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Do You Have Nostalgia For Unity?

You know sometimes things don’t turn out the way they used to. I could use some hugs right now and fill that 2nd person in on Snapchat filters. It’s hard to do with a 3-meter distance, rockers. I am totally telling you it’s a challenge. It’s almost undoable.

So I used this article to take a walk down a nostalgic memory lane of mine. Thinking about the tiniest rockin’ things you can do that adds up to (TADA) a brand where you show who you really are… or dare I say.. a ‘cool’ brand? We all want to be a rockband still, right?

So in these times of crisis, illness, and worry around this lovely green planet of ours, I wanted to add some positive fairy sprinkles everywhere that showed that we are still working together for common goals ( or missions and visions of rocking businesses if you would like ) through Unity, sharing, caring and love.

Teamwork makes the dream work

And what is a better way to show who’s behind a Big Hairy Audacious Mission and Vision? Team photos. I love team photos. Some of them are stronger than others, but it personally leaves me feeling nostalgic and brings me back to these feelings I had when I was working hard on achieving these goals together with these people – as a part of a larger group.

It’s an amazing way of creating joy and hope and memories. Right now we are all struggling to get our everyday work-life together. At the same time, managing teenagers who want to be with their friends, but can’t. And pets who are having the time of their life, because everybody is at home hanging out. It must be a pet paradise!

I am totally becoming nostalgic for the free life I lived 2 months ago. But there’s only one way we are getting through this, and that is well… getting through this.

Bringing back unity to what it used to be.

One of the things that makes me really sad is that they canceled all the music festivals in Denmark this summer so no Copenhell or Roskilde Festival for me. However, I get it. And with my crazy-ass lungs and chronic lung decease, I am in this for the longest haul. In fact, I was joking with a friend of mine yesterday who I run my danish gardening Instagram with (if you’re interested) – about that if the world is going to be opening up slowly, then I might be out of isolation in a year or two.

Let’s see how long this is going to take, and let’s have the biggest global sustainable party when it’s over. Then we can also focus on climate change=) But humans in unity are what gives me joy and sparks my creativity: Teams. I know how much effort a hardworking team can do in a short amount of time if the right conditions are set.

A brand tip from yours truly:

When I worked as a brand director of the largest sustainability Think Tank in the Nordics, team photos were the content that got the most attention on social media. We did some pretty crazy ones at the Think Tank. If you want you can check some of them out on the now-deceased Instagram account here.

This is taken last year at the UN general assembly in New York – this is all the +social good connectors working together under UN foundation to build a better world.

I want to show you this one – which is one of my personal – favorites:

It was taken at a running event in Copenhagen called DHL – and it just does something to me – I love pictures of acting out.

Team photos are a wonderful way of showing another face to a business. Whether it is a serious team photo, or it’s a bunch of goofballs acting out at a running event. It brings views behind the scenes of a business. And get this- it’s actually showing who are the nuts and bolts inside the engine, working in unity. Who is behind the facade, who is working to make these visions happen. It can be stronger than 10,000 words and normally it doesn’t take a lot to set it up. So my recommendation from here is to get some team photos set up and have fun with them, Show the faces behind the brand (because we all know that people want to deal with other people and not huge monstrous choreographed cyborgs) and show the world who you really are in this uncertain future where we just have to take it day by day – or musings by musings.

De rien Rockers, Don’t mention the war =)

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Seeing Airbnb’s Business Model As Old School

business model as old school

What would happen to the disruptive business model, if we saw business models for cutting-edge companies such as Airbnb and Uber as old school?

There are ideas for creating apps like “tinder for xx” or the “next Facebook”. But what if we decided to start from a clean slate? Not being inspired by case studies or what other people in the field we’re in, are doing? What if we didn’t focus on short- term marketing stuff but rather on longterm business models?

Is that even possible? Can we innovate a new business model without looking at what’s already out there?

There’s a lot of pointers going towards that redeveloping business models is a part of the ‘new’ black. I in particular enjoy the concept of ‘holacracy’ and ‘sociocracy’.

