more on the dead of web 2.0 amongst the geeks

So according to Eric, after the SXSW this year – there was a mysterious lack of blogposts about the subject. There was a lot of twitter messages though… Ewan is asking if it’s not going to be a visual black hole in conferences that occurs first, but a blogging black hole because of twitter. I think so, I don’t think blogging will be replaced yet – but we’re getting somewhere. Still we need a place for the blogconsultants to make money and the mainstream media to hype… But as far as I am concerned, as I said after Lift07 – web 2.0 is dead – transitional web apps is the way ahead, im getting more and more sure about it by the minute

communities as a part of the marketing brainstorming

So my post about communities in support of… communities got me on a roll after 5 minutes of incubation  ( just had to feed the cats and put on the dryer so I have a fresh business suit ready for monday morning).

Anyway while I was brushing my teeth and getting ready to bed I stated thinking about the difference between loving a product and loving a web app. IS a web app a product ? YES – and no. A web app has easier access to it’s community because it was born online. A product is something produced – possibly in a factory or by a crafts(wo)man somewhere. a web app has the web as first priority, because it needs the web to live – a product on the other hand, can exist in a context without the web. So why do you love a product ? – well why do I love my orange large Luella Bartley bag? – because it’s pretty and fashionable and it makes me feel like the statement I want to make to the world… Ao why do I love a web app ? either because it’s extremely useful – or it’s pretty, or it’s because of the community using the web app. BUT would i be a member in a Luella Bartley group ? or a member of the supportive Luella Bartley googlegroup ? or the Jaiku stream ? no I wouldn’t. would I subscribe to the Luella Bartley supportive group blog ? no. Somewhere along the line of all these communities in support of the products I would feel like I am being marketed to. In a viral overhyped way. Am I being marketed a viral buzz – that is a result af a marketing brainstorm about what communities and web apps the buzz could use to become bigger and reach more people ? possibly… is the future going to include more of these supportive communities on behalf of products/web apps – yep . will it make the communities less pure, and the participants more cautious ? yep. so are communities as a marketing tool ( and not as a community) a part of the future ? Im afraid so.

love past 2.0 – urban seeder

at reboot 8 I met Maya Lotan, who introduced her one year thesis ( called Urban seeder) on the subject of “flirting focusing on the role of technology as a mediator to find love”. at Lift07 the ever lovely dancing queen Maya Lotan was present again. This time around Urbanseeder had evolved into a flirty social network (almost going beta), which is designed to “give destiny a little push”. Robert Scoble interviewed her for his Scobleshow on here’s the video :

So – why do I name this blogpost “love past 2.0”? . Because Urbanseeder is another example of a social network going airborn – meaning that it is using 1st life presence as a part of it’s flirtatious game. it works like this : I think this is a very creative and potential way for social networks to transide outside of the web. It seems like it still has the web administration and network. This transition to 1st life, and the creativity and mindgame, that you get when you hunt people and seeds are absolutely brilliant. So no more dull dating sites where people can turn themselves into a character they are really not! – I really think that this is a very interesting way that online flirting is evolving. I would also claim that Urbanseeder has the web as a second source of information – because the action is happening with the seeding in the field and the mindgames between the people envolved. And Maya – please hurry and make it beta – I can’t wait to play around with this community ! Ohh and if you want something really cute 2.0 and you’re not quite ready for urban seeder – you can see my photoalbum on love here

Social needs the web of things to keep it growing

I had a comment from Pedro Bruno, where he claims that we are right in between the web of people and web of things. And as I probably have claimed a lot recently, I think that there are some web apps who are pushing this. And for a good reason also !

These are the ones I call the transitional web apps-  the apps that are not only build on one web platform but are also using peripheral devices such as mobiles, WIFI bunnies, Chumby’s, photoframes etc.

I think this is THE most exciting tendency around these days and I have been waiting for this party to start for ages. Ton Zijlstra came with an very interesting comment as well. But Ton and Bruno’s comments got me wondering, is it more people ( social) we need or is it more things (peripheral devices)? I don’t know if more social will do the trick for very much longer. I mean there has to be a limit of how social we can be.

– We are connected in so many other ways now. I am leaning against more things. Social don’t cut it anymore, I don’t think so. If social is standing alone it’s boring. Social need the web of things to keep it growing. Would you name your newest application with something typically web 2.0 ? I don’t think so Ohh and I am looking forward to the day when somebody launches a twitter+jaiku+nabaztag+chumby+plazes+imity application. I mean is there any reason not to, by now ?

the web as the secondary source of information

The web is webpages, blogs, communities purely based on webstandards and computers. so the future of web and the future of connection: I think they will be separated from each other.

