My game of life

Henriette Weber:

Business rocker. Impact builder. ‘No-bullshit’er. Brand Maven.

I was raised by 

and brewery workers. 

I looked at my family working so hard to make ends meet – that taught me humility and a socialist /socialdemocratic worldview – and beer as a social platform. 

I started my first business as 23 – an embassy of creativity that turned into a successful brand studio, which biggest role was to:

find the superpowers in an organization, 
call ‘the suits’ out on their bullshit,
advise them on community,
build the most badass concepts,
teach them dialogue, 
show them the value of 1 on 1 connections,
 teach startups how to potentially be sold to google,
build a brand and a community: coolness+love =bigger crowd, bigger money.

and show everybody I ever liked or met anywhere, that they where badass(I can’t help that, It’s just something I do subconciously; I elevate)

I also wrote several ebooks and books and created several concepts so I could have a sidehustle of speaking and getting tipsy at networking events.

There was also a sidegig of event creation and a magazine for women in technology that won several awards for being women-led- but I decided to let that shit go.

However that all turned into a crash and burnout at 33. A chronic decease. An addiction. An escape from the startup world and two jobs: one as a brand director for a sustainable think tank and one as head of brand and engagement for one of the largest NGO’s in the world.

A weightloss of +30 kgs
A strong body
A (fucking always) overanalyzing mind)
and a beautiful soul I am still getting to know every day

I am back to building on my own.
I am creating the biggest impact I can- Ever. Ever. Ever.

So what do I know now:

That we need to heal the planet. We need to march together to build the right impact. We need to live our purpose. but to do that:

We need to heal ourselves.

 I know we all need to build ourselves daily in order to make things better. we need to put in the work.We need to seek counsel with the best in order to find our next move

If you need a dial-in business rocker /coach/advisor to bulletproof all the external factors of your concept or business. call me up and let me surprise you.

ps. I got my big curly hair from an overdose of salt water (not really, I have no idea where it came from, but YES it’s real)