New beginnings.

First article in here since may 2014 – how I’ve missed it. I’ve missed the wordpress backend. I’ve missed connecting with you.  Those of you who don’t know it (yet) I have been ill for almost a year, and I haven’t been able to write anything anywhere with a commercial scope because it could mean business. However there’s a lot of pictures of my lovely dog on instagram that I have filled my time with.

Enough about that. I don’t want to talk about the lung thingy/ the illness. It’s still really close to me. The good thing is I am still here and I am working again. I have scrapped the previous blog layout and I am starting over with a new design and a new scope.

new web design

Another really big thing is that I’ve decided to sell Toothless Tiger and get a job as a thought leader – nothing conclusive on that yet – but people have been so kind and I have gotten some pretty kickass offers from cool agencies who wants a curly haired brainy tornado in their office. Geek Girl Magazine stays for now. New constellation coming up there though – which I am totally excited by.

I hope to keep just as relevant and radical to you rockers! But I have learned so much in the past year that I want to share as well. Hence the new tagline.

Some people talk about the dark night of the soul. This has been the dark year of my soul and body. I have a whole list of take-aways lingering in my notebooks that are going to be analyzed and written about for your pleasure soon.

So how am I feeling /where am I ?

When everything comes to everything – I am grateful. So grateful. I live in constant amazement over life. I know I can do anything because the universe has got my back. And I am not just saying that to be completely woo-woo (much more on that word later – which I love=) but because… I am alive. I don’t know if this will wear off eventually. I don’t know if it can. But I know that I have to make things count. I know every breath is important.  I get it now.

A lot of you have watched me grow from a” beginning of my 20s”- girl with bad english into a brand (still with a bit of bad grammar/ english) – A guru some would even say. But I feel more grown up after my year of illness. As I am turning 35 (on monday) I feel.. whole. Like myself. And I can’t wait to get started again. There’s so many times I’ve thought “oh that would be great for”, and not be able to share it. Now is the time. Here’s to new beginnings.

Love to you all and keep rockin’ in your free world.

rock on henriette weber

Let us revolt on the international workers day


Today has always been a special day for my family. Especially when my grandparents + my great grandmother was alive. It was a day of appreciation and gratitude and caring for those who didn’t have the same rights: a day of thinking big about revolutions.

My grandmother and my great grandmother they worked at Tretorn in Helsingør and my grandfather was a bricklayer, my great grandfather worked at the shipyard. In some ways they worked their whole life to better the rights for generations to come, which means me.

So what should we revolt against on this may 1st? I think indifference is the biggest thing to fight these days. Everything is allright but things can always be better. It’s important for me personally to believe that, even though we’re doing ok and well, there’s still so much left to fight for.  I think we should fight against climate change and for data protection. Fight for better rights for workers around the globe (hello fashion industry fx). Human rights and Health.

1st of may for me is spend with family in appreciation for the global society we have, the many solutions we’ve come up with and the big problems still facing humanity, workers, climate, health etc.

rock on henriette weber

On being nominated for the danish internet pioneer award 2014

nominated for the internet pioneer award 2014

Sometimes you go by your daily life and something happens. Something unexpected that sends shivers down your spine and makes you feel humble. Today was one of those days. While currently being under self-proposed “house-arrest” because of my hypersensitive lungs I found out that I was nominated for the danish internet pioneer award 2014 in the category “rethink”.  I must say, that it’s a tremendous honor. Without knowing a lot about this relative new award, I feel like my work over the years around the internet, internet knowledge, branding social media and digital tendencies has been recognized and that’s always an nice thing. Being listed for an award with these awesome people? Is completely kickass. There’s no words I could rather speak about it. Kickass at minimum.

