A poem to cows, food and climate action

I am listening to Jonathan Safran Foer’s book ‘We are the weather – saving the planet begins at breakfast’ and a new mind-blowing report that RethinkX published on food and agriculture is out.

Listening to ‘We are the weather’ is both nerve wrecking, but also comes with a plan. I recommend it – that is, a part from those times where I just want to throw my headphones in a corner and rock myself softly back and forward.

While we wait for bio technology (or food-as-software as them geeks call it) to replace livestock or dairy such as cows or cheeses made by yeast cells at new culture to go mainstream: We have to keep at it, rockers!

So we can all do our share in shaping the world for tomorrow. Which includes: eating less meat, flying less and keeping fossil fuel in the ground.

Jonathan discusses in his book that we all should just eat dairy and meat at dinner – not breakfast and not lunch. I digg it. In fact I digg it so much that it is the next step on my own personal ‘let’s not eat that much meat people’ staircase to be introduced to my loved ones – a part from cutting beef from the menu, and turning the vegetables up. And some of us could go vegetarian around breakfast and lunch right?

Agriculture is about to be spotify-ied

And totally up the ‘We are the weather’ alley, I saw this morning that something is finally going to be done about livestock and agriculture which accounts for around 24 % of total co2 emissions – and you know.. Cutting or burning down the amazonas.

But: (there’s a new RethinkX report on food and agriculture that says that the next ‘industry’ to be disrupted is agriculture’. in 10 years time the report says that the number of cows in the U.S. will have fallen with 50 %, and that all other livestock industries will suffer a similar fate – because of precision biology.

So should we all just wait 10 years before doing anything about the climate as individuals? When we are not panicking? Hellz-no. Just do whatever you can. Speak up. Join a strike (I will be joining the climate strike tomorrow in New York). At least, don’t eat cows, next step is pork and the last step is chicken. Livestock are lovely beings, but fx. when 95% of cows are being produced for meat purposes only, it’s really sad and they become production more than animals. Which could be why they made up the livestock word in the first place.

Serve and save the world, rockers! – I will be talking more about climate, business, those pesky Global Goals sooner than you know.

until then:

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