It’s needed. Particularly since the models that most companies they use today, are often the same as business models that were used 40 years ago (sometimes even more).

If you want some cold-hard case studies on alternative management structures you can find some in this article from culture zine.


Mindload Instead Of Workload

mindload instead of workloadOne of the toughest things for me, when it comes to working, has been the mindload. Thinking all the time, never stopping. Not being present in the now because there’s always something new you can do. There’s always a new spin on the record – of an old or a new idea. Living in my inner world in my head.

Mindload is very different than the workload. Workload is the thing you have to do. Mindload is things you have to do + whatever else you can think up to help you achieve the goals for your life.  And you can get so caught up, it’s scary. I noticed how far out I had personally come when it came to focusing on my brain, no focus on my body’ when I started not being able to sleep at night. I had to think. I had so many ideas and things to do; it made me feel numb most of the time. I had so many worries.

These days, mindload is my friend. So is workload. I have made a pact with myself not to burn out again ever. I have a made a pact with myself to shine my brilliance and take it slow. Doing one thing 100 percent instead of doing a hundred things 1 percent. Oh and give my brain a rest from time to time.

rock on

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What Do You Do When People Want Your Intellectual Property For Free?

no intellectual property for free

I’m gonna tell the story of how I refused to give my intellectual property for free.

A couple of weeks back, I had a meeting with a potential client on Skype. Well, it wasn’t just a meeting. It was a Nordic PR proposal that we’ve used a lot of time to put together, me and a Swedish + a Norwegian agency. Henriette Weber Inc. was leading agency, and I and the awesome  Elizabeth Rankich had used around 20 hours crafting this and we were totally ready to land this project. However, halfway through the meeting, they started questioning our credentials and our media relationships in Scandinavia. They wanted us to come up with some “examples” of people we knew and who they could contact.

Instantly all the agency side participants felt like they were asked to give away their gold for free. And none of us agency side participants would. The conversation turned awkward, especially since this was a  big project. Afterward, we haven’t heard from them. So what are we going to do next time?

We’re probably going to have the same approach as always and refuse to give away our intellectual property for free. It’s hard though. There’s a fine line between helping people out a bit for nothing and having them leeching on our network. It’s a hard knock life out there. Especially in the business world and you could end up working for free for weeks every month. Remember, your intellectual property is yours. If you have a notion going on inside your head that what people want from you for free, isn’t cool, then it probably isn’t.

Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual Property Rights states that you and you alone should benefit from the fruits of your intellectual property. Unless you give permission, this right shall protect creation from unfair use by others.

rock on
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Managing Fear In Your Business

managing fear in your business

I have been practicing a thing lately in Henriette Weber Inc… Fear. Looking fear straight into its eyes. Cornering it and telling myself, what are you afraid of? I have become great at identifying my fears and asking questions around it. What is the most action-packed question I can ask myself? That is, How can I turn this into something I am not afraid of anymore?

Let me give you an example.

Last week I was in a meeting with a potential client that I want to work with. I am in a place where I don’t take new freelance work, but this client would be close to a con amore project. So I thought, I would totally make room for it in my calendar. Our values align, I think they’re awesome – but not that digitally-savvy, yet. Even though, I do a good job of communicating technically hard-to-understand issues to people. Especially those who haven’t been introduced to them before. I have a metaphor for every issue that could be hard to understand to have people understand it better.

However, I just didn’t feel like I was coming across properly. I did my best, but I left the meeting feeling kind of down. It might be because my message and my reason, as to why they should hire me, didn’t come across clearly.

Now, normally I would have been hitting myself in the head for a day or two because I hadn’t done a great job. I probably wouldn’t be the one running their brand strategy and turning them into the most admirable company in their field. But this time I opened my notebook and wrote down a ‘to-do’: plan more basic content around my work for newbies’. I turned the fear of being misunderstood into an actionable to-do that I am already working around.

After my illness, and having looked the worst of fear in the eyes and lived with it every day (yes, the fear of dying far too soon). I’ve changed my looks on fear. I could go into the wildest of details, but believe me, having battled a life-threatening illness will make you change your views on pretty much anything. You have to hope for the best and celebrate the small things you can do today that you haven’t been able to do yesterday.

