What do I want in a job manifesto

I am currently thinking about getting a daytime job again.  It made me wonder around some criteria for a possible job. If I should ever have a job again – what should it be like ? it made me create this small “what do I want in a job” manifesto:

– The job should include design, technology, creativity, blogging and marketing
– I am supposed to work in a team but I have my own responsibilities
– The communication level should be extremely good
– I should be send off to all the cool conferences
– The job should not be location based, meaning I should be able to do it from all over the world
– The company should keep me motivated at all time and praise me when I do something cool
– Dogs should be allowed in the office, if there is one.

I know these criterias are kind of high. Conclusion: I should stay self-employed and on the entrepreneur path. Go Toothless Tiger!

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My blogging manifesto? : be yourself

blogging manifestoReading this. I don’t like being categorized as a blogger, but hey it might work for somebody.

My own  “blogging manifesto” consists of two words ” be yourself “.

Blogging is about sharing the things you like, and adding questions. I think you should copy all the thoughts that makes you freeze and wonder, and spread them out there.

Blogging is about people and making people happier.

That said, it’s also important to write content that people think is interesting and value-adding for them. But you can content-plan and SEO-optimize all you want. If you’re not yourself there’s a significant part of your brand and your core that’s not with you.



Why do people want to be more creative?

I started thinking about creativity again. On my morning run in the forest.

I have been trying because it shows what genuine desires people have. There are so many people in there who wanted to do music or write a book. “Be more creative”.


Why do people want to be more creative?

Why is there so many people out there who want to write a book or do music? Why is it so important for people to be creative? Is it because we have a hard time letting creativity into our daily lives,

I want to write a book too, but when I stop and think about it I can’t really be bothered. I think that if you want to write a book, you need:
1. a hell of a mindset to keep you going after the first 30 pages.
2. a sincere devotion that this is want you want to do.

– Creativity is really tough ! Add to that if you want your book to get notised, it is even more hard work. You really have to have a good publisher who will publish your book and – make it famous.

I don’t really think that a lot of people out there are going to be able to find a niche as cool as J.K. Rowling or Dan Gillmore. I even heard that there where publishers that wouldn’t publish John Grishams first book !

Maybe it is the creative lifestyle that is so appealing ? does anyone of you ( dear readers) think about the creative things you do everyday ?

Why is creativity so important to us?

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Who control the conversation around women in media?

women in media hadley freeman

I have been doing some deep thinking again around who control the conversation around women in media. It came from the danish women network, Morgendagens Heltinder, where some of the members are real busy telling the network when they are in Danish magazines. With a lot of glam and glitter. Frankly I am so very tired of these cool women, displayed by the media, in the way the media wants to display them. So the “old” media – such as newspapers, magazines, tv, they ask you questions, you simply answer. They control the conversation around women in media. So they control the people.

They have the power – they ask the questions. They “scope” the interview or article or whatever. So they control the people.

New media, on the other hand,  whether it’s wiki’s, blogs, podcasts or whatever social media that puts you in charge, makes you control the conversation.
You do the thinking, you scope the questions, you put out there, into the world, what you genuinely want out there. And your customers ( and fellow networkers ) will answer – read you, know you!

You will be more reliable than you could ever be in the normal media.

You will be more visible…

Remember: you only get what you put out there. If you don’t ask the questions, you wont get the answers. If you don’t question the questions the glam magazines ask you, then nothing will change.

And later on: I revisited this blogpost – it’s still super relevant, and I have to add this:

Especially I have to highlight the Hadley Freeman quote, in the end of the movie that got me typing on this post again:


A lot of people has, over the years asked me why I am not pursuing a more “women-focused” PR approach. And one of the reasons is that I’ve had one women’s article written about me, and it literally had me crawling up the walls. All the cool stuff that I’ve told the journalist about me didn’t make the cut. My orange huge Luella Bartley bag did – as well as my hair routine to endorse products.

It’s not the world I live in.

It’s not a world I endorse.



Share my enthusiasm for creativity?

A part of me is extremely creative and actionable. It’s almost like a lot of my ideas come from a huge enthusiasm for creativity that triggers creativity that again generates more enthusiasm. How awesome is that?

Some days I would even say that I am inside my enthusiasm for creativity “bubble” for hours on end. Getting the details right, let myself go “all in” in writing or art project and just exist in a place where there’s room for me and my ideas and not that much else. I think some define it as “flow”.