So this being reflective musings on entrepreneurial life – what have I done to be able to be nominated for this?

hmm. I think my take on the internet always have been to take it offline. Meet people and have people meet each other, facilitate networking between people. It’s something that’s deeply integrated within me and has been the core of both BarCamp Copenhagen, Social Media Club Copenhagen, Geek Girl Magazine, Toothless Tiger and myself. True connections happens in past midnight in a bar with one too many bottles of champagne or over excellent coffee and cupcakes. That’s networking the Henriette Weber way for you. I haven’t been wildly succesful in having my companies being acquired. (had a bunch of clients at Toothless Tiger that has though)  I haven’t had a large voice in the danish internet agenda (at least not deliberately) but I have made people meet each other and I have gotten friends because of it. I think it’s a key thing of mine. It’s something that I always end up doing. Getting people together – both as a person but also through my work in my brand studio Toothless Tiger.

give peace a chance

When your whole life is up for revision


life revision


Those of you who follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook know that I have had a ruff couple of months. Everything has been up for revision. I am in the process of getting my health better, and I am slowly making progress. A lot of stuff has been put on pause.  A lot of relations and projects doesn’t even matter anymore. All that matters is my health and my family. That is what happens when you suddenly get really ill. This is what I’ve learned so far:

Breathe in the good shit
Breathe out the bad shit

Review everything. Do what’s truly you. Don’t waste time on people that are not important. Forgive. Forget.

Deeper breaths.

All these clichés that people post on social media, all these poster type of things, all this health research and meditation practices and food diaries and taking health seriously:

These things that I have promised myself I will do one day when I have time? Well now is the time. I feel like most of these clichés are some that I have to live through. I have to trust the universe. I have to get better. I have to keep up my positive thinking, eat healthy, meditate and have my twice daily training practice for the lungs. I have to live in a clean house without clutter because if I don’t do this, I am really sick. My hypersensitive lungs reacts. Yeah and that’s what’s the matter. I’ve got hypersensitive lungs right now, so I basically react to everything airborn. I don’t even know what conditions will put me in the hospital again and what wont. It sucks, but it’s my reality these days and it’s slowly getting better.

life revision 2

Words without actions are… just words.

So my take on it ? It seems like the universe is playing a game, a game that has been played with me since childhood. It’s called weird lung-deceases and this is the third lung decease I have to battle and live with- the first one was legionella, I was 5 years old, possibly the first person in Denmark ever to get the decease and I survived. The second one was Asthma that I had as a teenager and for 20 years nothing really has been wrong with my lungs. However I knew something was up in November when the symptoms started. Everything is slowly getting better, but I have literally put myself under housearrest. Yes. I have locked myself in my own house and my garden where I know my hypersensitive lungs are not reacting to anything wild. And that’s where I’ll stay for the time being. Healing.

Thank you for your wellwishes and comments across platforms – it truely means the world to me.

rock on henriette weber





Hands down! I’ve had some ruff months

The last couple of months has been hard on me. And I am ready to come clean. I have been hospitalized (twice) and I still deal with some hypersensitive lungs that are reacting allergically to something in my surroundings.

This is how I communicated my situation out over on Facebook:hypersensitive lungs


It has been hard, but it has also given me time to think and stop the things I shouldn’t be doing to myself.

rock on henriette weber

Business unusual: Becoming a relatable company in tiny steps

Ever since I was an activist teenager rebelling against the world and myself, I have been a sucker for change and companies- my definition of business unusual. I guess it was one of the things I learned most from hanging mentally out with Naomi Klein and Kalle Lasn and staying a whole summer in super rebellic Montreal, at that point in time where you could actually buy a coffin up there to sleep in (hello electronic goth days!). But I can get into total handclapping spasm if a company actually does something to better the world around them, or better themselves to be a larger part of the world around them. And I can as quickly grasp my pen and paper and write columns to the local newspaper if I think they are doing something wrong. Like when I was a teenager, I got so furious because the first thing you see when you enter my hometown Helsingør on top of a hill suddenly wasn’t the beautiful coast of Sweden but a gigantic McDonald’s sign (that was my first column and my mother vetoed me sending it to the local newspaper).

