How to market your creativity

how to market your creativityThere is one aspect to creativity that’s an, in particular; hard nut to crack.

It’s when it’s supposed to meet the world.

When it’s supposed to stand on its own, tall and beacon-like.

When we take it to market.

Like a stamp to your brand.
Like a developed sellable concept.
Like a painting ready to be sold.

It is at that moment that we as artists, writers and entrepreneurs are most vulnerable. It’s when we show our work to the public. With a blog like this, we do this bit by bit every day. But sometimes we develop something larger. Something to make us thrive even more in this beautiful world in which we exist.

You make your creativity consumable by labelling it.

By calling it names.

By adding “buy now” buttons all over it.

By making it bigger and more product-like.

And this is where the real challenge lies for creatives. Because we have, add an aspect to our creativity that some of us don’t have. That we have to develop and teach ourselves.

It can be a huge frustration, but it can also feel like the ultimate success if we crack this hard nut and make it consumable. Purchasable.

One of my absolute biggest takeaways from running a company for ten years is that labelling and packaging are, if not everything, then 80 % of creativity. It’s how we make our creativity ready for consumption that defines how well we’re going to sell our ideas and our creativity.


  1. Marie February 2, 2015

    *Nodding in agreement* I think you struck a nerve here about the vulnerability: I am a brilliant writer and project facilitator – I am great at engaging and helping people developing their ideas. But when trying to market it eg. by ‘giving it a name’ I always fall short and think I sound both hollow and full of cliches.

  2. henriette February 3, 2015

    oh! but Marie – you have to start giving yourself permission to feel like it’s hollow and full and cliches. and most of the times we find that it’s only in our heads that it feels like that. I wonder… what does your heart say ?


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