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A Personal Bio: My Game of Life

Let’s talk about your personal bio. I recently read Switchblade Lemonades’ excellent e-book ‘Bio Like Beyoncè’. Those of you who have read this blog long enough knows that I am a sucker for musical analogies. I want to end every article I ever have written with “keep on Rockin in a free world” or something like that. I LOVE that somebody has built an e-book around Beyonce.

However, it made me write a document called ‘My Game of Life‘ – which is a very very personal bio, in addition to my ‘professional’ bio. I think sometimes we need to go a bit deeper than looks and actually explain our traits and where we come from.

What to add in your personal bio

It can be hard to figure out where to cut the personal bio, meaning what you leave out or what you put in. There are some things in my personal bio that makes me cringe a bit – and I don’t know if I will keep it in there (who cares about whether or not I get tipsy at tech conferences?) however, this bit of information I also believe makes me… well, human. And I do believe that it’s something that others would love to know too, because, it’s a part of my personality.

To me, I would rather work with somebody where I know a bit about their history, in addition, to know about their achievements – but how deep should you go? How many of these traits should you be adding, and still not expose yourself completely, but simply giving you some twists and some of that sassy ‘je ne sais quoi’.

So get on with it! Personal bios in addition to your professional bio can teach you a thing or two about how you want the world to see you – it was good considerations for me at least. =)

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Feeling Like An Imposter Too?

I will be trying to write an article a day for the whole of easter. Hope you will enjoy it as much as me.  I am writing from my atelier terrace in great weather today. There’s a ton of stuff that needs to happen in my garden riot. We need to paint the atelier, fix the lawn, and the terrace. But, above all, I want these days off to be like a writing retreat for me – getting to the core of my writing on

It’s so weird that during this Corona Virus isolation, it seems like everything is fucked up outside of the garden and in here everything is sunshine, grounding as well as birds chirping away. Occasionally the cat comes to visit on the little porch I have in the front.

Sometimes even though this is my little personal messy empire, I feel like an imposter. I do that as well here on the blog. Are they still around – meaning the cool cats that used to listen? Do they still want to hear what I say?

My imposter syndrome is something I have been carrying around for a long time, since childhood. And no matter how accomplished or how fucked up I look from the outside, it’s there as a part of me. It’s telling me that I am fucking things up and I should not keep pursuing new ventures or new ideas. It doesn’t begin when I start things ( I am a very good starter), but it’s something that sneaks up on me after a while. “What are you doing?”.”Are you going to go out of our comfort zone again babe?”.”That totally isn’t good enough.”. “Who would want to read THAT?”.

And then after a while, the voice gets calmer, especially if I carry on doing what is that I have never tried before. Especially if I put ‘the new project’ into well-known structures and tools that I have already worked on and through several times.

In my opinion, though, the imposter could also be seen as a friend instead of a necessary evil of putting yourself out there and being exposed. It has since childhood been my biggest driver, ‘proving’ it wrong. I am not an imposter, I belong here. My words are important and so are my ideas and my projects. I hope you occasionally feel like that too. Even though I think the whole population on planet earth feels like imposters sometimes.


What I Learned From Going On A Writing Retreat

writing retreat

I have wanted to go on a writing retreat for ages. Not with other people, but on my own. Simply lock me up in a house somewhere and write.

When my friend Mariakaisa asked me if I wanted to tend to her farm while she and her family were on holiday, I immediately said yes. It was a chance to write more on a book I am working on, and research a lot on it as well. But it had some good surprises coming to me as well, apart from concentrated book writing.

It was so dark at night

To begin with, it felt like a huge challenge to be all alone on a farm where the nearest neighbor is 500 meters away.  But after some time, I had a chance to calm myself, it was wonderful. I’m used to having light, houses, and noise around me at most times, so the “pitch-black-ness” of the nights out there made me quite anxious. It also made me ask myself why I was anxious around darkness, and I healed some stuff around it, that I think I’ve been carrying with me for ages. Another great thing was that I started tracking the daily cyclus of day and nighttime, something I haven’t been that aware of, before.

I didn’t speak many words

I love to move around in silence. Write in silence. For the first days, I have music playing in the background at all times but I eventually turned it off. I did the same with my phone. It felt like I was centering myself. It felt like I was finally able to get a distance to everything that has happened in the last year.

I got away from my busy life. I am finally ALONE and it is lovely.

It was great being alone in the world again, just tending to myself and my creativity. It was amazing and the focus made some things clear for my book. Like there are parts of it that I can’t write yet. There are subjects I need to research more on before I put my take on it down on paper. The focus made parts of the writing process easy peasy.

There were tons of other benefits. Taking my art seriously and taking my time to nurture it on my own. Giving myself permission and space to “birth” it. I felt like some of the literary giants sitting in this house in the countryside, surrounded by animals.

Somewhere in this process, it became a book. Maybe a shit draft right now but it’s still a book that I am writing, and not just some thoughts coming together. It has a structure now, and it’s finding its voice.

So writing retreats are highly recommendable. Especially in places where there is peace and silence and darkness at night.

rock on
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3 Workbooks / Planners For Deep Planning

Some people don’t get enough ideas. Or can’t get the right ones.

