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Hi Rockers! – it’s me.

I know this place has been dormant for a long while, sleeping like a baby somewhere in my conciousness. The formerly great blog of your favorite business guru! – or at least this crazy, sometimes-frantic uncategorizable rocker deep diving into business, creativity and tech.

It’s a long story (heroes journey even?) that involves:

An illness (I’m fine, I’m still in treatment, still at the hospital once a month),

Weight-gain because of medication.

Side-effect illnesses because of medication.

Zumba !?!, Reiki Healing, Gardening. Sisters from other misters.

A job saving the world, a lot of hardcore changes within me, and me having the guts to do this: write again.

But – I am back ( I even have new glasses – AND contacts now) – And I want to tell my stories. I want to show you whatever is in me to inspire you. But in order for me to do so – I want to ask you a question:

Do you want some of me on or do you want all of me?

Do you want the (tormented) entrepreneur? tips and tricks? the rants on businesses and startups not practicing what they’re?  the geek mama? the conference blogger ?’   the creative ebooks ? business punk and rockbandism ?

Or do you want the health things, the hospital, the punkborough (my house), the riot garden (gardening), Wild God Pan (the boat), food, the woo-woo – spirituality and random things like… Jarvis –  as well? DIY stuff?

You see I am really in doubt whether I should be – the guru or  going a step deeper than that, and be me ?

Do you really need to know how I am getting up in the morning? How I rant against my neighbours? That I love gardening – even though I fail miserable at it most of the time. That I am healing myself for half an hour a day? and I am even a certified reiki 2 healer?  Dancing my ass off in zumba class 3 times a week?  and walking 15000 steps a day (which I do- everyday). That I am (still) a complete Pokemon Go fan.  That I read a book a week. That I am still mystified by businesses – maybe more than ever? Do you want to know me THAT deep?

Do you want a go-to business guru here as always? As before ?  or do you want – me ?

Let me know.




Small products to support your brand

small products to support your brand

You should indulge sometimes when you continously build your brand online as well as offline. You should do small investments to support your brand. Things such as custom designed pencils and pens. Postcards. Envelopes.

Small products that surprises people.

Such as an old school  logoed letter seal (as seen above).

Such as custom made pencils:

gold pencils

Why? I believe, now, more than ever, that you need something analogue and real to support your (online) business and brand. I believe that everything needs to be anchored in the real world.  And luckily there are so many creative products you can choose to anchor.

I know it’s not to indulge to buy envelopes and postcards to support concepts – but I consider it a good investment to get a designer to set it up properly for you.

And one could argue if it’s to indulge, to send out postcards in envelopes all the time – just postage wise.

What do you like to spend your money on? when it comes to analogue items supporting your online business?

rock on



4 things to ask yourself to stand out from the rest of the pack

5 things to ask yourself

I’ve met some struggling women along my path as a female entrepreneur.  Every time I get this motherly urge to tell them that everything is going to be alright . Because there are real struggles to make ends meet and to be an attractive asset to other businesses and entrepreneurs. My experience is that most of them need something extra. Something that can diversify them, and make them stand out. Here are some of the questions I ask myself over and over again, to keep my brand and my business going.

 1. What do you want to be known for?

You need to find out what’s important to you, as a person. If you’re an entrepreneur, there is a reason that you became one. Speak your truth. Focus on what’s important for you – and maybe not very urgent. Most of the time, what’s important tends to be way bigger than what’s urgent.

2. Can you have a strategic approach to yourself?

A hard thing in personal brand building – having a strategic focus – not just to your brand but to you as a person and the choices you make in your business and around your brand. You get that by questioning the things you do to achieve the things you want. You get that by aligning yourself (or your goals) to whatever your heart desires to work with and around.

3. What do you do?

Get specific here, it’s where you get to find out how you spend your time. I sometime struggle with writing because there’s a huge amount of friendly gossip over on social media that I want to read. I think I could use my whole workdays being on social media if I don’t watch out. There’s a bunch of apps out that will make you realise how you use your time. I use a free Firefox extension called ‘Leechblock’ where I can block different websites for periods of time in the browser (which is where most of my procrastination happens.

