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the various entrepreneurial network where I roam – don’t see what blogging can do for the selfmade (wo)man…

1. it is timeconsuming
2. it takes practise
3. is it worth it ?

blogging is about conversations and people – but can wellness companies, zonetherapists and coaches benefit from it ? will they be read by the people who has an interest in the company ?

Im puzzled. I see it from two sides:

– entrepreneurs are screaming for ways to make more money – and market themselves
– blogging is an inexpensive way to market yourself.
– it is a way for small companies to put a face behind the product, webwise…
– people can get to know you without meeting you at a network meeting – or any other place..


entrepreneurs are allways busy as it is…. why should they make time for blogging if they want to reach their target group who isn’t bloggers – and haven’t heard of blogs before ?

I wonder.. debate anyone ?

Entrepreneurial life

this is how I have to prioritize

Was supposed to be at the Rebecca Blood speech about corporate blogging at ITU and afterwards at a meeting about a bachelor project on blogging very exciting and the best thing of my day.

My baby’s kindergarden called and she’s sick.

So Im staying at home.

I couldn’t be there anyway if she was sick at home, it would break my heart.

babies before business…

Entrepreneurial life

lifehacker – the productivity and software guide

Lifehacker is a guide devoted to productivity and software.

from my point of view it is made in the spirit of “the silent revolution”.. how to cope with information overload.

very nifty indeed

Entrepreneurial life


Yesterday I found out that I didn’t get the job I had hoped for.
I was simply to creative.
it pissed me off a bit.

So if anyone out there is searching for the coolest kitten in PR/marketing/new media here I am.. you can see my cv under “personal” in the sidebar ( it is only in danish though.. I will translate it shortly)

Entrepreneurial life

geekdinner in Copenhagen 28. of october

I want to make a geekdinner in Copenhagen on the 28th of October. I haven’t figured out where the venue is or the special guest. nor have I set up a geek dinner wiki yet.. all to come.

OHH and if you can’t wait to sign up for partitioning.. email me at henriette at !…

hoping to see all the danish geeks there !

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Possibly attending the Girl Geek Dinner in London

Today, my friends, is a big day – Thomas has started blogging! ( aka. my partner in crime )

Also, I hope to join the Girl Geek Dinner in London. Girl Geek Dinners is a dinner initiative started by Sarah Lamb that I fully support. We need more women in tech! and more networks between women in tech.
But let’s see, money ain’t exactly flowing at the moment and  I have my french exam next Thursday which is occupying quite a lot of my time right now.

But I wanted to spread the word about the girl geek dinner in London.

Over and out