When I was a kid, if the teacher asked us to draw a company or a business we would draw a factory with smoke coming out of the chimney and wastewater coming out of a pipe in a lake and a couple of fish with x’ed out eyes (so they were dead). I wonder what people would draw now if you asked them to draw a company. Some would draw brands. But one problem that a lot of companies encounter is that they are not relatable. This is a HUGE internal problem for a company doing business in a world where business is largely personal and social. I see these companies as standing on the sideline of a football match saying “hey, why won’t you play with us?” and the companies and people playing shouts back “Because we don’t know you well enough”.
We all know that the conditions for business have changed. From business as usual to business unusual. Today the pace of society has made it hard for companies to brand themselves, not only on the aspect of technological pace but also more about how our buying behaviors changed – largely because of the internet and the closeness that social media has brought us together as overall societies. You can’t really do a standalone brand value chain anymore because it has become so incredibly disruptive.
When I get lucky and get hired into a brand brainstorming session, an advisor role or a concept building role (which could happen more you business people out there with a lot of money!) with a new client, I tell them that step one in making your brand more “cool and filled with substance” is to make sure that every touchpoint they have with their surroundings has a person attached to it. Normally the management hesitates for a second and then burst out: “But that would mean every person in our organization would be some sort of personal brand.”

Yes it would. And that’s a good thing. Yes, I want you to do personal branding galore. No, it’s not enough to create personal branding solely for the CEO because normally he doesn’t have a lot of time to talk to people. No, you can’t keep personal brands as a part of your organization if they leave. It’s personal. It’s something that creates legacy for the person who has the brand, and better their chances of getting a job someplace else. See it as employee maintenance. But what if every piece of information going out from a company has a sender attached to it. What would happen if Mr. Larsen asked to talk to Betty every time he has a problem, and Mr. Jensen would ask for Sandy because they became the one to one face of a given company? It would mean that the trust of the company would increase. What if everyone in the company had their name as email addresses? Would you rather write or The same on social media – what would happen if everybody knew the blogger/twitter/facebook/instagram team of company xx? It would turn a tiny part of the company from unrelatable to relatable.

Try it out and show the rest of us who you really are.

Cool confident one liners for business

creativity is my homeboyOne of the things I really love about pinterest is the amount of cool confident one liners for  business. If you would like to see my favorites you can check them out here.

But the picture above is also one that really spoke to me. Kind of like an “is the glass half-empty or half-full” approach.

Just think about this for a second, rockers. If you’re going to be aware of one and only one mental dynamic as business owners, the most important thing to know about would be the relationship between your thoughts and the way you feel.  It’s important to realize that you are constantly thinking and that it’s been estimated that the average Joe has around 50,000 thoughts per day.

Some of these thoughts are positive and productive. Like this mini-toothlesstiger-hub I have been planning to set up. This hub-in-the-making is all about newsjacking, a new trend in marketing (well, what else?) where you ride the big news to bring attention to your brand. It’s been keeping me all pumped up with excitement these days because I can’t help but think of the positive ways it can help brands that are short on the marketing budget…

But unfortunately, many of these thoughts also reside on the negative– angry, fearful, pessimistic and worrisome – fostering self-doubts and effectively ruining your day.

Basically I am confronted with two choices when dealing with negative thoughts. Either I take them seriously, in which case I study them deeply. Or I take them lightly, in which case I reduce them to a lower status where they rightfully belong.

I generally take the path of least resistance by just dismissing the negative thoughts aside and relegating them to the back of my mind.  Sure, it takes a lot of practice in self-control to achieve this but I always find it’s all worth the effort. Why waste my time and energy thinking of every possible scenario that could possibly go wrong when I can better serve my days by concentrating on the things that could possibly go right?

Everything that begins in the your mind ends up in your heart, folks. Your heart feels what your mind accepts. If your mind is full of potential business problems, then your professional as well as your personal life is filled with anxiety. Relationships suffer, and you’re unhappy.

