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How To Make A Great Information Product

how to make a great information product

It’s hard to live off your creativity especially when creating ideas for an information product. There are so many things that you take into consideration when you take the job as a creator and decide to stick with it. Not only do you have to create but you also have to convince people that you’re one of the best in the market of creating.

For me, it’s about creating products that need to stand out at first glance. But these products also need to leave an experience of ‘great product’, so the good old viral effect and word-of-mouth sets in and the product starts to sell itself.

The key to a great information product is to be very aware of the benefits and maybe not just listing them, but also communicate them extremely well to different kinds of customers.

You shouldn’t only be looking at the product and how it’s built. It’s even more essential to look at the experience and outcome that your potential customers get by purchasing your product.

You need to focus more on how you want your potential customers to feel after they’ve tried your product.

How do you make sure your product is so great that it exceeds expectations?

Start by building an information product roadmap. A product roadmap you define what processes you want your potential customers to go through. Showing initiatives, processes, and how you want your product to launch, communicate, and succeed. There you will also find your way through pitfalls and discussions.

Make the experience of the information product and the outcome for the potential customer top priority.

Most of the time the key is how much value you can put into an information product. That’s all good and well, but in my experience, one of the things that you also need to do is to keep thinking ‘customer experience’ and ‘outcome’. For example, a lot of information products have a Facebook group where everybody who has purchased the product they meet up and connect afterward.

Sometimes you, as an information product owner,  ask them if you can keep their email so you can send them new information when something new is coming up in the field.

There’s a lot of tricks to information products, but one of the things that have worked for me is to find products that you can benchmark up against. How do they communicate? What do they promise? What is the outcome and how does the product exceed expectations? Why do people refer to them? Do they have an affiliate program or something similar?

Enjoy building rockers!

rock on

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Goodbye delicious! hello pinterest and evernote

Today I decided that I would move all my bookmarks from to pinterest and evernote.

It’s a good way of going through all of them and see which ones are keepers which ones has to go, which ones are broken links and which ones are hopelessly outdated compared to who I am today – au contraire to who I was 5 years ago. it’s good fun really. Pinterest is somebody that I have researched a lot, especially since my work with fashiolista. I really digg the flow of pinterest and I think they’re spot onto something right and something that makes websites and the internet seem less linear. I digg that. it’s doesn’t look as much as a catalog or a magazine as it’s more like instant inspiration. I so want to be a part of that community and I am now…

The things that I don’t want to share with the world goes to my bookmark folder on evernote. Ciao Delicious –  I might pop by for occasional research for clients though.

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What I would do if I had a webshop


This morning I had a conversation with one of the most passionate and greatest danish media bloggers – Mads Kristensen where I told him, that these days I weren’t too pleased with Threadless – a really great artistic community, with a really bad european customer service.

I had a pretty bad experience with them in january where they refused to send me a new t-shirt even though there was a pretty bad error on one of the t-shirts that I received for my husbands birthday. Their return policy is really not effective when it comes to Europe, mainly because they want to have returned t-shirts with errors on. Problem is that sending the T-shirt back to the US costs twice the amount of the actual t-shirt. So I don’t believe that threadless receives a lot of faulty t’s from Europe.

Anyway they asked me to photodocument the t-shirt in a couple of pictures, which took me about an hour, and in the end they still didn’t want to send me a new t-shirt (even though it was the machinery’s fault)..

nevermind. I think that this threadless case can be shared amongst the rest of us to inspire – and it has inspired me to give a couple of advices on what I would do, if I had a webshop.

so if I had a webshop:

starblue I would pay for shipping both to and from the customer. It get’s rid of the Penny gap and enhances buying motives – like zappos

starblue I would totally do a shop that didn’t do the normal shop cms’ lists – think a bit out of the box.

starblue I would have a blog to describe creative things to do with products, and what happened behind the webshop – like Howies

starblue I would do events together with other webshops inside my field, and actually facility online by offline, and let my customers meet.

starblue I would give things away for free – in order to support the products that I wanted people to buy.

starblue I would do really well by doing really good – and show people I did good.

starblue I would be cool and un-salespitchy and not-interruptive.

starblue I would have great parties in my web-house (or my webshop)

starblue I would oppone something instead of compete against other webshops. Opponing a higher cause makes you smile brighter

starblue I would do development projects and give a part of my sales to a great cause.


If I could I would totally give my customers ecological alternatives – by now there’s no excuse not to
What would you do if you had a webshop ?

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Dear CEO of Imerco: Why I choose to buy my stuff online


Dear CEO of Imerco.

This evening I have had the worst experience I have had in a store ever. really, it was THAT bad (I even choose to use a bit of my  precious time to blog about it – that’s how bad it is). Anyway I have worked “a bit” around e-commerce in my days on the internet and the reason for buying stuff “in real life” (aka. physical stores) has to me always been the personal experience. However these days I get a much better experience online, almost everytime.

This evening something happened to me in your store in city2 that was extremely disappointing to me.

Now, I am in the lucky situation that I got married in May. We got a gift certificate for Imerco that we have been using a bit here and there. Tonight we needed a new sandwich toaster because we have wires sticking out of our old one. We choose to drive our car to city2 where we knew you have a store.

