Climate Action corporate activism

Have you been to a climate demonstration yet?

Yesterday it happened again. I found myself amongst the people in front of the danish parliament, screaming my lungs out for Climate Action and Greta Thunberg. We want the politicians to legislate for climate and meet (and meet the expectations for the Paris Agreement.

It’s the second time I attend a climate demonstration in a couple of months. it is an important place to make a mark for CARE – the NGO I work with. But also because it’s an important cause for me and my family. My 14 year old daughter joined me, and had a ball, at the last ‘fridays for future climate strike in Copenhagen.

You should join us! Because it matters, but also because it feels like you’re a part of something bigger than yourself. I have a feeling that these climate demonstrations will be portraited in the history books as a global movement rising for the planet – something very needed. And it matters to put pressure on the politicians and the media on a national, european and global level. Let’s do this!


Rolemodel on the danish podcast ‘the rolemodels’

Just a heads up that I am the rolemodel in the podcast episode 30 of the danish podcast ‘the rolemodels’. Yes, it’s in danish.

Listen to the episode here

Climate Action corporate activism

The generation with the most badass legacy

This morning the tragic news in the IPCC report came in through the radio. Rockers, we are losing planet earth and faster than we thought – we need climate action and we need it now.

We are already at 1 degree about industrial levels and according to the Paris Agreement. We need to stay below 1,5 degrees to not have completely devastating effect for humanity.

This has been known for a while – but it seems like it’s a bit worse than expected. However, we can still turn things around with radical action – actions that start today. Things ARE changing for the better though, but we don’t only need better we also need faster and more.

Is climate change only working against us ? or could it work for us?

It reminds me of Paul Hawken and Project Drawdown in which where he shares the mindblowing statement along the lines of: ‘we should look at climate change as if it’s something that’s working FOR us and not against us’.

A line that’s SO empowering – that climate change is working for us, making us become our most purposeful and action-driven selves. Transforming the world through our actions.

I hope you can feel the empowerment right now – I sure can.  What if we started to own this statement, and started to transform the world every day?

What if we could be generation that transformed the planet through the power we all have, at every given level of society. the opposite is really grim: being the generation that lost planet earth to climate change because of the way our society is structured.

The generation with the most badass legacy

We could become the generation with the most badass legacy. The generation that turns this around. The generation that hands our planet over to our kids and say ‘we’ve worked it out, you will be alright’ instead of saying ‘doom and gloom’.

I know, we can do this together, we can’t lose  faith and turn into small depressed cocoons. We need to do way more to transform things in the right direction.

So let’s do this! Let’s become the generation with the most badass legacy!


We should meet more!

Yesterday I met with a Swedish friend of mine and we had a mindblowing conversation about what people and businesses are capable of – especially facilitated by technology and..other people.  But to give you a bit of a backstory, I first met her when she hired me, as a consultant to a Danish insurance company where we had to find out what people where saying about their brand on the internet – and also she hired me to speak about my book ‘Return on Involvement’ at her conference in Stockholm back in 2009.

And we’ve been meeting regularly ever since – especially when she was in Copenhagen having meetings about her startup, or when we were both covering a tech conference as a ‘blogger’ producing content around the conferences.

Anyway, We started talking about climate change, climate action, political correctness and the fact that everybody says that change is needed when it comes to climate change. Everyone from the world leaders to the individual swede ( who refuses to fly anywhere and only eats vegan) knows this. My mother knows this. We all know that we have to do something substantial. Soon, the new report from the IPCC (intergovernmental panel on climate change) comes out and I am hoping that even though we already know the situation is grave, there is going to be some recommendations for how to cut carbon quickly so we can also predict a hockey stick curve (no pun intended to VC’s) of exponential growth when it comes to saving the planet, circular economies and implementation of renewables (and not just when it comes to return on investment).

However, we ended up with, that a lot of the ways that we are approaching these global challenges and these problems are not efficient – sometimes they are even wrong, because of the accessibility between people. I mean, most really great things that have happened in my life, has been because I have been lucky enough to meet brilliant people. – Not follow them on digital platforms but actually meet them. That’s when you spur conversation, that’s when you have your eyes open and hear what other people have to say and ask them about all kinds of different questions, ask for feedback on your crazy ideas and maybe even build something cool together.

At least, me and my cool Stockholm friend – we have kept the conversation going for almost a decade now. And I plan to do more of these things. Keeping the conversation going – and documenting some of the stories and ideas I find, on the crossroads between tech, sustainability, impact and branding on this blog.



Revitalising the blog , and what the life of Henriette Weber looks like, now.

First off, I haven’t written in here for years – However, I have been missing it. Having a place to muse on interesting ideas on whatever I see happening in the business world and give some concrete ‘no bullshit’ advice on the combination of ‘whatever is on my mind’. A lot of stuff has happened. I have changed and grown a lot – you probably have too.

I don’t even know if people still read blog posts or articles, but I have a sneaky suspicion that I will need this place again since I would consider myself an entrepreneur again=) This time around I will focus on products instead of clients and services. A fixed-term contract is landed and I am ready to go again – I still have room for another contract so let me know if you want to hire this badass brand director on fixed-term for around 10 hours a week.

I also plan on putting my old stuff online again – books and freebies, as well as selling speaking gigs and brand workshops.

BUT – more about that soon. For now, it’s simply a small hi!  with a promise of weekly activity in here.



Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

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How to make a great information product


how to make a great information product

It’s hard to live off your creativity. There are so many things that you take into consideration when you take the job as creator and decide to stick with it. Not only do you have to create – but you also have to convince people that you’re one of the best in the market of creating.

