Business Unusual: create the best viral videos and make your message stronger

I have for years and years been a huge fan of ImprovEverywhere and the work of Charlie Todd.  I’m psyched because it seems like the happenings shakes the status quo for a lot of people (in particular the people in the videos).  I mean if I would have been in one of them, I would surely see the world as more creative and as a place where everything can happen. Well I already do. I think it’s awesome that some people are committed to this instead of watching TV. I loved how they staged a fake U2 concert in the middle of NY Anyway here’s a few of my personal favorites from ImprovEverywhere:

Best Buy uniform prank:


Open Mini-Golf tournament:

And an oldie but a goodie: “Look up more”:

You can’t stop smiling watching these right ? There’s a ton of them over on ImprovEverywhere’s Youtube Channel. And if you’re in need of inspiration I would suggest to go in and pick a random video and watch it. You will instantly feel better. But enough of the fan-whoring. Here’s some of the commercials I think is largely inspired by ImprovEverywhere and they grabbing attention as well as some of the best viral videos.

So What makes them into the best viral videos?

Well first of all they have a huge element of surprise. Something is completely out of context.

Then they have a huge involvement of people and community they are both very staged and very planned. Almost in a flashmob kind of way, but then again not quite.

They give the spectors a huge experience with a strong message. I can almost guarantee you that everyone of the people who experienced either the action happening or the stop traffiking happening will tell their friends about it.

They are shot in one take. And you even feel that when you see them on social media and in casestudies afterwards.

I think that’s what you have to aim for to create the best viral videos – here’s two of my favorites:


A dramatic surprise on a quiet square campaign:

Stop the Traffik viral campaign:

I love how these campaigns are inspiring and how they speak strong. But I am wondering how the people who where watching the actual events they felt ? I mean do they go ” oh it’s just a campaign” – well it’s not just a commercial message, it’s a viral video! and even though the actual event only have taken maybe 5 minutes to record think about how many times it’s going to be looked upon on the internet.

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