That Old “I Should Totally Build a Brand Around This Idea” Feeling

I think it’s sad that people are so in doubt about what kind of personal or corporate brand they can be. The kind of brand that is aligned with them. A brand is something that should be closely aligned with your identity or personality.

I totally get where you’re coming from. When I read some of my first stuff on branding I thought it was sky-high. I couldn’t put a finger on anything I could actually use it for. But then slowly I switched into action gear and started to create stuff around me. Stuff that I thought was aligned with my personality and personal brand. Suddenly, I didn’t only see a blank canvas(my blog). I saw a million creative ways that I could make a living out of: Being myself and giving my practical and curly inspiration to the world.

Listen, rockers! It starts out with one thing: Great ideas! If you’re thinking about your branding and you suddenly come up with something that you, yourself, think is a great idea then it’s something that’s worth considering. If you get the “I should totally build something around this idea” feeling. There’s probably an aspect of that idea that is aligned with you and what personal or even corporate brand you can have.

Once you come up with an idea for a brand. Here are some tips on how to build your personal brand strategy.

Let’s add all these great ideas and actions!


Inner Business Bliss: Feeling Bad-Ass Much?

feeling bad ass much

I really like to measure stuff, internally and externally around my business and me as a business owner. And one of the things I often end up looking at internally is how bad-ass I feel as an entrepreneur.

Bad-ass, to me, is to show confidence in everything I do. A personal goal of mine is to make sure that it’s there most of the time. I could call it self-confidence in my work life, but bad-ass-ness makes more sense to me. And let’s face it, sometimes you’re doing amazing and everything is cool. You feel bad-ass but other times not so much. Last night, I got all kinds of downs professionally because I don’t feel like I’m writing enough.

I know that to some people, I am probably doing a lot. I am running a consultancy, a startup, and I want to be champion of all trades so I want to write more books as well. Mostly to honor my creativity. But to be honest, I didn’t feel that bad-ass last night.

When that happens, I do two things. Get my act into gear and start doing more of the things that I feel like I’m missing out of like writing. And then I go back and think that I’m responsible for my own happiness. Not my dog, not my clients, not the husband or the daughter. But just me. If there’s something I don’t like, I need to get smarter about it and change it. Buy some books. Spend more time reading and producing at night instead of watching Orange Is The New Black with the man. I should get a mentor in some field or hire somebody to help me out. I should smarten up and get going.

But I feel like these days, the things I really LOVE; things that are super important for the long-term success of my business life like writing books, is something I keep postponing because there’s a lot of other stuff to do. So I need to start delegating to other people so I can feel bad-ass again.

Branding Identity + purpose

One-liners to boost your confidence while being yourself and a personal brand

There’s a lot of talk about being a personal brand vs. insecurity and lack of self-confidence these days. Here’s my creative advise in a couple of one-liners to boost your confidence while being yourself and a “personal brand” which in my case means – erhm : Henriette Weber.

Here’s my boosting one liners:


1. be thankful for who you are
2. ignore everybody
3. believe that you’re NOT misunderstood
4. if you don’t feel like a princess, a style icon, a glamazon – it’s OK I don’t either – I feel like me.
5. don’t listen to what other people say
6. start creating – be active and proactive
7. do epic shit
8. state stuff. Maybe even do a personal manifesto
9. get going everyday – don’t do too much
10. don’t believe that you have to be perfect
11. live in the now
12. don’t focus on the negative – focus on the support from people who love what you’re doing
13. Creativity is the way to differentiate
14. look gorgeous no matter what size you are
15. embrace your faults
16. interview people and ask them for your opinion on you
17. if you did something that sucked (hey it happens sometime) don’t linger – get back up on your horse
18. find out how you should start selling – what fits your personality and go after it
19. Get THOSE shoes – they’re probably worth every penny they boost your self-confidence
20. don’t hide behind social media – participate
21. be thankful for the challenges you get
22. stand out
23. if you see something and think it’s cool – it really is
24. keep writing/going
25. follow-up
26. network strategically
27. Love
28. And (- I’ll personally get really upset if you don’t do this one =) rock on.

