blog arguments: Israel and Scoble on a pink fluffy cloud ?

this is supposed to be a very objective post. I read a post at that Scoble and Israel ( authors with the book naked conversations) had a lunch meeting with Werner Vogels of . Werner is saying that the arguments and answers that he got from these blogging angels weren’t good enough.  Im puzzled that Amazon is not more in touch with the technology and the importance of blogging – but anyway :

sometimes, I think that blogging should get down of it’s high horse.  I mean – Blogging is great, and I love it. But I want to hear the nasty things that blogging has done to companies and people, and learn from it. I want to have solid proof arguments. I want to hear from Israel and Scoble how they are going to approach this ?

I think the highest that blogging can go for a company, is to be evaluated as any other communication tool. it’s not mainstream yet. It’s getting there, but are we prepared for it ? or are we too cool to care ?

When I do speeches – people has a lot of questions and I have answers to them such as ” openess, communication, touch-base with customers, etc etc ( you know the works and get the picture)..

still when I gave a talk at Denmarks Design School, these upcoming cool designers where puzzled how on earth they could be sure, that when they started blogging their ideas and processes and design – that people wouldn’t steal them ?. To some extend, I get their point. but wouldn’t it be a very dull world if all you could find in the blogosphere were selfpromoting asses and no inspiration ?

can you promote IT-ethics without getting cheesy ?


after the whole Allan Jenkins/Mobitype issue, I am wondering if it indeed is possible to promote IT-ethics ( or blogging ethics if you like) without being cheesy ?

for sure Mena Trott of 6apart made a complete idiot of herself delievering her keynote at les blogs in December.

JC  and I tried to start up “ethicfish” – an IT-ethic project after reboot 7… but it didn’t happen. why ? because it is a very difficult issue to approach – because the blogosphere is such a conversational place, and everybody can say anything to anyone.

Rebel Rebel is an initiatives of bloggers who allow themselves to approach companies when their practices are wrong ( according to the blogger ) ( yes we are still open for new people .. I think Allan should become an official member -don’t you ?
still the only encounters I have had where I have been pissed – has been when people has gotten really personal about me, without knowing me personally..

the absurd thing is that some of these people are even on my msn – go figure..

if you have my contact info – approach me directly – will ya ?

and be nice guys, remember we are REAL people behind the screens has been sold

mbn.jpg( morten on the pic, ain’t he cute ?) has been acquired by Fyens Stiftidende – congratulations Morten – you did a hell of a job and you deserve it.

Smartlog is a danish blogging service and has 3500 users…

so now we have two bloggers/blogportals being sold. I suggest we call for rounds at the geekdinner #3 – your regular industryparty where both Morten and Sille are going to be present..

isn’t fushions a part of a danish blogging industry ? I think it is.. and we are headed the right way…

tagged twice in 24 hours..


so here goes 4×4 :

4 fancy jobs I’ve had:

1. selfemployed kitten

doing everything projectbased from projectleading to over IT-security to  social software to communication ( see my cv)

2. marketingcoordinator for BetBrain

getting everything just right and then left London because one of their programmers knocked me up!

3. teamleader for Kapowtech

before the bubble bursted, I loved it though..

4. Customer support for Apple computers

one of the pioners on hollyhill, Cork, Ireland – and boy it was a mess.. I did support in Danish, swedish, norwegian, Finnish, english and french.. and got paid as much as people who did one language.. stupid

4 movies I can watch over and over

1. monty python and the quest for the holy grail…

I love the munks when they hit themselves in their head with books

2. teletubbies

because I have to – and probably will for the next year or so

3. Howls magical castle

love stories where there is nothing really EVIL or GOOD but everyone is a good mix up

4. Grease

well I am a girl ain’t I ? what did you expect ?

4 places I have lived

1. whitechapel/bethnal green London

eastend.. lovely .. my part of town..

2. fuglevangsvej, frederiksberg, denmark

really nice with a boyfriend, not that nice on 50 kvm with a baby

3. Langford terrace, Cork, Ireland

together with a Norwegian viking, a finnish vamp and a dutch excentric.. but we loved each other

4. egeskoven, glostrup , Denmark

doing it for solitude and my babygirl… we love it out here.. near the forest, it’s great

5 Helsingør – home city

19 years, never again

4 places I have been on holiday ( and not business)

1. tunesia

2. tenerife

3. paris

4. berlin

4 websites I visit everyday

1. bloglines

2. Morgendagens Heltinder

3. squidoo

4. we make money not art

4 people who I want to tag

Seth Godin – nice to meet you Seth !
Anina – might be interesting
Hugh Macleod – it is going to annoy him like hell

Gia because she kicks ass
– but I think they are to busy writing tagpages about themselves

Enjoying the silent revolution

silent revolution manifesto

Let me introduce the “silent revolution”

We are a part of something big.

A silent revolution happening inside of people. It’s not aggressive. It’s simplicity and creativity. It is where society is currently heading.

Terms such “blogging”, “own logo”, “sharing”, “crafting” are in high demand here.

The information overload and the input is simply too much!

Brand value ? –  give us products that works!

Make us filters. We need to handle information, materialism and save the world.

Isn’t that a business idea for you ?

Anyway I am already unloading. Making my everyday diversified from my workday by meditating with my family. Resting in my self to handle stress.

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