I, au contraire, am different. As I worked on the other day, I have started to do some idea mapping around my gazillion ideas. I jotted them down and let them expand through notebooks and files.

But I have gotten some fantastic planners this year as well. Some people say planning is needed to keep my curls in order. I believe that I need planning to let my freak flag fly higher. I have three different planners that I think you rockers would love!

The first one is my desire map day planner by Danielle LaPorte.

The second one is a Christmas gift from a dear friend, a passion planner for all my thoughts.

The third one is the crowdfunding notebook that I got in the mail last week from Mr. Danish crowdfunding himself Michael Eis. Michael and his crowdfunding platform has been a con amore project for me for a couple of years. So I was so psyched when I saw this in the mail:

crowdfunding notebook crowdfundingnotebook2 crowdfundingnotebook3 crowdfundingnotebook4
The design of the notebook has a Marilyn Manson/braille feel on it.  But when you open it up, there’s nothing braille about it (the Marilyn Manson-esqueness is a matter of preference I guess). When I am launching my next crowdfunding project, this is going to be our main source of collaboration.

It’s an interesting concept; You can get different kinds of planners for all sorts of things these days. It could be a crowdfunding project or you could get a bit more perspective on your desire and passion.

“Write it all out!”, I say.

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Write To Maintain The Frequency Of Your Writing

frequency fosters creativity and productivity

One of the coolest things I have done over the past couple of months is to take my writing and my art much more seriously and look at my frequency of putting pen to paper.  It was much needed.

I could find myself sitting around and waiting for the motivation to write just dawn on me. Just waiting to become inspired so I can start writing. But it doesn’t happen that much.

So I decided to change the game. I decided to leave motivation out and simply write for the sake of writing. Giving myself permission to write for the sake of it and not just because of the thought that it would turn into a book someday which was my initial goal when I started writing.

In that process, I stumbled across a 99u book: “Manage Your Day-to-Day” and in there, there is a short article by Gretchen Rubin about how frequency fosters creativity and productivity.

It just makes so much sense to me that instead of focusing on writing because you’re motivated, you should write to maintain the frequency of your writing. Which needs to be as high as possible.

Same same but different right? Made a world of difference to me. Hope it makes a world of difference for you too.

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Using A Notebook As The First Step In Idea Mapping


The inspiration for this blog post came to me last night. At the time, I was attending a short seminar on Kickstarting 2015 with Mark Anthony. Mark is one of the finest motivational speakers in Denmark. It was a great night. Kickstarting 2015 is one of the first things I am doing to put myself first. However, as I suspected, I left with more questions than I came with.

Luckily, I always carry a notebook around with me.  It has always been one of my favorite things to find (and maybe even purchase?) everywhere I went. My attraction to notebooks comes from the same place as my attraction to blogs: the creative potential to do anything, really.  Lately, my notebooks have transformed from having doodles inside of them that I never look at, to being the first step in my idea mapping process.

When I get home from an event like yesterday, the first thing I do is file the things from my notebooks into my filing system. I use Evernote for all my digital scribbling. But there are three files, in particular, in Evernote that I use these days. They are all spark files; idea mapping tools that I use to make ideas bigger.

First one is my business spark file.

This is for my work, where all my inspirations and other stuff end up in my to-do’s. You can read more about how to have a spark file here.

Second, I have my big writing spark file.

This is where every big question that needs answers reigns. Also, this is where all my stuff from yesterday’s workshop is going to end up, and written about in the following week.

The third file is my woo-woo spark file.

This is where I stock things on my health, spirituality, and self-development.

And in those files, I write about the ideas I get and let them linger and put them somewhere where I can take action on them when time is due.

By the way, if you want to read more about the spark file – a “system” developed by Stephen Johnson you should go here.

And there’s even a video shot of “where good ideas come from” that’s also worth a view or ten:


as a proper danish blogger ver. 2

I slept on it, been sick on it.. and I decided that there is no reason to contact mainstream media about kræftens bekæmpelse… they are good people doing good things… and then they seem like they are stubborn sheep

I can use the example when I pr/t-each blogging and blogvertising… of what a Blog is not supposed to be.


As a proper danish blogger

I need to tangle the subject of “kræftens bekæmpelse” ( danish cancer society) having a “weblog” for princess Mary and princess Alexandra.

in short the case is, that it is not Mary or Alexandra who writes them.. hence it is not a weblog.
you can’t comment – it is not a weblog

and there is no permalinks – it is not a weblog

so why are danish cancer society calling them “weblogs”?

publicity by hosting the princesses weblogs ? possibly..

innovation ? even more so..

so if Alex or Mary are coming by here.. please comment ! are you aware of what they are doing ?

I would think it hurted your images .. but that is solely from a branding point of view.

it would be the coolest if you had time to blog…

when they say weblogs they are genuinely saying -that you are writing them.. that is the essence of blogging..

i am offended because an organization are misusing the term blogging..

so why haven’t you stopped it yet ? – is this going to hit the mainstream media.. ?

so guys.. should I do the mainstream media way and make a pressrelease tomorrow ? whaddoyasay ?

OHH and in the words of Nicole Simon whom I justed talked with on skype ” looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, tastes like a duck but is called an eagle. great *g*