So we look around and you have 1 (1!) toaster on your shelf in the imerco store in city2. We ask the clerk (there was 4 of them in the store and they where really busy talking to each other instead of talking to us) if she has another toaster, she says no. OK very limited choice we think, but since we have a gift certificate we are interested. However the clerk has no intention of trying to sell the only toaster model she has to us. So we leave the store and walk into inspiration (a competitor) where they have the same toaster. It’s a real cool one – so after discussing it we walk back to Imerco to buy the one model they have.

We enter the store and I ask if we can buy the toaster to another clerk. Meanwhile the other clerks are loud and laughing and not being very service oriented at all, hmpf. The “new” clerk tells us that she has to look in the storage room if they have a boxed new toaster that they want to sell. She’s gone for 5 mins. meanwhile we stand still by the toaster shelf waiting for her.

She comes back from the storage room and goes to talk to the other clerks. We think it must be related to the purchase we are trying to do and she’s supposed to be selling us something. However she stands there for 5 minutes and we decide to leave because we are pretty pissed off by now. I get eyecontact with her and she asks “may I help you?” incredible! it leaves me laughing a bit but it infuriates my husband. He tells her that she was actually serving us  and she hasn’t given us a reply about if we could by the frickin toaster. She simply says “oh I thought the others had told us that we don’t have any”. We run out of the store speechless.

Wow. Simply. Wow. Having this experience left me feeling stupid and underestimated. Theres no way I will ever enter an imerco again. Seriously.

So this is why I will probably throw out my wedding gift certificate of about 1000 kr for imerco and buy my stuff at an online reseller:

starblue More models online

starblue Better prices

starblue If they don’t have the product they don’t list it

starblueNo clerk ignorance and stupidity

starblue In online stores you know that people are selling you stuff. You don’t need to beg a clerk to serve you nicely.

starblueOnline I don’t get a really bad service, as I do at your store.

starblueI don’t have to search around for the products in an online store, I can simply use the search field.

starblue I don’t get to waste hours driving to a mall to buy a toaster that turns out to be my worst customer experience ever

All the best

Henriette Weber
ps. I think you can do much better than this

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Mere omkring søstrene grene

siden jeg postede mit uheldige tilf�lde hos s�strene grene, har forskellige mennesker fors�gt at kommentere med deres holdninger omkring det – og idag gjorde en medarbejder fra S�strene Grene det s�.

han skrev f�lgende :


For det f�rste vil jeg bare sige at S�strene Grene vel ikke kan tage varer retur fordi du ikke kan have det i din bil. De lever jo af, hvor m�rkeligt det end lyder, at s�lge ting s� billigt som muligt, og det kommer jo s� til at g� ud over servicen.

En anden ting jeg lige er faldet over er at de (SG) lige har lavet en konkurrence hvor man kan vinde 10.000 kr. for at sende et billed af et maleri ind. Meget cool – de finder det bedste maleri hvert halve �r, s� det er bare med at komme igang.

Se mere p� www.



det lugter langt v�k af en medarbejder g�r det ikke ?

Derudover er der jo ikke tale om at jeg n�ede enormt langt v�k i min bil, jeg var ude af butikken i tre minutter.. jeg syntes bare det er helt vild d�rlig service… det er min mening og den har jeg ret til at have.
“Michael” bruger dog ogs� lejligheden til at reklamere for en “konkurrence” som S�strene Grene har igangsat.
Selvf�lgelig til at markedsf�re dem selv. Tror egentlig ikke p� den med at han er “faldet ” over konkurrencen.

Det der giver mig mest d�rlig smag i munden – er at han ikke engang skriver sin egen email p�.. men jeg kan ikke tage folk seri�st der ikke engang kan give deres email n�r de kommenterer. S� er deres mening ikke eksisterende for mig. Is�r hvis man ikke kan st� ved sine kommentarer.

Men tak Michael, nu fik du din eksponering.. det var jo det du ville have mig til, var det ikke ?

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Søstrene Grenes katastrofale kundeservice

Først af alt, vælger jeg at betegne nedenstående som et meget charmerende karaktertræk hos mig, evig klodset, evig komisk..

Jeg var taget hele vejen til Fields idag for at købe et STORT lærred i Søstrene Grene til et maleri jeg har lovet at lave til en veninde… så jeg tager min micra hvor der før har været kæmpe lærreder i. Endda sammen med en veninde og en baby på bagsædet. MEN idag kunne jeg simpelthen ikke få det ind i bilen, ligegyldigt hvordan jeg vendte og drejede det…

Så tænkte jeg at jeg bare kunne gå op og få pengene retur… hvilket jeg prøvede.. men nej.. selvom det var 3 minutter siden jeg købte det store lærred, selvom jeg havde bon’en og selvom jeg ikke kunne komme hjem med mit lærred – så tog “søstrene Grene” ikke varer retur. så heldigvis tilbød min veninde at tage metroen hjem til hende selv ( med lærredet ) og køre ud til mig i hendes citron farvede citroen berlingo..

men helt ærligt søstrene grene ? I kunne da godt have gjort en undtagelse ?

Så søstrene grene er hermed officielt på min boykot liste.

så vil jeg hellere betale dobbelpris for et lærred af bedre kvalitet i Tutein og Koch..