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Yesterday I met with a Swedish friend of mine and we had a mindblowing conversation about what people and businesses are capable of – especially facilitated by technology and..other people.  But to give you a bit of a backstory, I first met her when she hired me, as a consultant to a Danish insurance company where we had to find out what people where saying about their brand on the internet – and also she hired me to speak about my book ‘Return on Involvement’ at her conference in Stockholm back in 2009.

And we’ve been meeting regularly ever since – especially when she was in Copenhagen having meetings about her startup, or when we were both covering a tech conference as a ‘blogger’ producing content around the conferences.

Anyway, We started talking about climate change, climate action, political correctness and the fact that everybody says that change is needed when it comes to climate change. Everyone from the world leaders to the individual swede ( who refuses to fly anywhere and only eats vegan) knows this. My mother knows this. We all know that we have to do something substantial. Soon, the new report from the IPCC (intergovernmental panel on climate change) comes out and I am hoping that even though we already know the situation is grave, there is going to be some recommendations for how to cut carbon quickly so we can also predict a hockey stick curve (no pun intended to VC’s) of exponential growth when it comes to saving the planet, circular economies and implementation of renewables (and not just when it comes to return on investment).

However, we ended up with, that a lot of the ways that we are approaching these global challenges and these problems are not efficient – sometimes they are even wrong, because of the accessibility between people. I mean, most really great things that have happened in my life, has been because I have been lucky enough to meet brilliant people. – Not follow them on digital platforms but actually meet them. That’s when you spur conversation, that’s when you have your eyes open and hear what other people have to say and ask them about all kinds of different questions, ask for feedback on your crazy ideas and maybe even build something cool together.

At least, me and my cool Stockholm friend – we have kept the conversation going for almost a decade now. And I plan to do more of these things. Keeping the conversation going – and documenting some of the stories and ideas I find, on the crossroads between tech, sustainability, impact and branding on this blog.


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You allude to an issue I think about a lot: I live in a relatively remote place, meaning that to get to where the cool kids hang out inevitably involves a large expenditure of carbon (the most ironic expression of this was when I flew across the ocean to Copenhagen to spend 5 days blogging about the COP15 climate change conference).

It’s almost certain that, within my lifetime, my ability to fly freely and cheaply will disappear, resulting in a game of global musical chairs where the music suddenly stops forever.

What should I do to mitigate this, and to continue to profit from the well-known benefits of Henriettism? I could move across the ocean (before the music stops), become better at wringing more spirit out of virtual interactions, work to develop low/no-carbon methods of trans-Atlantic travel. Or maybe find more cool kids closer to home?

he he ! thank you Peter – first of, I love that you’ve coined the word Henriettism =) I don’t think people should stop flying, I mean we can’t. And you in particular Peter – we need you over here. I think that people should be mindful of, when they could use alternative ways of transportation. Like, when I go to Stockholm or Berlin – I would preferably take a trainride. Or when I chose to go on a vacation, I wouldn’t fly to Thailand, but drive down to Italy instead.

However, there are people out there, where vacationing in Asia every year is the norm. I wasn’t on a plane until I was 14 because my parents couldn’t afford it. I don’t go to North America all the time either. I was in NY last year on a business trip doing the UN General Assembly week, but I would rather go there every 10 years or so and make it the best trip ever. Instead of acting like flying abroad every year is the new normal. That a weekend trip to New York is something we can just do, because it’s affordable (well maybe for us – but not for the planet).

If flying abroad every year, is the new normal – then what makes it special ? the whole world becomes our backyard. And I am looking for special in my travels. To me the best holiday ever, is in a summerhouse in Sweden. it has all the quality of life I need right there – my family, the dog, and a ton of wild nature, hiking and blueberries =). So I would say be mindful of your planetravels, and when you do travel abroad please carbon compensate. It’s like we can’t get adventure in our neighbour countries anymore that danes needs to go to New Zealand to do something special. And NOT that we shouldn’t go to NEW Zealand if we want to. But do we have to it regularly?

And next time you come to Europe stay for 6 weeks or so and make it the trip of a decade=) Or move here=)

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