Web of things give-away: Are you dreaming of winning a changer starter kit – in time for christmas?


Last month, when I was at the Pioneers festival in Vienna, Austria, I hung out a lot with Daniela Schiffer from Changers.com. Little did she know that I had a somewhat hidden agenda! – that’s right, I’ve been snooping around. My hidden agenda was to get to try the changer starter kit out in the nordics – as one of the first web of things companies up here.

And I did. Actually I have a changer kit sitting on the outside of my rooftop window right now, in the sun generating sun for my phone/camera battery and the changer community (so they won’t mock me of my 1 watt sun generated a day – it’s minus 10 degrees up here and there’s not a lot of sun in Denmark in December).

It’s cool though, because I have been telling the guys from changers.com why I root for them as one of the first succesful consumer products to be web of things. Their designskills is the same as those of Apple (an early stage Apple at least) I.think.it’s.brilliant. And I can’t wait to see what it will progress into. One of the reasons I choose changers.com to be the christmas give-away, is because they actually give you a hardcore incentive to change the world.

It’s not just “don’t use as much water as you normally do”, or “don’t drive your car everywhere”. It’s simple: Gather sunbeams and save electricity.

I love the action mode of it! (and the competitiveness of the changers.com community and their marketplace). This is turning into one of those poems about love. or Poems about digital love at least. Anyway to the point:

Today it’s beautiful so I decided to do my ONE give-away this christmas, today. But what an awesome give-away it is. A changer starter kit to get you going on changing the world. You don’t even have to make the decision to purchase one of these “retailing-for-149-EUR” babies. Because I have one for you, right here at Toothless Tiger HQ.

To participate:

Drop a comment on this article and tell me how you’re planning on changing the world radically in 2013. Go all in. If you want to tell me how I’ve helped you get further away from mainstream business as well – go ahead and write that in the comments as well.

The giveaway ends on monday. And I will let you know tuesday morning who won and why.

To those of you who doesn’t win – do me a favor and put a starter kit on your wishlist for christmas?

Ho Ho Ho from here.

Rock on!


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  • Brian Suda

    Rock on Henriette! It’s been a great year and I hope your 02013 will be a productive and world changing one!

    This 02013 is going to be a big year for me. We recently received a grant to build-out our school software product even further. We’ve been monitoring 20 psychometric scales for several years now in middle-school students, topics like depression, anxiety, student-teacher relations, enjoyment of reading and others. Using this data we’ve been able to change policy decisions at the school, municipality and government levels. And we’re just getting started!

    In 02013 we plan on rolling out even more services, similar surveys to high-school students and their staff/teachers while also going younger and surveying the staff and parents of kindergardeners. Getting a full picture of all of Iceland’s academic life will be immensely useful in planning and preparing for the future of the country.

    As a business we’ve managed to make enough money to employ several people full-time just working on surveying students, but within the year we’ll also begin to examine and improve the lives of the elderly and infirmed. The municipalities want to know when they spend money that their customers are not only getting better, but their quality of life is improving as well.

    Wish us luck and have a great 02013!

  • Anni

    Alright, I’ll keep it simple. In 2013, I aim at being even better at doing what I’m thinking about doing, instead of just thinking and forgetting.
    That is giving the homeless man a cup of warm coffee, making our university digital design project for more physical activity in schools come true, speak out lout my (critical)opinion of something, calling my grandmother, inviting my friend in Albania who can’t afford to travel abroad, give my new neighbor a homemade cake, ask people who look sad how they are, give that cute guy in the coffee shop my phone number on a napkin, etc. etc.

    So, I don’t have a specific project that will make the world a better place, but if I follow my strategy, I already experienced that it not only makes myself a happier and more satisfied person, but it touches and makes the people involved think and act themselves.

    Happy new year, and thank you for this post, that made me articulate my thoughts on doing something good for myself and my local environment.

  • Kåre Muvad

    In 2013 i’m going to help launch a platform that truly makes helping those who need your help worth your effort! What if you could GIVE to those who DO – without any middle organisation administering all your money before they go to where they are needed?

    In fact – i’m going to jump the gun and share with you the crude beta – which isn’t at all functional to the fullest yet – but hack around, test (but don’t spend money). And read about this awsome new way of Showing you care. TRULY impact the world around you.


  • vivi

    Hi Henriette,
    thanks a lot for raising this questions and making me think about that before 31 Dezember midnight.
    In cities like Berlin people learn quickly to look away in order to protect themselves.., we look away when we see poverty, diseases, conflicts and misogynic/racist/etc behavior. We are afraid of confrontation, helplessness and definitely want to protect our little perfect world.
    I really want to stop looking away and start to act accordingly.