4. Why do you do what you do?

Have you sometimes asked yourself, why that, if you want to build a successful business blog you end up writing newsletters? I am one of those types who tends to spread myself too thin on doing too many things at once. And I am proud to say I am becoming a master of finishing things before I start new ones.


rock on



Make your brand stand out: Speak in taglines

speak in taglines

What makes brands vulnerable?: Not have gone through the process of developing taglines.  Their inability to pave out in cement what they stand for. A huge part of working with your brand is to get these things developed.

Your brand lives inside people’s head, and it might mean something else than you imagine.

Your taglines can help direct the brand, so you have some control of what you stand for, being inside of people’s heads and all. r. It’s a way for people to get to know you better, and it’s a way for your brand not to be indifferent or simply not stand out from the competitors because you’re too ‘vanilla.’

What are great taglines?

Great taglines are sentences that add a sudden kind of ‘oommpff’ to a brand. It’s what differentiates. Depending on what industry you’re in, your taglines could be world-revolutionary. They could also be an off-spin of ‘having the customer in focus’ (which a lot of companies uses as a tagline, but it’s a given in the contemporary business world). It depends on your industry and how you want to position yourself. I would love to have a business world where more people spoke in taglines. It’s short, sweet, and it makes a whole lot of difference in your personal business world.


rock on


Add action to your personal mission statement

personal mission statement

You should create a personal mission statement, so you always know where you need to go, where your true north is.  My personal mission statement has become a way to adjust what I am doing and what choices I am making.

Another  important element is to start showing the world how you’re living your mission statement. Adding action and documenting those actions in pictures, blog posts, tweets, pins, snapchats, you name it. Documenting your journey is  something I refer to as “storyliving” – a word I have developed and a cornerstone of my branding work with my clients.

Actions and documenting those actions (the glossy word “storyliving”) when it comes to personal mission statements adds substance and trust to your brand. Suddenly you’re not only claiming you’re doing living your personal mission statement, you’re showing  the world around you how you’re true to yourself.

You’re not just sharing buzzwords and making your way to becoming an expert because of your brand. You’re consistently showing that you’re adding action upon action and that you mean what you say.

rock on

How to create a personal mission statement

how to create a personal mission statement

One of the pieces of advice I always come back to, when it comes to my client work is that I want them to “speak in manifestos”. When you work with complex messages, it is always beneficial to be able to go back to “oh that’s what we mean” – or “oh yeah that’s why we’re doing this”. Especially when you work in teams and across management levels. That’s why I always work with different cores and different manifestos with my clients: it simplifies messages and get’s everybody on the same level.

It has been important to me to have a personal mission statement that keeps on reminding me, why I am as I am and choose as I choose. Now, I don’t post my personal mission statement at home on my wall. It lingers in my journals ready for me to look at it and remind me at times where I forget it.

Steps to writing a personal mission statement

– Who inspires you and why?

The people who inspire you can change your perception of things.
I have always been amazed on how much influence the blogs I subscribe to; they have on my life. There’s some of them I have been following for more than ten years and some of them are new. Some of them, I have subscribed to for some time, unsubscribed, and then resubscribed again after some time. If you want to change parts of you, you have to change your input.
I am aware that what I read isn’t only links that are shared by my friends on Twitter, or by the blogs I follow, but it’s also defined by the books I read and the magazines. Without going into details, it’s just important that you know what the different “outlet’s” are giving you.

– Who do you want to be?

I am still at a place where I am just happy to breathe. I am happy that my health is going in the right direction. But I think someway along the way, I don’t want to let my illness define me.  I want to be a writer. I AM a writer. But I want to write more. I want to create more. I want to feel good. To me, it’s more important to ask who you want to be today, than who you want to be 30 years down the line. That’s also an important question to ask, but the world are sometimes a bit too goal-oriented to me.