But if your mind is fixed to the exciting solutions to every possible problems around your business, then your life is filled with inspiration. You see problems as mere jumping boards so you can soar higher. You see unforeseen events as opportunities and not as conspiracies out to demolish you and your business. You feel good, satisfied and happy.

A love letter to my mothers: international women’s day

It’s morning and it’s the International Women’s Day. It’s hands down one of the days of the year where I am most grateful. Where I give all my beloved mothers across the generations my complete love and blessings and whisper my deepest “thank you”.

Caitlin Moran feminism quote for international women's day

Thank you for making my conditions so great that I am almost seen as an equal to and by a lot of men.

Here’s a bunch of my gratitude that I want to pass out to the world on internations women’s day:


Grandma, thank you for the 40 years at the rubber factory in downtown Helsingør. You worked SO HARD just to make ends meet. And yes, you did…because  I’m here.


Great-grandma: thank you for surviving World War 2, I know it came close. I’m so incredibly proud of you and what you did for me, and for all those people that needed to get to Sweden under the war. Everything else doesn’t matter. You and great-grandpa saved lives. You gave hope to those who were without hope. You risked everything for a greater cause and you’ve taught me that your life doesn’t really matter if you don’t fight, if you don’t change anything. And if you don’t dream and just want to maintain the status quo.


Great-great-grandma, thank you for being a spiritist and experimenting every day. I still think the 1930s must have been a fine time to be alive – and I was lucky enough to have my grandmother telling me how you dealt with spirits in your house. I think it’s weird, but still awesome.


Mom: thank you for being a telegraphist and sailing the seven seas, before you had me. The best stories from my childhood were made of the east and I wouldn’t have been without them. I know you almost lost me and I wouldn’t have been if the captain indeed had sold you for a bunch of camels to that Arabian rich man, but mom, I’m so glad he didn’t. I’m happy you went home, found dad and created, well… me.

To the other grandma who is 78 and still rocks both a computer and an iPad and who has taken care of a business and 3 kids throughout her life: I love you, and I think it’s fantastic that you keep fighting the technology, keep learning and having it make sense to you. I’m proud to pick up the phone every day and answer where you need to put the USB mouse in the new computer.


Thank you ALL for taking care of me as a child. For fighting. Creating and not giving up. Saving and making life. For making me an equal – in this part of the world at least.

A lot of places in the world aren’t the same as here. I thank you all for helping me get over the violent abuses I suffered as a teenager, made by teenage boys – simply because I wasn’t strong enough to know what’s going on, and those boys probably didn’t know how bad you can fuck up a teenage girl by stepping over her boundaries.


When everything comes to everything: You’ve shaped me. You’re my mothers. You’ve taught me so much – and I will pass it on to my own daughter.


And to darling P – my precious little girl. No worries, mommy will make sure that everything is cool with being a girl in this particular part of the world when you’re a teenager. I will load you with self-esteem, respect for yourself and power. I am passing it all to you.


I know it may sound weird having to rant it out in this same article, but I got to plug it in somehow. I want to say that there are so many places in the world where women are still being abused violently.

Even here, though not as much as the other places. And I am not talking about every man. I’m not talking about the good men. I’m talking about men (and women!) who think its ok to abuse others. It’s not.


If you’ll do one thing today to fight: I think you should give some money to women’s education. Maybe even to the “More than me girls academy” It’s one of my favorite projects. Why? Because it educates women and it makes them believe in themselves. It makes them dream and create and make the world a better place.

I also want to leave you with another of my favorite quotes from “how to be a woman”:  

Caitlin Moran feminism quote for international women's day


Get your own personal business mojo going, rockers

Oh, I know the whole drill. And I want to consider putting some serious effort into your business mojo.

