provoking the launch of prograes

where did it all start ?

It was because I was tired of Arne Jacobsen, Royal Copenhagen, commercialised products.
and NOT commercialised by the artist itself, but the company behind the artist.
Everything in Denmark needs to be pretty.

all the good design has been milked for everything it’s got. will I have an Arne Jacobsen “egg chair” in my livingroom ? nope.

I might get the money to buy it. but there is nothing new under the sun – it’s a classic – sure, and it has really good design ( probably one of the best in the world).. but I am really feed up with
a, tv programs on design
b, magazines about design

because they seem to be living in the world of “cool”… and Arne has to be in every magazine.
every tv-show about design the word “Arne Jacobsen” is being mentioned at least 25 times. he died a long time ago. He’s genuine and a classic.

leave the man alone now.. let him rest in peace !

let’s do something new shall we ?

no more replicas or plagiats!

the geek world of the internet is where thou shall search.

welcome to Prograes – we are launched before next monday – spread the word people, this is going to be big !

the platform is going to be based at – but I will still be blogging from my corner of the ring…

Mere omkring søstrene grene

siden jeg postede mit uheldige tilf�lde hos s�strene grene, har forskellige mennesker fors�gt at kommentere med deres holdninger omkring det – og idag gjorde en medarbejder fra S�strene Grene det s�.

han skrev f�lgende :


For det f�rste vil jeg bare sige at S�strene Grene vel ikke kan tage varer retur fordi du ikke kan have det i din bil. De lever jo af, hvor m�rkeligt det end lyder, at s�lge ting s� billigt som muligt, og det kommer jo s� til at g� ud over servicen.

En anden ting jeg lige er faldet over er at de (SG) lige har lavet en konkurrence hvor man kan vinde 10.000 kr. for at sende et billed af et maleri ind. Meget cool – de finder det bedste maleri hvert halve �r, s� det er bare med at komme igang.

Se mere p� www.



det lugter langt v�k af en medarbejder g�r det ikke ?

Derudover er der jo ikke tale om at jeg n�ede enormt langt v�k i min bil, jeg var ude af butikken i tre minutter.. jeg syntes bare det er helt vild d�rlig service… det er min mening og den har jeg ret til at have.
“Michael” bruger dog ogs� lejligheden til at reklamere for en “konkurrence” som S�strene Grene har igangsat.
Selvf�lgelig til at markedsf�re dem selv. Tror egentlig ikke p� den med at han er “faldet ” over konkurrencen.

Det der giver mig mest d�rlig smag i munden – er at han ikke engang skriver sin egen email p�.. men jeg kan ikke tage folk seri�st der ikke engang kan give deres email n�r de kommenterer. S� er deres mening ikke eksisterende for mig. Is�r hvis man ikke kan st� ved sine kommentarer.

Men tak Michael, nu fik du din eksponering.. det var jo det du ville have mig til, var det ikke ?

cph:dok – getting kicked out by a bouncer

Hekla and trashprint had sponsored some of our clothes for this evening. I was wearing a TRASHskirt and Thomas was wearing a TRASHtie. for more pictures check my photoblog

why isn't this guy a model ?

we got there a bit to late to notise that all the people were allready watching the movie.

when a bouncer was throwing us out – I just couldn’t believe it – here I was, Cinderella – being thrown out of cph:dok because the crowd we were supposed to be with were watching a movie.

what really pissed me off was that this guy were rude as hell… I would get him fired for not being nice to people.

he wouldn’t even let us stay to talk to the people there.. I mean come on ! who would crash CPH:DOK anyway?

so the evening didn’t work out as we planned.

Later I found out that my party got inside after the film had ended.

apparently Master Fatman was DJ.

It doesn’t sound like much fun to me, and the crowd ? well if the resemblance is close to the bouncer.. I don’t know..

I had to get up at 5.45 in the morning to tend my baby..

“Lee” from the Anthony Robbins office

Anthony Robbins gives away his new book ” notes from a friend” for free ! – email ticking in from my mother in law. The book promises everything that a selfhelp book should – but also adds that “this book is going to change your life completely” ( like every other selfhelp book)… But OK I will see how their marketing strategy works and I order “notes from a friend”.
10 minutes after a guy called Lee from the “Anthony Robbins office” ( that’s how he’s introducing himself) calls me up on my phone ( you had to state your phone number), asks me to confirm my “free” order and whom I might have gotten the offer from.