When you have answered those questions – you’re well on your way to being able to draft a personal mission statement. It’s not an easy process, but if you map down all the important words that keep popping up in your head, you can quickly write something together that looks like a personal mission statement.

Here’s my personal mission statement:
“my mission is to change me for the better and share my process. I will do this with being a true, creative, unique and inspiring person.

I know it’s a bit “airy” but it has to be if my work, my health, and everything else in my life has to fit in there. I do create mission statements around ever “sub-area” such as “health” as well.

ps. My mission statement used to have a different tone to it. It used to be:

“my mission is to change the world for the better and share my process. I will do this with being a true, creative, unique and inspiring person.”

But believing that I change the world by changing myself, I changed it a while back. It became closer to the heart of me.

Get creating rockers!

rock on


Could an online friend connection be a pact ?

friend connection pact

I want to propose something to you.
Something radical.
Something that could shift your brand purpose and how others view you.
I want you to see every friend connection as a mutual pact where you not only sign up to see what’s going on in each others life on social media. Where you also sign up to help each other grow creatively.

Where you help each other out.
In my perspective in my part of the pact, an online friend connection is as genuine as an offline. Where online is simply an extension to amplify the offline.

Where we help each other out – and not just click a “like” when your connection posts a picture.

I’m so blessed that I have a very creative network that launch things. They use blood, sweat and tears to build something fantastic.

The smallest thing I can do is to share their work and their efforts.

I’ve started to honor those genuine friend connections and help them launch their babies that mean the world to them. Sometimes by referring their work to others or sharing their updates.

I see it as a way I can serve the world and some of the people closest linked to me.

I see it as brand activism and viral effect  on an underground grassroot level, and that my friends, is one of the best things I know.

Peace out rockers!

Disruptive thinking: brand development before money gain

disruptive thinking brand development

I had a link coming through this morning from one of my facebook friends – about a swedish media exec who where clearly disrupting the media world with her thinking and how she implemented things in her organisation (link is in swedish though, sorry rockers!).

Disruptive thinking leads to disruptive actions, and disruptive actions change organisations.

I am a firm believer that unusualness and disruption by thought are the way to proceed.
Especially since I have been preaching business unusual and disruptive thinking in my brand studio Toothless Tiger, and making it the blueprint of everything I have done.

Creativity and play are also key – life is supposed to be challenging and fun, right? Looking at a challenge from so far away (or up so close) that the challenge changes- right before your eyes. It makes markets appear where no markets where.Disruptive thinking leads to disruptive actions, and disruptive actions change organisations.

If you want to be a leader in your field, if you want to be the one that others looks at because you do things differently, then you need to put those ideas into action.
When I researched for Return on Involvement, I did an interview with the CEO of the Danish office of Innocent Drinks. He told me that he had started to speak at a lot of logistic conferences. I was a bit puzzled by this. Why would he be speaking at logistic conferences? Because Innocent Drinks had taken a stand, that when they gathered the fruits that they used in their smoothies, from all around the world,  they weren’t going to use planes to fly the fruits in. It was against everything that Innocent Drinks stood for. So they decided to have a zero-plane policy. And nobody in the logistic industry thought that could it was possible to do this. But it was. Hence, a logistic rockstar company emerged to inspire the logistical industry, who also with this bold move showed that they put purpose before profit. That their long-term brand development matters more than short-term money gain.

Visiting RICE – the identity of a caring colourful happyness company

Identity rockers here’s something for you:

A couple of weeks back I visited RICE.

In my humble opinion one of the top 5 danish design companies with the coolest identity. I was so lucky that I got to see their colorful HeadQuarters in Odense.

I hi-jacked their founder and creative director Charlotte Hedeman Gueniau for an interview. I had a hidden agenda, and wanted to talk to her about the RICE identity,  and the red thread in everything they do.

