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Geek Girl: Can You Pivot A Community?

Geek Girl: the comeback

This morning, something happened that threw me in a direction that I have been wanting to go for a while: reusing Geek Girl Denmark and Geek Girl Magazine. It has been my priority for a long time, something that I wrote about in a Facebook group before.. but then COVID happened.

This summer, I stepped down as Head of Brand and Engagement at CARE. That was my stint in the NGO industry. I’ll never work again for old NGO’s, but I’m still up working for new ones. A lot of stuff is happening in my personal life and I will fill you in on that soon.

But this morning, there was a Geek Girl Denmark portal that opened to finally start pivoting the community to something more aligned with where I am now.

The Geek Girl community always had massive potential but due to my health condition, shutting it down was the best thing to do at the time. During the years where I haven’t had the time to build Geek Girl Denmark or do events for people, I was focusing on my healing and my own process back to life; another kind of life.

Another way for me to serve the world and the women who decided to give me so much love and support back then, those awesome geek girls!

I have focused on building sustainable brands for others as in platforms and corners of the sustainability movement.

Geek girls for sustainability?

But how could I align this? Teaching women tech? With sustainability and climate action? I think the answer lies in the word “empower”. Geek Girl Denmark is solid gold to me. So many of my cool stories and ventures came from that platform. So much good and plenty of connections I have made and it’s one of the things I have been proudest of in my career.

The planet needs us!

And now, I will pivot it and empower women to act on sustainability. Focusing on tech as well as on SDG/global goals; making them a part of a movement for positive change for this planet. And even though the language will also change to english (hoping to make the group a bit broader), we will start doing Copenhagen-based events.

I and the team will do this through events, stories, and mentorship programs. I have teamed up with Natalya Tarankova, founder of W.e. Space Copenhagen. We also have the support of Stine Mølgaard, who was a key driver in Geek Girl Denmark, as well as Cathrine Fallesen who will be driving our Geek Girl events.

Now, the first event is in the book. It will be an event called “Health Tech for Good” aligned with SDG 3: “Ensure healthy lives and promote well being for all at all ages”. The speakers, place, date, and other event information will be updated shortly.

Also, we will change our name. It’s still going to be women-focused and you will still be empowered, but we want you to Shout Your Impact. That’s the new name. The website, etc. is coming soon. Until then, if you are a fierce techie, impact, and startup woman, then please join us in our Facebook group.

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Speak Geek and Enter!

Speak Geek and Enter

Something happened last week. I was nominated for the Danish award “Ivækstprisen” together with editor-in-chief, Maria Fynsk Norup. I was recognized because of my work with  Geek Girl Danmark  and our startup Geek Girl Magazine. It was an extreme honour to be nominated. But what was even more extreme was the response from the network, something I have been living high on ever since. It seems like I’ve struck a chord and it keeps humming.

I just wanted to thank you all and remind you that you can cast your vote for us here. Even if you don’t speak danish, you just have to find my name and press “stem” =)

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The scandinavian “female entrepreneurs who do startups” list

So a couple of days ago, Fast Company launched a “25 women-run startups to watch” list. Today I am advisoring the Copenhagen Startup Weekend teams – so this is the weekend of startups for me.  Anyway the Fast Company article had two awesome women in it, that I’ve had the chance to meet and fall a little bit in love with, Tara and Wendy who rocks. But I think we should have a scandinavian list as well. Seen from my perspective, it’s a great way of giving out information about what ladies are in the startup scene up here. I have defined the ladies on the list as people who are running startups themselves, and not agencies, blogs or consultants, but startups as in convenience and services for the public.

Now, I know the list could be better, I hope that there are more ladies in startups in Scandinavia, that I just don’t know about. SO : If there’s anyone you think is missing on the list – please let me know in the comments – I personally think that there could be so many more ladies on the list. Im totally missing some startups from Norway. Anyway have a look at it – and let’s see if we can build this out more – together.

Here’s my list, most of the ladies on are people I’ve been introduced to, met or who I see regularly, they are truely an inspiration to be around:


Heidi Harman founder RunAlong and co-founder of Geek Girl Meetup. Runalong is a female health community focusing on group runs or walks. Geek girl Meetup is an un-conference for Geek Girls taking place so far in Stockholm, Göteborg, Øresund and Copenhagen.

Anna Oscarsson is founder of  Kvittar – a startup with the purposeful and convinient aim of making all the receipts of Sweden index’ed and searchable.

Ulla-maaria Engeström founder of thinglink a startup aiming to turn photos into a surface for advertising, commerce, entertainment, search and social connection


Tine Thygesen is CEO of 23 video – a company that helps individuals do visual sharing. She’s also the former CEO of Venture Cup in Denmark.

Annika Lidne is the founder of Disruptive Media – a company that helps people to understand the revolution within digital media.


Maija Itkonen is the CEO of Powerkiss a company that does wirefree charging through surfaces and furniture.


Camilla Ley Valentin Partner in Queue-it – a virtual queue system that prevents website crashes during user peaks.

Natasha Friis Saxberg of Gignal – presenting your event online.



Mette Lykke, co-founder of endomondo a community based on free gps tracking on sports.


Malin Str̦man Рformer VP of Stardoll a game and fashion community for girls.


Silje Vallestad founder of Bipper – a safe mobile tool for your kids


Tina Aspaila founder of – a finnish national restaurant search and review site


Tuula Antola founder of Kaipaus – a company that makes beautiful scent dispensers – jewelry like.





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All booked and ready to go to the London Girl Geek Dinner

to the London Girl Geek Dinner – without a date… so If you gents want to be there ( and chat to Cory Doctorow) I’m ready to be bought.

This is also going to be an opportunity to get together with all the geekgrrls and have them sign up for the geekgrrls lens.

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Who control the conversation around women in media?

women in media hadley freeman

I have been doing some deep thinking again around who control the conversation around women in media. It came from the danish women network, Morgendagens Heltinder, where some of the members are real busy telling the network when they are in Danish magazines. With a lot of glam and glitter. Frankly I am so very tired of these cool women, displayed by the media, in the way the media wants to display them. So the “old” media – such as newspapers, magazines, tv, they ask you questions, you simply answer. They control the conversation around women in media. So they control the people.

They have the power – they ask the questions. They “scope” the interview or article or whatever. So they control the people.

New media, on the other hand,  whether it’s wiki’s, blogs, podcasts or whatever social media that puts you in charge, makes you control the conversation.
You do the thinking, you scope the questions, you put out there, into the world, what you genuinely want out there. And your customers ( and fellow networkers ) will answer – read you, know you!

You will be more reliable than you could ever be in the normal media.

You will be more visible…

Remember: you only get what you put out there. If you don’t ask the questions, you wont get the answers. If you don’t question the questions the glam magazines ask you, then nothing will change.

And later on: I revisited this blogpost – it’s still super relevant, and I have to add this:

Especially I have to highlight the Hadley Freeman quote, in the end of the movie that got me typing on this post again:


A lot of people has, over the years asked me why I am not pursuing a more “women-focused” PR approach. And one of the reasons is that I’ve had one women’s article written about me, and it literally had me crawling up the walls. All the cool stuff that I’ve told the journalist about me didn’t make the cut. My orange huge Luella Bartley bag did – as well as my hair routine to endorse products.

It’s not the world I live in.

It’s not a world I endorse.