Branding Community

Read my lips: Pinko marketing

pinko marketing logo

I have been thinking a lot about the pinko marketing movement. Being a part of it, it has really generated a ton of thoughts around how the business world is functioning and how we can change it into something more changeable and disruptive. Not as much for the sake of us as consumers and people, but more for the sake of the businesses that wants to thrive in a new world and a new digitally-people-driven-economy.

As the head of community marketing company, for me, it’s essential that you start to think about these ideas, because they are here to stay. Maybe not as the term ‘Pinko Marketing’ but the whole concept of handing your marketing over to the community. I love the manifesto that Tara Hunt came up with describing pinko. To me, it’s like the marketing/community little sister of the cluetrain manifesto.

pinko marketing directional change

If you’re a business and you want to practice Pinko Marketing, you have to make the users interact as well as put the right responsibilities and questions out there for them to interact around. You need to make them feel like they are general part of your company and community. That’s the recipe for the future of marketing. I feel that pinko is at the core of it and it’s here to stay.


monday sony monday

first of all; I want to share my office with you – and I am being forced to share office with my new employees ( two cats) called Mizilla Monroe ( or Mizz Monroe) and JayJAY .. their main function is to treble on my keyboard so I can’t see my screen…

this blog is turning into a cat blog by the day.. *s*

Monroe.. you're a darling.. stop  eating my laptop!

in the aftermath of the sony musicCD’s installing rootkits on peoples computers.. (which was a very bad idea)
there has been launched a boycott Sony blog

people are signing a petition against sony, claiming that they will never buy a Sony product again..

SOOOny ? how will you get out of this one..

I might have one of your camera’s, some of your cd’s.. but I will I buy your product again ?

convince me… let me know what big shot communication expert is going to manage this one for you.. ( btw Im seeking jobs if you’re interested.. )


our project holding company and bitching about b-one

as real entrepreneurs, Thomas and I have made a blog at our “project holding company” ‘s webpage it is called “toothless tiger” -and is going to host the 3 current projects we are building, plus many more in the future..

apart from the above mentioned, I am getting quite furious with’s terms ( a danish hosting company).. see I want to move Prograes to another host – because I need a mailinglist for the members..


a. I have to write them a snailmail letter with my signature ( it is not enough to send them an email where I have done the signature on my tablet) brrr..

b. i have to pay three months hosting (when I have moved the domain) … I don’t really understand this ? it is a domain, not an appartment ?

anyway I agreed to the terms when I signed up. I just didn’t read the “terms of agreement”.. does anyone ?


“Lee” from the Anthony Robbins office

Anthony Robbins gives away his new book ” notes from a friend” for free ! – email ticking in from my mother in law. The book promises everything that a selfhelp book should – but also adds that “this book is going to change your life completely” ( like every other selfhelp book)… But OK I will see how their marketing strategy works and I order “notes from a friend”.
10 minutes after a guy called Lee from the “Anthony Robbins office” ( that’s how he’s introducing himself) calls me up on my phone ( you had to state your phone number), asks me to confirm my “free” order and whom I might have gotten the offer from.

Fair enough ” my mother in law send me an email ”

Lee tells me that they will be sending the book shortly.. Excellent.

2 days after he calls to check if the book has arrived.


and the day after


when he calls two days later ( and now, by far are the most frequent caller except my mom)

the book have arrived.

have i read it ?


am I going to ? well I don’t know yet.

he calls me again the day after and asks me the same questions.

stating that he did not call me yesterday – even though it was “Lee from the Anthony Robbins office” who called me.

but the same questions again.

with the same british familiar voice.

nope I haven’t read Anthony Robbins book yet.

and by now this Lee guy has been buggin’ me so much that I probably wont.

he still calls from time to time, but I can see when it’s an incoming call from the UK on my mobile so I just don’t answer it.

tell me do you think Anthony Robbins marketing strategy works ?

and will I read his book ? – I know one thing for sure my 16 months old daughter loves to tear things apart at the moment