warm my heart! – no worries guys – I will keep going =)

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