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How To Rise Up To Huge Opportunities

We’re in times that are both challenging but also filled with opportunities. I am grateful for this global time-out because there’s something in it that has to teach us something bigger as humanity.

It’s a horrible horrible way for us to learn though. So many lives lost, so many numbers thrown at us daily and behind each number is a person, with a family, with a legacy and with a contribution to the planet.

We are in emergency operations now as part of my work at CARE. Most of the country offices have closed down their operations and are focusing on preparing for #Covid-19. What will happen when and if it hits Africa and what I am particularly concerned about is the refugee camps. How can it become within or under control in places where people live very close to each other and there might not be clean water and everything spreads faster? But instead of me looking at it from a place of fear, I will not only look at it from a place of hope –  I want to look at it from a place of action and creativity.

How to rise up to opportunities

When I was working at the biggest sustainability Think Tank in the Nordics as a Brand Director, my mission was to create a whole corner in the sustainability movement that we could work from and build more content and ideas into – huge opportunities that we could execute on, on the daily.

I have a couple of key principles when it comes to building movements and rising up as a person and a brand:

Showing the World who you are by DOING instead of TALKING

INCLUDE – Don’t see yourself as separate, and don’t act like others are separate either. You’re united for world dominion, rockers! Yes you need to participate and share stuff for others too. These are like important relationships rockers! – you have to give some to earn some.

PARTICIPATE: There are so many virtual calls for everything out there these days. So many ‘us vs COVID’ digital hackathons and programs. Instead of watching Netflix – become a part of those. Contribute. Share your skills and create magic.

TELL EVERYONE: Pitch your ideas. Not just to potential clients – pitch them to anyone. Are you passionate about technology? Tell everyone. Ideas around sustainability need to be bolder than life. Challenges we want to rise up to, and find possibilities in such as Covid19 can have Big Hairy Audacious Goals.

It’s one of the greatest things about working for a planet that’s fucked up environmentally and healthwise: The sky is the limit when it comes to how bold and audacious the ideas needed can be. The opportunities are there – but the question is: will you rise up and take them?

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My Personal Combination Of Fashion, Revolutions and Sustainability

Are you working within revolutions and sustainability? First off, if you haven’t been introduced to Fashion Revolution you should check out their manifesto. Fashion revolution week is what I would call a ‘fashion industry bashing’ that’s needed. This is where the social good fashion rockers look at the fashion industry and sustainability as a whole and talk greenwashing and where it’s more than allowed to ask ‘who made my clothes’.

Remember to participate on the 24th of April by reversing your clothes and use the #whomademyclothes hashtag. We need more conversation starters and activist statement.

reduce, reuse, recycle, rethink, retweet

Apart from giving a shoutout to the Fashion Revolution Week, which you have to be a part of, I want to dive deeper into fashion and sustainability. So, the fashion industry is one of the heaviest emitters of CO2 in the world. Are you ready for my take on it ? here you go:

Revolutions and Sustainability: Reduce, Recycle, Reuse, Rethink AND Retweet

reduce, recycle, reuse, rethink, retweet

You need to be able to update your skillset. I wrote about how to live like our grandparents a couple of days back. In addition to that I think it’s vital that we all:

Think about what we are purchasing. How are we spending our money?

Think about how we can reuse the stuff we have.

Think about how we can recycle goods that have been worn out.

Rethink the way we act around materials

And then share (retweet) the whole bunch to your network and beyond as inspiration for the world to see.

A rocking trick to reuse more:

I am biggest on reusing and sharing. And I want to announce something: I have gotten my first gig as a style ambassador for the startup ‘WISHI’. Yes, I know what you’re thinking. No, I will not become a fashion blogger. But I am looking good even at the end of my ’20s’ and we need more people preaching and practicing fashion revolutions and sustainability. SO I will carry that torch as well.

WISHI is something I have been crazy about for half a year. A couple of weeks back, the founder asked if I would join as an ambassador and I said ‘Yes – if I can focus on sustainability, 2nd hand and vintage’. So that’s what I have been doing. The featured image on this article, is all 2nd hand clothes – apart from the t-shirt.

I have become a real bargain hunter online for the clothes that I want to be a part of my style and WISHI helps me out with that. In addition to WISHI for style advice, I am using Gem which is vintage clothes search engine. So these are two of my favorite tools to elevate my style.

