Here I am

meet Henriette Weber

Henriette Weber  is a business rebel, an outlaw and not able to fit into boxes. She knows business stuff a couple of years before everybody else. She’s the one in the orange dress when everybody else is wearing suits.  She’s the odd-one-out amongst the odd ones. And while she’s writing this about herself in third person she really wants you to know that this is not something she’s stating to be buzzword-like and smart. This is what she is. Really. No, really.

She has been nominated and named one of the thought leaders in innovation, disruption, creativity and entrepreneurship in Denmark, Scandinavia and Europe. Her favorite award she has won is a rock saying “you rock” from an Amsterdam incubator.

She is regularly featured in  media as an expert on digital marketing and tendencies, both as an entrepreneur and as a leading woman in tech. She’s a writer for publications such as the next web, venture village, and

She wants to be the secret love child of Caitlin Moran, Danielle LaPorte, Beth Ditto and Seth Godin (but don’t know if she can publically state that?)  She is the bestselling author of the self-published Danish book “return on involvement” and the mother of the several creative business concepts, ideas and magazines such as rockbandism, storyliving and Geek Girl magazine. She ran the first ever crowd funding project in the modern digital age from this very blog about her beloved boat “coworking boat Pan” and she brought Barcamp, Geek girl meetup and Social media club to Copenhagen.

She has been on the international speaking circuit speaking about her disruptive thinking, concepts, branding  and how businesses should show the world who they really are for as long as she’s been running this blog.

Starting out as 19-year-old working for Apple Computers (and hating it), her way was paved to rockstardom as a woman in the tech field. She ran her privately held brand studio Toothless Tiger for ten years. Now she’s working for Monday Morning / Sustainia as ‘Senior Global Digital Lead’.

People would describe her as “brave” as well as “cool”. She’s a survivor of a nasty lung decease that she battled with all of  2014. To Henriette this meant an opportunity to scrap everything and start over. As a woman who got the message, survived entrepreneurial burnout and now living life not only breathing in, but tasting every breath.

Being happy and appreciative.

Combining hardcore business with creativity.

Strategy with polaroids.

Newsletters with meditation.

Facebook pages with business love.

To change.