Here is what came out of it (warning- turn the sound up – it didn’t come out that well):

What’s so special about the RICE identity: They have build it from their own uncompromisable core.

And I am crazy about that. Their tagline is “people care- we care”. And they mean it (as you will also see in the video above).  Their whole warehouse was filled with how Rice is making a difference for people, in the crazy world of design.

I know for a fact, through my work with my awesome cool clients , that  building from the core is what you need to do.  Especially if you want to build more and more digital branding around you using different platforms: social media, apps, community – you name it.

RICE stands out so strong because the company actually gives you something to believe in (instead of just doing awesome colourful products). It gives them a substance and a coolness that often are missed in the business world,  and that’s why I adore them so. Are you inspired to do more about your identity? I am. Also I have had the strangest urge to  put colours everywhere after my visit.
In addition to the video and me geeking around their identity

Charlotte Hedeman Gueniau has a wonderful book coming out soon entitled “Happy Home: Everyday Magic for a colourful home” – about colors and happyness, can’t wait to see it in my bookshelf! here’s a sneakpeak:

the identity of a colourful company, now in book format

For more of the colourful universe of Charlotte Gueniau you have to check out her Pinterest and the RICE blog.

Can’t help but thinking of the Rolling Stones song ” she’s a rainbow”.

Charlotte for sure is putting colours everywhere, and if anybody would ever ask me if I had met a rainbow, I would say: Sure! she runs a colourful company called RICE in Odense Denmark and she’s taking over the world.



Business rockn’roll ? total population: one.


This morning I read an article on VentureBeat called “Why following your passion is bad for business“. Even though the article had something to it that I see as helpful advice to some of the most blue-eyed and naive entrepreneurs out there, I think for the rest of us, it’s quite misleading. Basically because it doesn’t seem to take into consideration the background and creativity that drives a lot of entrepreneurs. I think the whole “you shouldn’t go into the music business if you’re passionate about music” or “don’t do a sport startup because you’re passionate about sports” – that the article states, is kind of obvious. However enough about the article, here’s my personal brand (and hence a large part of my business)  approach to it.

Use your passion to define you

My background is in marketing, online marketing and online communities, I have done a lot of awesome stuff in the past, but it was first when I started to implement rockn’roll as a part of my business that the rockn’roll chick brand came along – it wasn’t intentional, suddently all of the danish business community was calling me “rock chick” and “rock mama”. Anyway I paralleled “rockbandism” with company structures, I paralleled the CEO as the front singer, COO as the drummer and the strategist was, of course,  the bassplayer avec mystique. It has only been because of my specific creative background and my passion for music, that could have gotten me on this path (and publish business rockn’roll freebies: my first publication was an e-book entitled “why every company should be a rockband“, that since became the core of my book return on involvement and several other publications and products around business rockn’roll as well. See, I am not in the music industry, but I’m in the business rockn’roll industry – inspiring what i call business rockers just as me, that are thinking “god this is boring, there need to be another way of doing this”. An industry of one person that I defined myself =) And frankly if I didn’t have rockn’roll to hold onto I don’t know if I would still be in the middle of this.. well social media shenanigan going on. I hate doing mainstream things, and rockn’roll gives me that crazy cool edge that I need to keep going. And by the look of it, there’s a lot of people out there just like me=)

Use your passion to get the core of your business further

If you’re passionate about sports, I would use that passion to get the core of my business further, use sports metaphors to explain problems to your co-workers and clients, and be defined by that passion. Be the “consultancy that are totally into sport” be the “startup that does productivity apps with a twist of sports”. Publish content that is called ” 5 reason why you can be just as good in your field as David Beckham is at playing football”.

Differentiation is everything – and passion is a huge part of differentiation. 

Don’t kill your passion, follow it and implement it into your background and business. Don’t be blue-eyed and naive and do yet-another-photosharing app. Do a photosharing app with a cool twist of your background, passion and vision and take it to the next level Work your business but do it with a twist of what is cool to you.

breathe out=)

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