Flow is important because it makes us create good shit. Epic shit sometimes even. You have to schedule time to flow in your workday, where you can just go with it and create something deeper, or as Stephen Covey writes in his “7 Habits of highly effective people” – you have to focus on the “important not urgent”. I think it’s  the things that you are most passionate about that you end up defining as “important”. Important means flow and creativity and enthusiasm. So it’s all a great inspiring “cycles” to work in.

Do you agree? Do you share my enthusiasm for creativity?


Woman keynote speakers on business

Nicole Simon has posted a very interesting post about women at technological conferences, and herself (and others) as woman keynote speakers.

I want to discuss it further in this blogpost.

I have been thinking about speaking at tech conferences… why? Not because I am a tech geek – but I know something that most techies do not about business, and I am convinced that they know things that I don’t. It is something I have been thinking about adding to my products, becoming a keynote speaker at conferences.

But let me point this out:  I don’t think women should speak at conferences just because they are women.. – they need to have something to say. And they need to be highlighted because of their competencies and not their gender. Women speaking at tech conferences is not something you come across that much, and I’ve always wondered why. I know tech is not an in particular woman field to study, but still the creativity and the possibilities in the field is something I predict will get women to be interested in it in the near future.

Also, I know that somewhere down the line, I will be able to deliver a great keynote on online networking and how to network,  discussing networking  and the new layers online.

Does it actually belong at a tech conference? I have no idea. But here’s a shout-out to Nicole, her initiative, and the thoughts of me becoming a keynote speaker.

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Possibly attending the Girl Geek Dinner in London

Today, my friends, is a big day – Thomas has started blogging! ( aka. my partner in crime )

Also, I hope to join the Girl Geek Dinner in London. Girl Geek Dinners is a dinner initiative started by Sarah Lamb that I fully support. We need more women in tech! and more networks between women in tech.
But let’s see, money ain’t exactly flowing at the moment and  I have my french exam next Thursday which is occupying quite a lot of my time right now.

But I wanted to spread the word about the girl geek dinner in London.

Over and out

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How marketing from multinational companies have changed

Just a quick thought on the marketing of today.

I was wondering if my generation (who were kids in the 80s and 90s) are particularly vulnerable to advertising, marketing, and commercials?

I recall sitting at my great-grandmother’s place and watching MTV. In particular the video “boys boys boys” by Sabrina. MTV had so many commercials that you ( at that point in time) did not have in Denmark. There were no commercials on danish tv – because the only tv station was licensed by the government. It was when another danish tv station ( a commercialized one) started that the commercials came into our face.

But when I was a child,  I was crazy about marketing. Crazy for candy commercials, Barbie commercials, My Little Pony commercials. I was told that the best meal I could have was at a fast-food restaurant. The best way to play was with Barbie.

My point is that I am worried about how big firms market to my daughter. I hope it won’t be as necessary to tell her that the best meal she can have is at homemade – and not pizza or McDonalds.


Why should every company have a blog ?

Inspired by Sigurd Rinde

Today I will try to answer the question “why should every company have a blog”.

Sometimes you have to ask yourself whether or not you should be using new tools in your communication. A blog is one of those new communication tools. Here are some of my observations:

When you do marketing for your company – you push your fine products out onto the consumers, this does not work anymore.. everything has gotten saturated.

– With a blog – written by a blogger or a CEO you show the customers the transparency of your company – that you are willing to hear what they say. Go ahead pop them some questions ! Ask them about their products or company and they will be inclined to answer.

This also creates a one-on-one customer service, especially if you show them that you hear what they are saying. Talk about customer relationship management for dummies!
This is the most effective customer/relationship management you will ever see… even though you are not managing anything at this point.

so why not compete on transparency, relationships, and SEO?

Another question might be that ” why you should listen to what your customers are saying” – if you need a filter for what they tell you?
Well for people to comment on things you blog, they must have been touched by what you have written! they are thinking about it, absorbing it and reviewing it.


Live from Bucharest

Now live from Bucharest!

It’s very very different from Denmark – very different indeed. it seems like the country is being “westernized” completely and the Romanians do seem to have any plans at all to interpret this. I was very surprised that on the way to Bucharest from the airport you would see commercial signs everywhere… literally USA x 10

Also talking about cultural aspects it seems like the waiters at restaurants and bars favor the Europeans instead of the Romanian.. which is a petty and I don’t know where this is coming from.

But Dragos Novac whom I met at Reboot and I are hanging out together – going to a museum today, and he told me that he had ” copyright” written on each article… I am so sorry I was not aware of this.. it wasn’t to offend any of you…

I have to go again.. the city is calling