Corporations as concertplanners

I am getting real fed up with corporations who wants to be concertplanners to promote themselves. ( come on, in the end you want to have a part of our brains)!
Yesterday was a day to remember because White Stripes played in Copenhagen together with the raveonettes.. ( and they were fantastic). the arrangement was made by “TDC” a danish telephone company..
the venue was extraordinary, the sound was great.. it was just too bad you couldn’t see the band.
Literally… I saw them for about 5 seconds at a time.
My boyfriend who is about 1.90 meter tall – couldn’t see them that much either.
I missed Jack White playing on his guitar and his stage act.. buhu

the stage was probably one of the lowest stages I have ever seen..

so next time ( when you want to arrange a concert).. do it properly !

I wont say I’ve wasted 400 kr on a ticket.. but my concert could have been 50 times better…

So, Meg and Jack, I hope to see you again sometime soon… and this time on a proper stage.

me before I knew how I was going to feel after two hours of standing on my toes

a picture of me at the show… before I knew how my legs were going to feel after 2 hours of standing on my toes.


First I want to state that I dont “do” heavy metal. But for a strange reason I found myself in “lades kælder” in Copenhagen last Thursday listening to well.. Death or Heavy metal. The strange reason was my friends Gerardo De La Riva and Daniel Urriola.
what amazed me, was that even though it was their first gig, the band played incredibly in sync.
it was so cool. Gerardo and Daniel are going to be rockstars, I know that because I will probably be their manager. I just need to make the band into a concept – then we are rollin !..

don’t be yourself, be something else !

you can visit Eklipse-Metal here

I hope to get the band to come to the geekdinner !

Discussing Open Space with Tine Huge

It haven’t occured to me that I could use Open Space with Prograes until I met a likeminded soul; Tine Huge and her company “loebende tanke”

Tine Huge

We talked about Prograes and an Open Space project she has made with Lise Damkj沦lt;/a> and Sofie Krag – M?called Demokratiet I wonder if I should maybe try and set up an open space for the Geek dinner ?

What would be essential in this is the question to asked and the area it is to be asked in.

I will come back with further information .. right now it is time for research

thought of the day

the best way to secure worldpeace would to have every single person in the world to sing “all you need is love” by the beatles 4 times each day…

things that makes me go HMMMM..

listen up guys.. geekdinner copenhagen on the 28th of October ( naaah I won’t stop blogging about it) I want more people ! sign up here

and when this dinner is through – watch out I might just do another one *s*

also I am in the process of launching a creative conference in Denmark – and I can reveal it is going to be called “KICK”.. because KICKing is nifty !

anyway if you want to participate in the first meeting and brainstorm leave a comment or email me at henriette(at)prograes(dot)com

My place in a network poem

found this amongst my old documents – may it enlighten your path! don’t remember when I wrote it.

I am here to learn.
I am here to network.

It excites me to be capable of learning and use what I have learned.
It excites me to know that I am nothing – and day by day I get smarter and smarter

I need to use this knowledge to change the world.
What knowledge have you got ?
What knowledge do you want to give to the world ?
Products do not excite me.
Brands do not excite me.

Interaction is what I do, every day.
I am not a networker to benefit.
I am a networker to give.
To pass it on.
To make people smarter
To hear their voice getting euphoric.

I am an ideatank.
Every person is.
Stating you’re not, is your biggest enemy

Other people are the most significant part of my life.

I want to

To network is to contribute.

Networking and contribution will change the world

Take the focus of yourself , your business.

Recognize what knowledge you have that you can share with other people

Sharing is very selfish.

Everybody knows that what you give is what you get.

Al Gore at WeMedia on how commercials are blocking debate

While I can’t be at WeMedia on the other side of the pond Trine-Maria and Henrik Føhns are blogging from the venue. Trine-Maria wrote an excellent transcipt of Al Gore’s speech and here is the part of the transcript ( translated from danish) that moves me the most:

It seems like we live in another universe. 3/4 of americans has replied that they believe that Saddam Hussein was behind 9/11 – today 50 % of the american public still believes it! the OJ Simpson case was an earlier example of the obsession, which in larger and larger scale is categorizing the media nowadays.
how can it be that we torture prisoners, and we aren’t rebelling against it ? even worse, we are not discussing it. If the gap between rich and poor are getting bigger – why is there more and more apathy next to this development ? Senator Burns asked, when the United States declared war on Iraq ” why is here so quiet ? why isn’t the debate lifting off the rooftop ? The senators wasn’t there to debate, they were out at their tiers collecting money for the next tv commercial – and the commercials are hence, more important than the debate…

This is very very interesting, I need to reflect on it a bit more… the first word that comes to mind is “very scary”..

I wonder if it is the same in Denmark. Are the politicians too busy hiring spindoctors and winning elections instead of focusing on the actual problems. Is this the reason that the government is not focusing on the long term problems ?
Im chilled, it is getting cold in here..


the oddest thing occured to me a couple of weekends ago. I was wearing my “original” wristband ( make poverty history campaign) ( the lower wristband on the pic saying “one” ) especially imported from the states for the purpose of the campaign and my lovely cousin had a faux wristband saying ” make poverty history”…

confused ? then see this :

which is real and which is faux?

I think it is great that people are copying the bracelets, even though I sincerely hope the money is collected for the “ONE” campaign… somehow I doubt it..

BUT still, it is better that people hear about “make poverty history ” from one to one ( the way they wish for it to spread) instead of not being heard at all..

ohh and if anybody is interested in receiving a free original “one” wristband… I have 5 at home I would like to give away for free.. just leave a comment or I will bring them to the infamous geek dinner as gifts !

heck, lets set up a tombola and bring our old teddybears !

let me hear you say YEEEAAAH !

always wanted to do that headline, so here it is..

tell me all your old handle’s and I will tell you mine..

in the old internet days ( I guess we are talking 1996) I started out chatting ( like all other danish teenagers) at

my very first handle was “cuppa” ( it’s english slang for cup of .. something.. )
then along came “gandour” ( an arabic chewing gum.. lasted for years.. )
then I switched to “Evelyn Normal” ( also my alter Ego on stage in my punk band …were in 1999 now)
then came “Pippi Carlas largas ” ( or Pippi Longstocking if you will)
then I switched back to “Evelyn Normal”
then I became “touteencore”
then “redsoda”.. which I still am most places on the net…
then back to Evelyn Normal”
now I call my self Go Kitty Go.. or Redsoda or Evelyn Normal.. she will always be a part of me I guess..

so what are your handles ?