For me, it’s about creating products that need to stand out at first view. But these products also need to leave an experience of ‘great product’, so the good old viral effect and word-of-mouth sets in and the product starts to sell itself.

The key to a great information product is to be very aware of the benefits – and maybe not just listing them, but also communicate them extremely well – to different kinds of customers.

You shouldn’t only be looking at the product and how it’s build – it’s even more essential to look at the experience and outcome that your potential customers get by purchasing your product.

You need to focus more on how you want your potential customers to feel after they’ve tried your product.

How do you make sure your product is so great that it exceeds expectations?

Start by building an information product roadmap. A product roadmap you define what processes you want your potential customers to go through. Showing initiatives, processes and how you want your product to launch, communicate, and succeed. There you will also find your way through pitfalls and discussions.

Make the experience of the product and the outcome for the potential customer top priority.

Most of the time the key is how much value you can put into an information product. That’s all good and well, but in my experience one of the things that you also need to do is to keep thinking ‘customer experience’ and ‘outcome’. For example a lot of information products have a Facebook group where everybody who has purchased the product they meet up and connect afterwards.

Sometimes you, as an information product owner,  ask them if you can keep their email so you can send them new information when something new is coming up in the field.

There’s a lot of tricks to information products, but one of the things that has worked for me is to find  products that you can benchmark up against. How do they communicate? what do they promise? what are the outcome and how does the product exceed expectations? Why do people refer to them? Do they have an affilliate programme or something similar?

Enjoy building rockers!

rock on


Branding Identity + purpose

Small products to support your brand

small products to support your brand

You should indulge sometimes when you continously build your brand online as well as offline. You should do small investments to support your brand. Things such as custom designed pencils and pens. Postcards. Envelopes.

Small products that surprises people.

Such as an old school  logoed letter seal (as seen above).

Such as custom made pencils:

gold pencils

Why? I believe, now, more than ever, that you need something analogue and real to support your (online) business and brand. I believe that everything needs to be anchored in the real world.  And luckily there are so many creative products you can choose to anchor.

I know it’s not to indulge to buy envelopes and postcards to support concepts – but I consider it a good investment to get a designer to set it up properly for you.

And one could argue if it’s to indulge, to send out postcards in envelopes all the time – just postage wise.

What do you like to spend your money on? when it comes to analogue items supporting your online business?

rock on



Branding Identity + purpose

4 things to ask yourself to stand out from the rest of the pack

5 things to ask yourself

I’ve met some struggling women along my path as a female entrepreneur.  Every time I get this motherly urge to tell them that everything is going to be alright . Because there are real struggles to make ends meet and to be an attractive asset to other businesses and entrepreneurs. My experience is that most of them need something extra. Something that can diversify them, and make them stand out. Here are some of the questions I ask myself over and over again, to keep my brand and my business going.

 1. What do you want to be known for?

You need to find out what’s important to you, as a person. If you’re an entrepreneur, there is a reason that you became one. Speak your truth. Focus on what’s important for you – and maybe not very urgent. Most of the time, what’s important tends to be way bigger than what’s urgent.

2. Can you have a strategic approach to yourself?

A hard thing in personal brand building – having a strategic focus – not just to your brand but to you as a person and the choices you make in your business and around your brand. You get that by questioning the things you do to achieve the things you want. You get that by aligning yourself (or your goals) to whatever your heart desires to work with and around.

3. What do you do?

Get specific here, it’s where you get to find out how you spend your time. I sometime struggle with writing because there’s a huge amount of friendly gossip over on social media that I want to read. I think I could use my whole workdays being on social media if I don’t watch out. There’s a bunch of apps out that will make you realise how you use your time. I use a free Firefox extension called ‘Leechblock’ where I can block different websites for periods of time in the browser (which is where most of my procrastination happens.

4. Why do you do what you do?

Have you sometimes asked yourself, why that, if you want to build a successful business blog you end up writing newsletters? I am one of those types who tends to spread myself too thin on doing too many things at once. And I am proud to say I am becoming a master of finishing things before I start new ones.


rock on




How to harm your creativity

how to harm your creativity

Do you sometime feel a struggle inside when you’re working, not being able to bust free? Where, even though you have good intentions, you are not able to create? You feel like your creativity is harmed, and procrastination is something that you can’t avoid – ending up checking your Facebook feed and your Twitter stream impulsively all the time. Yesterday I met with an internet friend and she said something that made so much sense to me she said that sometimes she felt like she was just too spoiled. Too cozy. Things were too good to change them.

Sometimes it seems like we are harming our creativity more than we support it. There’re so many distractions out there, so it’s natural that it’s hard to create both for our hobbies but also in business.

Creativity comes from chaos

For me, my creativity comes from chaos. Even though I thrive in chaos – I need it so, because with chaos that I get inspired to fix things up and explain my approaches to business. I think it’s, in particular, wise for people and businesses alike to enjoy the chaos. Maybe even ask us how much we would be able to change the world if everything were perfect and in order? So if you want to harm your creativity make everything nice. Nothing to riot against

Comparing yourself to others

I am personally really great at comparing myself to others. It’s hard for me not doing it. Maybe all of the world feel the same way. Social media hasn’t helped this at all for me because there nothing seems normal. Most of it seems like we need to see on the dark side of the ‘moon’ and remember that things are not at all what they look like there.

Belittling yourself

It goes hand in hand with ‘comparing yourself to others’. Belittling is easy, and it’s an absolute creativity killer to the point of not being able to think curly. Love yourself! You’re powerful. And if you don’t think so, it makes it so much harder to get shit done.

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