P. S. If you want to join WISHI, let me know – I have a special gift for you then.

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Living In The Midst Of A Rising Climate Movement

Since the danish elections last week, the world has looked greener and more democratic. The night was pretty euphoric to me. Not only did the ‘lefties’ end up gaining majorly to form a government, but the whole election also became centered on climate movement. In fact, the numbers around the elections where just out this morning, and 24 % of the subjects that were spoken about during the elections were climate-related. It seems like our common consciousness and cares for the planet are starting to take center-stage and well.. it is about time. Maybe humanity as a whole is tired of patriarchy and consumption capitalism? I think a part of it is beginning to be, and hopefully, the rest of humanity will follow.

Climate Movement: Then and Now

If I wind back a couple of years, to when I was director for brand and involvement at a think tank in Copenhagen, I decided that we need to do so much more to make people get together to discuss climate movement. We needed to educate, co-create, and communicate together with other organizations in order to start conducting action on climate. To make every person on the planet know that they need to do their share. I used to call it our ‘own little corner of the sustainability movement’. And it was. I started to look out for other climate movement-building initiatives and decided to become a climate reality leader (and I was personally trained in climate issues in June last year in Berlin by Al Gore).

And lately, I have been taken part in klimamarch as well as Fridays for Future in Copenhagen (together with my not-so-mini-geek-anymore). If I look at the UK I can see Extinction Rebellion rising. And in the US you have the Sunshine movement and the new green deal.

I can see very straight parallels to the demonstrations and movement happening in 1968. And some might even call it the 1968 of our time. But it’s with such a bigger impact because of the internet and technology. It’s truly awe-inspiring to be a part of.

But all of these things seem like humanity’s answer to the global meta-crisis. All these movements are a choice towards the planet and towards more people, animals, and planet -caring humanity.

It’s a political move empowered by the people – of Denmark, at least. And I am hoping more citizens in other countries will join us in this move. It’s a wish for a different and sustainable world. And it looks lovely from here =)

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Have You Been To A Climate Demonstration Yet?

Yesterday it happened again. I found myself amongst the people in front of the Danish parliament. I was screaming my lungs out for Climate Action and Greta Thunberg. It’s the second time that I have attended a climate demonstration in a couple of months. We want the politicians to legislate for climate and meet the expectations for the Paris Agreement.

It is an important place to make a mark for CARE – the NGO I work with. But also because it’s an important cause for me and my family. My 14-year-old daughter joined me, and had a ball, at the last ‘Fridays for future climate strike in Copenhagen.

Supporting this movement is something I see as a fundamental part of educating and empowering generation Z – they seem to be more activistic and more liberal than the millenials, and we (as parents and humanity) should support them in expressing themselves and the causes they want to stand up for, as much as possible.

Speaking of support, it’s not only for generation Z, You could support the cause too. And you should join us! Because it matters, but also because it feels like you’re a part of something bigger than yourself. I have a feeling that a climate demonstration like this will be portraited in the history books as a global movement rising for the planet – something that is very needed.

I see it as something that has been inspired by other movements through time – such as Martin Luther King’s work for black lives or Nelson Mandela’s work to end apartheid. It really does matter to be activistic and it’s great to see that these movements, through time, moves in waves.

It matters to put pressure on the politicians, the public and the media on a national, European, and global level. Let’s do this!

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The Generation With The Most Badass Legacy

This morning the tragic news in the IPCC report came in through the radio. Rockers, we are losing planet earth and faster than we thought – we need climate action and we need it now.

We are already at 1 degree about industrial levels and according to the Paris Agreement, we need to stay below 1.5 degrees to not have a completely devastating effect on humanity.

This has been known for a while but it seems like it’s a bit worse than expected. However, we can still turn things around with radical action – actions that start today. Things ARE changing for the better though, but we don’t only need better we also need faster and more.

Is climate change only working against us? Or could it work for us?

It reminds me of Paul Hawken and Project Drawdown wherein he shares the mindblowing statement along the lines of: ‘We should look at climate change as if it’s something that’s working FOR us and not against us’.

A line that’s SO empowering – that climate change is working for us, making us become our most purposeful and action-driven selves. Transforming the world through our actions.

I hope you can feel the empowerment right now -because I sure can.  What if we started to own this statement, and started to transform the world every day?

What if we could be the generation that transformed the planet through the power we all have, at every given level of society. The opposite is really grim: being the generation that lost planet earth to climate change because of the way our society is structured.

The generation with the most badass legacy

We could become the generation with the most badass legacy. The generation that turns this around. The generation that hands our planet over to our kids and says “We’ve worked it out. You will be alright”, instead of saying “Doom and gloom”.

I know, we can do this together, we can’t lose faith and turn into small depressed cocoons. We need to do way more to transform things in the right direction.