They are not going to be the same thing anymore. so being connected does not mean to be on the web. Being connected means that your gadgets are talking to your computer which is talking to your cellphone. no more about web in this post. now; connection. So am I getting tired of asyncronious communication ? hell no, bring it on. So why am I so keen on declaring web 2.0 dead ? because for me it’s time to move ahead. there’s nothing more web 2.0 can do for me as a girl, well maybe, but I know all the analogies and I know the way the web 2.0 mindset works, I know it to pieces and it kinda bores me by now. Im not paying attention if I am at a conference and somebody important is talking about social applications and how to implement the web 2.0 mindset.

I can even receive Oscar updates from twitter now from people who are actually in the room, sitting next to Britney and Paris and telling me whats up, if that isn’t making websites secondary in the information chain – then what is ?

the personal, instant, spontanious informations supplied by my peers that I select myself is going to be primary source and then comes the web… and that’s exactly my point.

Making the web the secondary source of information. Not the first place to look for stuff ( because it’s actually going to be thrown in your face by the transitional mobile apps) think about when Jaiku finally launches their sms’ service so you can get rss updates etc etc thrown at you on your phone. or you can have your chumby or your nabaztag read your blogs for you – perhaps even show them ? it’s gonna be a thrilling but scary ride. A freakshow without comparison and it thrills me ! Im not even going to think about what will happen to viral la la land ( or viral marketing if you will) or hackers and spam – that’s a whole other story…

Could advertising pollute the transitional web apps ?

Logic + Emotion has an excellent blogpost about if advertising could pollute twitter. Fx. having celebrities join twitter and be payed to mention all kinds of brands in his/hers twittering.

it’s an excellent point, and I think that it in some ways would be effective marketing. On the other side, I am sure that in the long run – it wouldnt be beneficial or substantial for the advertised company.

lets’ see.. what would happen if celebrities twittered brands all the time ?

1. twitter people would find out after the first 10 brand post ( probably less)
2. if I ran Twitter, I would kick them out of there…

I think that the people that are using twitter are used to salespitches. People know when they are being marketed at…

it’s an interesting thought though – and it will be interesting to see how the advertisement industry is going to adopt to the transitional mobil apps. Im sure they will work something out for us holy cluetrain crusaders to yell about…

A very slow transition to web of things

As time goes by, I start to wonder if the internet and is going to be the first choice of channel to create communities, markets and conversations. There’s also a Web of things waiting around the corner. Now I am almost sure that the internet going to be a part of the process, but it definetly wont be first choice of channel. When we talk future here, I would say 5 years from now.

However I do believe that Wifi is going to be controlling most of our 1st life items in a year or maybe two.
And I think the web 2.0 companies should consider moving into real life via things, though still hanging on to the web of course, perhaps for administrational reasons but really explore the ” installations in real life” to be made to make the users even more happy ( and a bigger part of the community).
In the meantime I will urge the clever geeks of the world to come up with the “whatever is missing” to make the very slow transition away from the internet and back as installations in real life and web of things as smooth as possible.

So right now, this is what I want to see being developed:

I want 23 to make a photoscreen (photoframe) where all my pictures are rotating – like their slideshow that I displayed on this blog a couple of days ago, but in an actual installation in the home.
Now, I know that Philips is doing some really neat photoframes where pictures are rotating, but to actually bring the community into your house ( with the web as administration) and actually make community, customized and personalised installations and design. WOW !- but make the user the administrator – that would totally rock.. make people being able to send picture to each others photoframes! – remarkable !

I want jaiku on my text messages and I want it to be more categorizable than Twitter, I want to be able to say when I want sms’es from who and I want to be able to administrate and group Jaiku however I want.

But guys, listen up  this is what you should be doing. Making your web app an installation in a home. No even better, make a part of your product an installable in 1st life. Don’t get out of the internet, but start thinking future instead of web 2.0. Make the slow transition…

Ohh and if you nobody told you :

rip web 2.0 hello web of things

Past, present and future of the web

I did a little drawing today on the newly received book that arrived from Pedro and Patricia ( they even gave me an additional message)

but this is where I see the geeks right now… :


So even though there is the “something is missing” right in front of us – I think there are signs all over that the web applications are going airborn – outside the web – and without a necessary web administration feature included.

the biggest signs I see is that the communities are slowly moving away from the web and becoming more mobile ( either via cell phones or 1st life installations)…

so what does this mean ? – more creativity and “in-your-face communication” – I think it’s wonderful!