I Am Henriette Weber

I am a brand maven. a Corporate Activist. A digital creator. A Writer. A trendsetter and a tendency spotter.

I take what you stand for, and I amplify it.

I give brands, concepts, projects, people, or processes edge. I add that ‘je ne sais quoi’ that magically pulls people in and have them say ‘ tell me more’.

I make these cores rock out in crowded and competitive places. I have an impeccable nose (I would say hair=) for differentiation, positioning, and execution.

A brand director/CMO who takes up cool challenges from businesses that want or need to TRANSFORM. AMPLIFY. ROCK OUT. Right now I am looking for my next job.

I also hold an incredibly gifted honoree position at the UN foundation working with the SDGs (sustainable development goals) as a part of +Social Good. where I have assigned myself SDG 13 and SDG 5 (Climate Action and Gender Equality).

I am also a

Conference networker.

Self-initiated entrepreneurial stuff:

I have several projects I have created over the years. I founded this blog on henrietteweber.com in 2005. I had a digital brand studio called Toothless Tiger who was the shit when it came to social media marketing for 12 years. I self-published a book called return on involvement and made it a bestseller (in 2009). I rallyed the danish women in technology together in Geek Girl meetups, Geek Girl Denmark, and Geek Girl Magazine.

Right now I am pivoting the Geek Girl Denmark community into a community that empowers women to do more social good – it’s even changing its name to ‘Shout Your Impact’.

As a Rockn’roller for hire:

I built a corner of the sustainability movement as a brand director for the biggest nordic think tank – a huge corner. We’re talking a reach of 32.000.000 when we launced stuff. I rebranded an old-school NGO as head of brand and engagement.

As a freelancer:

I have built personal brands for CEO’s and thoughtleaders through 1 on 1 sessions. I have build brands and engaged people for celebrities such as Lars Von Trier (on his Antichrist movie), Casper Christensen & Frank Hvam. Cool creative concepts, brands and communities for CATCH, falck, vestforbrænding, TDC, legeakademiet, alka forsikring, the north face, bybi and unilever to name a few. I have executed on communication and communities for startups such as Unity, Enalyzer and Jaiku.

As a writer:

I have written for several outlets such as the next web, TechCrunch, Silicon Allee, Amino, business.dk, Politiken and Børsen.