So let’s do this! Let’s become the generation with the most badass legacy!

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Let Us Revolt On The International Workers Day


International Workers Day has always been a special day for my family. Especially when my grandparents and my great grandmother was still alive. It was a day of appreciation, gratitude, and caring for those who didn’t have the same rights. A day of thinking big about revolutions.

My grandmother and my great grandmother worked at Tretorn in Helsingør. My grandfather was a bricklayer, while my great grandfather worked at the shipyard. In some ways, they worked their whole life to better the rights for generations to come, which means so much to me.

So what should we revolt about this May 1st?

I think indifference is the biggest thing to fight these days. Everything is alright but things can always be better. It’s important for me, personally, to believe that. Even though we’re doing ok and well, there’s still so much left to fight for. I think we should fight against climate change and for data protection. Fight for better rights for workers around the globe (hello fashion industry fx). Human Rights and Health.

1st of May for me is spent with my family in appreciation of the global society we live in, the many solutions we’ve come up with, and the big problems humanity is still facing such as rights of workers, climate, health, etc.

rock on henriette weber

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Self-employed NOT making it to the maternity fund ( barselsfond for selvstændige) negotiations in Denmark

In Denmark there is currently being negotiated about the “maternity fund” (barselsfond for selvstændige)… basically it is a fund where all the employers have to put money, so their employees can have maternity leave.
One of the main reasons for this is that currently, industries where the majority of the employees are men, does not pay as much for maternity leave as other industries where the number of females are larger.

this is the case because of two issues:

1. not enough men in Denmark take maternity leave

2. I will be so kind to predict for you, that females in these industries are not as “competitive” as men, because it is more expensive to hire women. The cause is natural: women ( and men) tend to have babies, when they fall in love.. hence they ( both) have to be paid to have maternity leave.

it is not common in Denmark for men to take maternity leave. I think it has something to do with the “I might miss out on something” issue – that guys tend to have.

the negotiations have been started now.. ( yeeeeeyyy!).

BUT – the selfemployed are not at the negotiation table’s .. why ? – because it’s to hard to control selfemployed businesses… so especially females, DO NOT become selfemployed if you want to have babies..

this sucks….

BUT I am working on a PR project for Morgendagens Heltinder according to the Maternity Fond

and watch the news tonight people !, the ever lovely Julie Pi ( member of the board in “Morgendagens Heltinder” ) is going to discuss the issue(the importance of the selfemployed being present at the negotiations) in the news.

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Al Gore at WeMedia on how commercials are blocking debate

While I can’t be at WeMedia on the other side of the pond Trine-Maria and Henrik Føhns are blogging from the venue. Trine-Maria wrote an excellent transcipt of Al Gore’s speech and here is the part of the transcript ( translated from danish) that moves me the most:

It seems like we live in another universe. 3/4 of americans has replied that they believe that Saddam Hussein was behind 9/11 – today 50 {5efe2dfab989fd5e1401261f36f469c26e78ec7db6dd6d3e4b43ca097ae6fc54} of the american public still believes it! the OJ Simpson case was an earlier example of the obsession, which in larger and larger scale is categorizing the media nowadays.
how can it be that we torture prisoners, and we aren’t rebelling against it ? even worse, we are not discussing it. If the gap between rich and poor are getting bigger – why is there more and more apathy next to this development ? Senator Burns asked, when the United States declared war on Iraq ” why is here so quiet ? why isn’t the debate lifting off the rooftop ? The senators wasn’t there to debate, they were out at their tiers collecting money for the next tv commercial – and the commercials are hence, more important than the debate…

This is very very interesting, I need to reflect on it a bit more… the first word that comes to mind is “very scary”..

I wonder if it is the same in Denmark. Are the politicians too busy hiring spindoctors and winning elections instead of focusing on the actual problems. Is this the reason that the government is not focusing on the long term problems ?
Im chilled, it is getting cold in here..

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GMO according to politicians and corporations

It seems like politicians and corporations like monsanto are the only instances who claims that GMO is not dangerous.
I remember I saw a program on BBC about GMO and it scared me. There are soo many things in GMO that hasn’t been researched.
Did you know that if you used GMO to create bigger salmons – and the GMO salmons got out into the real “wilderness” the real salmons would be instinct within two years.

Why ? because the female salmons is attracted to the biggest and most beautiful male salmon, meaning that the GMO salmon ( because it’s bigger and probably also shinier) would out-conquor the real male salmons.

and this is just some of the points that has been researched.I wonder where we are heading. I am not supporting GMO ever though.