For me, every full breath of air is a winning-streak. I have gotten a brand new perspective on how I run my business and how I make my money.  And I have promised to treat my bad-ass self better and more lovingly. Getting myself caught in being misunderstood is not something I want to be afraid of anymore. It will be something I create new cool initiatives around to prevent.

If you turn your fear into actionable items then it will become manageable. If you turn your fear into something, where you have a ton of backup, then at some point it’s not fear anymore. That’s how you’re managing fear in your business.

rock on

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Hustle Yourself Larger

eurythmics hustle

Since I read this story I have meant to write about it here on

I love good marketing hustle, but I also love Eurythmics. At the beginning of the 00s, I started out in Marketing in London. At the time, their budget was a big zero. The startup I was working for didn’t have much money, and the first thing to be eliminated from the budget was the marketing and branding. I was told that they could afford my wages, but they couldn’t afford anything more than that.

What’s a girl to do? Hustle. I hustled myself larger. There came to a point where I almost begged to be invited to “invite-only” industry parties. I was super active in forums and that is when I discovered a gem: Blogs.

Through blogging, you can build relationships online without having to meet for coffee all the time. You can make your brand larger and express everything about your company. Even if it is remotely interesting to people, there’s a better chance of getting comments this way. This would then motivate you to write even more. Eventually, the people you met in the industry will know what you are up to. It is a big hustle but it can all suddenly become real. Then you don’t have to hustle anymore.

We can all hustle. Things don’t always have to be built from the ground up. You can find a freelancer on odesk or fiverr or even hire a virtual assistant who can help you grow. Reach more people and build an empire. Just like Eurythmics.

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Help Each Other’s Creativity

I want to propose something to you. Something radical. Something that could shift your brand purpose and how others view you. I want us to help each other’s creativity.

I want you to see every friend connection as a mutual pact. A pact where you not only sign up to see what’s going on in each other’s lives on social media but also to help each other’s creativity grow.

Help each other’s creativity

Where you help each other out.
In my perspective in my part of the pact, an online friend connection is just as genuine as offline. Where online is simply an extension to amplify offline.

Where we help each other out and not just click a “like” when your connection posts a picture.

I’m so blessed that I have a very creative network that launches things. They use blood, sweat, and tears to build something fantastic.

The smallest thing I can do is to share their work and their efforts.

I’ve started to honor those genuine friend connections and help them launch their babies that mean the world to them. Sometimes by referring their work to others or sharing their updates.

I see it as a way I can serve the world and some of the people closest to me.

I see it as brand activism and viral effect on an underground grassroots level, and that my friends, is one of the best things I know.


Is Busy A Marker Of Importance?

I used to be busy. All the time.

I used to think that busy meant important.

I couldn’t bear to look at the signs telling me that I had taken the wrong turn and that I was too busy.

There was only one option for me, and that was that I had to be important so I could be busier. I have to have more clients.

But busy isn’t a marker of importance.

Busy is a marker of stress. It’s a marker of thinking too much about things that don’t matter that much when everything comes together. The only thing that matters when everything comes together is you, your health, and your family.


rock on


Things I’ve Missed Dearly: Hittail and Long Tail Keywords

When you get ill and you’re on government funds, you’re forced to shut commercial things down. Things such as blogs as well as your long tail keyword tool.

Back at the end of April 2014, I decided that I couldn’t run this blog while being sick. I unsubscribed to a lot of services that I have been using throughout the years running One of the services that I lingered the longest was unsubscribing to Hittail, which was my long tail keyword tool.

A lot of bloggers obsess over their Google Analytics/stats.

Since I subscribed to Hittail a couple of years back, it has been a daily stat obsession. I am eager to see what keywords could lead to itself. I realized that adding more content to my keywords will enhance the link building and page ranking.

So here I was again today, signing up to Hittail. Looking forward to seeing what those mighty Google keywords brought in. I had to set Hittail up in Google Webmaster Tools again and I was ready to roll.