  • Andy

    My Blog http://www.energynet.de about the german energy transition will get more articles with explanation of the complicated energy stuff. I will also be more personal and use more videos to speak to my audience, show them new technologies or new projects via Video oder Google+-Hangout.

  • Elin

    I want to make 2013 the year I will change the way I live, work and consume – drastically. In this way I know that I can show an alternative and thereby change the world. We have bought an old farm, the houses are rotten. We want to build a new house completely environmentally sound. We will have solar panels! In Norway! (Yes, it’s possible!) No plastic is the walls, only environmentally friendly materials.
    I will produce the energy I need for my business myself. 2013 is all about change.

  • Maria

    Changers is an innovative example of how we can provide a taster of solar… the competitive element is the icing on the cake!

    I believe to lead a more sustainable lifestyle the changes first have to be made at home. This is the place that people have the most control and can therefore make a real difference. I work in the renewables sector with an amazing team of people who share these beliefs. I talk to solar customers on a regular basis, all of whom are very proud of their system generation and love the benefits it provides.

    I also believe one should lead by example. I live in a shared home (of 7 people) and consistently trying to show my housemates that we need to think about how much energy we are using (after all bills are continuously going up!). We are also a very competitive household; the competition element of Changers would certainly drive my housemates to take notice in how much energy is being used in our home. Unfortunately I am still trying to convince my landlord to install solar… maybe this Changers taster could be the ticket!

    We wish Changers all the best for 2013, we will spread the word too!

  • Anne

    Hi Henriette,
    what I want to create a radical change in in 2013 is to stop complaining. And believe me I didn’t think I am a complainer, I always did a lot, wanted a lot, I changed profession two years ago, opended my own business, but still, there are this little grey moments we all agree to, they are not outstanding, looking quiet innocent, but affect us and our surroundings more then we would agree to notice. So: I will not complain anymore that things are too much, too much people in the subway, too much things to do in a day or a week, too little time, too little money, too many people that want me to do something and alike.
    I already started some days ago and just noticed how much and how easy it is to complain, to come home, starving, with the shopping bags in the hands, opening and pushing the heavy door that needs to be repaired for ages now, needing to get out of my boots right in the entrance because of the snow, the phone is ringing and uuups, I find myself complaining….
    By not complaining I am more relaxed and I able to pay attention to people around me, instead of reducing them to obstacles on my way to something I have to do. I am responsible for what I do fully, taking a decision each time if I want to do something or not. It means not to agree to any “I have to” instead of “that is what I want and decide to do”. I will pay attention to what is happening around me and act according to what is and what I want to do with it. It’s a true challenge, but I like challenges. And I want to keep this discipline not to complain so I can be a trustworthy person for my suroundings, saying yes or no fully. And because I think that life is much more interesting than any second of complaining, for me and for people around me.
    Have a great 2013!

  • Laura

    I hope I’m not too late to participate. 🙂
    For me 2013 is already going to be pretty mindblowing. On top of celebrating my 3rd year in Finland, I will congratulate myself on sticking to my guns in so many situations where people have been underestimating me, trying to take advantage of the fact that I’m a foreigner who doesn’t speak the local language and who in most peoples mind should be grateful to be hired for any job. I’ve said no to ‘free’ gigs more than I can count (I’ve still said yes to a fair amount to meet the people I want to work with, yet I don’t volunteer for gigs anymore that are specifically within my professional expertise.) I’ve worked with many great people, who understand and appreciate what I do. I’ve gained friends, many of them colleagues as well, who have not disappointed me when it has come to proving their loyalty when it really mattered. I’ve seen the status quo of the industry I am a part of here and I’ve been working my f*ing butt off, to start the discussion and move things in new directions. A lot of the courage I try to muster when going out there as an independent professional comes from the women around me who take no bs, put themselves out there, take risks and trust their own instincts. Henriette, you are definitely one of those women to me. Having you as a friend, even though we don’t talk that often, keeps me on the right track. 🙂 But hey, back to changing the world…
    …Best of all, I’m getting married to a wonderful guy, who just like me can’t help trying to change things to the better – we’re going to be the most kick*ss couple of 2013! And actually it is for him I hope to win your little giveaway. He’s the one who is obsessing over sustainability, local farming, energy savings etc.. Since I’ve met him I haven’t been drinking wine from the other side of the globe, I always buy organic when I can afford it and I’ve actually started picking brands that produce locally when shopping for luxury items as well. He’s made me more aware and I want to repay him for that. In case you are wondering, this is a man who is spending a lot of money on building a geothermal heating system for a house his sister is living in, and who has been dreaming to buy both a windmill and a hybrid car since I first met him. I love him to bits and I can’t wait to change the world with him by my side! 😀 Happy 2013

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