Fair enough ” my mother in law send me an email ”

Lee tells me that they will be sending the book shortly.. Excellent.

2 days after he calls to check if the book has arrived.


and the day after


when he calls two days later ( and now, by far are the most frequent caller except my mom)

the book have arrived.

have i read it ?


am I going to ? well I don’t know yet.

he calls me again the day after and asks me the same questions.

stating that he did not call me yesterday – even though it was “Lee from the Anthony Robbins office” who called me.

but the same questions again.

with the same british familiar voice.

nope I haven’t read Anthony Robbins book yet.

and by now this Lee guy has been buggin’ me so much that I probably wont.

he still calls from time to time, but I can see when it’s an incoming call from the UK on my mobile so I just don’t answer it.

tell me do you think Anthony Robbins marketing strategy works ?

and will I read his book ? – I know one thing for sure my 16 months old daughter loves to tear things apart at the moment

Meeting fellow bloggers including Rebecca Blood and Jesse James Garrett

Yesterday Trine-Maria Kristensen had gathered ten CPH bloggers to meet and greet Rebecca Blood and Jesse James Garrett

Rebecca is known to be one of the first bloggers around, and Jesse James Garrett is a designer who made “AJAX” and partnered in “adaptive path”… I

Rebecca is doing a speech on ITU the 10th of November on corporate blogging

Jesse James Garrett are doing a speech at sigchi on information architecture

the venue was really relaxed and I tried not to ask to many geeky questions, because I thought that both Jesse and Rebecca must be hearing geeky questions all the time.

so the conversation fell on “the silent revolution” and cultural differences between the United States and Denmark, especially the infrastructure, the fashion and the ways of living – and a touch of politics.

Rebecca gave me some good advice on how to become a good speaker – and how to convince entrepreneurs to start to blog. OHh and another thing I wont tell you, but watch this space *s*

Other people at the dinner that I got to talk to, and I haven’t met before was Kim Elmose and Jesper Bindslev – Jesper who I accidently called “Morten” was huffin and puffin me all the way through dinner ( sorry about the Morten thingy Jesper… )

Another thing I would like to get into is whether blogs are educating people to become better writers ? is the audience THAT important ?

We had a good talk, a nice dinner – and I will be seeing Rebecca at the venue at ITU.

and in real lifeblogging style, here are some pictures of me, Jesse and Rebecca

in deep discussion about the silent revolution

Rebecca Flood and yours truly

and a huge thanks to Trine-Maria for making this dinner happen!


Yesterday I found out that I didn’t get the job I had hoped for.
I was simply to creative.
it pissed me off a bit.

So if anyone out there is searching for the coolest kitten in PR/marketing/new media here I am.. you can see my cv under “personal” in the sidebar ( it is only in danish though.. I will translate it shortly)


Anders Pollas has done a video blog movie, where he drives from his home, to CPH airport. Very interesting piece, am particular fond of the warhol moment .. it’s in Danish though. you can see it here

let’s talk the citizens of copenhagen for a ride to their favorite place… *s* kewl and democratic..

anyone out there who wants me to pick them up in my little micra and go for a ride?

also Daniel Karpantschof has started a blog under heavy pressure by me, Zpitzen and ThomasKay

also if everything works out well – there will be a videoblog post here about some totally crazy ideas.. that I want to put to work..

nice in’it ?

I am a level 12 paladin! – yet another post about the geekdinner

lately my blog has been evolving the Copenhagen Geekdinner. this is the last post. it was good fun. good people – and boy are we going to do it again !…
there’s a new dinner coming up on the 27th of january: CPH geekdinner 2.0 and just to give you an idea of what “geeks” in CPH does at 6 o clock in the morning :::

these people are seriously going to be in the future of denmark

this is scary stuff! – but what a picture!

more pictures on flickr and tagged “copenhagen geek dinner ”

the last post on the geekdinner ( for the participants)

just want to mention that if you for some reason are not coming to the geekdinner, you have to let me know tomorrow at 15 the latest. Why ? because we’ve booked tables…

so each one of you who are not showing up are going to cost me 300 kr…

and I am not a rich girl, if I was the dinner would be on me!!! ( or I would buy my longwanted “Luella Bartley” bag)

please ? let me know?