I love the idea of being able to see what words bring you the most traffic, in an easily digestible format. A lot of people that I know of simply use google analytics for this, but being able to see the search keywords/traffic coming in, in real-time, thrills me.

So what’s my approach to using Hittail as inspiration for content?

I only use it once every week or so to amp up my page rank on a given search. Normally I will map this out strategically with one search term every second week. But I also need to make sure that my key values in business and all of my creative concepts + books are being found via search terms on Google.

How many times do you need to use a given search term in your blog post in order for it to show up on Google or Hittail?

Honestly, I don’t know. I went to the creative brand design site of online marketing a long time ago. However, I found that the Yoast SEO plugin works wonders in order to get your articles found on Google. I wouldn’t even qualify as an SEO novice, but I find that Yoast and Hittail in combination actually take care of most of it. It didn’t require me to spend too much time on it. I’m sure SEO could be much more useful for me. But, I simply don’t have the resources to use more time on it, or even have a dedicated person looking at it a couple of hours a week.

So I’m super happy with managing my long tail keywords through Hittail and I am sure that most small business owners and other bloggers would be as well.


I Needed To Be Blown Out of The Entrepreneurial Ballpark And Take A Break

Trying to get back my lost rhythm

I know there has been radio silence on when it comes to posting frequency. The reason for this is that I have taken a much-needed break from everything and I am starting to figure out how I want to do things smarter.

In retrospect, I can see that I have been running around without my head and heart in things and trying to get ends to meet for far too long. Kind of like a curly digital guru who doesn’t know who she is or what she should be doing, but she needs to get more followers and likes and because it matters for business. I lost track of my core and it almost got the best of me.

Guidance from my spiritual coach

It all changed when I met with my spiritual coach for the first time. The ever-awesome and totally amazing in every way, Mariakaisa Bruun. I met with her to get a better sense of direction from all the things I was doing: Toothless Tiger, (including writing books, articles, and doing speaking gigs), and geek girl magazine. She told me… that I had to pause right now and breathe. That I needed to get some energy back in my cells because otherwise there was rock-bottom out there called “stressed out of my mind and not functioning in any way” and that I couldn’t allow that to happen, because the universe had bigger plans for me. After she said that, I found out that she was right. I was SO unhappy. I was SO into the whole race that I forgot my own brilliance. My specialness. The business avantgardist.

Getting my shit together

This is a learning curve. A different one for me than I have ever been on before. It’s a learning curve called “I need to get my shit together to be all I can be, and I can’t become a complete stress victim before I am 35”.

Since November, there are so many things I have said goodbye to. Things I don’t miss. People I don’t miss. I am so much more focused and more true to myself.

That’s a gift I have found in this process. Because I had lost track. I had no idea what I was doing except for surviving. Surviving is not living. I have been trying to keep entrepreneurial spirit floating, trying to stay true to myself and at the same time making ends meet.

The past couple of years have been dead hard. We have gone through financial hell. And I have kept what I thought was my core intact because otherwise, I would have been selling out. I should probably have sold out and gotten a job a while back, but I just couldn’t. I thought I needed to wave the entrepreneur flag high, to keep producing and performing…

…But I ended up killing the idea of “the digital guru icon” inside of me altogether. I guess I just got too caught up in the game that I forgot myself. I forgot my brilliance and I just became a 5 step mashable article, because I thought I needed to be retweeted. Everybody wants me to be an entrepreneur and so I thought I really have to be one. She’s cool, she’s popular, stylish, curly,  and she’s doing her own thing.

Getting back on my feet

Now, I am back at just doing my own thing. Working on finishing a bunch of projects that are important to me, but hasn’t been touched for ages. Working on polishing some others off. Taking my space. Claiming my ground. Not being an entrepreneur for the sake of being an entrepreneur. Not being an entrepreneur because it’s what you need to be these days. But just being me. Loving myself. Cherishing what I have already given to the world of inspiration and building an empire on that. And just stop and take a walk in nature for once in a while. Taking care of myself. Oh yeah and get those brilliant curly digital guru ideas back again. Because trust me, they are coming back again.

rock on henriette weber