As a business-owner, sometimes you have a great product that you’re super-excited about, and you just can’t wait to present it to the Whole Wide World. Your nights are filled with wonderful dreams about how people will line up to buy your product, and your days are loaded with ideas on fine-tuning and making this product greater still so nothing can go wrong.

get your business mojo going


Then you got yourself a wonderful website, your virtual shopfront a showcase of everything and anything you can think of about this product. You got every base covered, and you started waiting in anticipation for the cash to settle in….these are good times.

Then reality settles in with a loud thud…Nobody seems to notice your website, everybody seems to go past your shop door. On good days, a few trickles in but stays only on your homepage before going away – forever.

Slowly, your days become full of self-doubt, and your nights are filled with nightmares straight out of a horror movie… You feel like an outcast, and the pain just won’t go away…these are bad times.
Sounds familiar? Yeah, I know the feeling of being an outcast, a social pariah. I have been through that before, on a more personal level. But I have overcome the stigma, of which I have celebrated in this blogpost.
In hindsight, perhaps the reason why I chose a career in marketing, specifically, in that super niche world of advising company boards, start-ups, web shops, and design companies was because of my innate desire to celebrate myself; that I can still create value while being a rebel. I even give personal marketing advice to CEOs of really big companies. And I do speaking gigs on the side, initially in protest to my stage fright, but I’d come to totally enjoy these gigs now.
Having gone through the same experience as you do, I know I can help you. Yeah, whatever product you offer must be great. Perhaps the only reason why nobody cares is because nobody knows your product is there.

The biggest mistake you can make in your business is waiting for your intended consumers to notice you. You should reach out to them. They are just out there, waiting for you. But you should initiate the contact. They are just too busy.

So, get that business mojo going and start market yourself in all kinds of quirky shapes and colours!

Want to be a legacy ? here’s the story of the return on involvement of my grandparents


return on involvement needs to come from yourselfToday is a special day to me. My grandparents have been married for 60 years, something that puts things in perspective. Something I am proud of and something that really wants me to run to the keyboard and write. What happened today reminds me of old school return on involvement – getting back from the community because you worked hard to make it better, because you just couldn’t help yourself.
My husband and I often had conversations about what we want in life. This thing we both spend an enormous amount of time on, trying to achieve something worthwhile each day.

I want to admit, being the firstborn grandchild in a family with a local legacy like ours hasn’t been easy. It has been hard at times coming from a city in Denmark where everybody, more or less, knows who you are and what family you come from, simply because my family has been living around here forever. However one of the things I want to achieve in life is to have my actions count up until I become a local legacy- like both my grandparents are.

I don’t think they did it on purpose, they did it because they couldn’t help themselves. They didn’t do it because of the branding effect.

They just acted,did their thing, what was right for them. My grandfather started his carpenter business in Elsinore because he wanted to try it out. My grandmother helped him besides her job as a teacher of languages.

They were entrepreneurs and they were actively involved in the local sports clubs where my grandfather chaired HIF (the local sports union) and my grandmother sat on the board while my uncle and dad played handball and football like maniacs. They ran a successful business and they gave back to their community because they just couldn’t help themselves. I call that Return on Involvement. You can facilitate it on social media, but you can also do it old school like my grandparents and actually get something back from something you gave. You might call it legacy as well.

Legacy is the “thank you” or the return on involvement from the local community

It feels like good karma.

Today, on their 60th wedding anniversary, they got mentioned on the front page of the local newspaper  and had a double- sided spread in the newspaper appraising them both and their work for the city. They got their standard letter from the queen and flowers from the mayor.

I think it rocks and it’s something I want as well – legacy.

Legacy as return on involvement.

I mean you just need to act, right?

Legacy as return on involvement is something I believe comes natural to doers. To the rest it’s something you should be strategic about.

Legacy is something I want because it’s impossible for me not to take actions on the things I am passionate about. I felt like the whole city said thank you to them today. It felt like gratitude.

It felt like they got the legacy as a “thank you” in return on involvement.

And I am so proud of them. They make me want to be and do more.

ps. if you want to see the picture of them from the newspaper – you can find it here.

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