Have you met some HUGE diluted words lately ?

“let’s adore and endure each other” – taken in Hackney, London last night

The world is filled with words and some are bigger then others =) Some of them are huge and some of them has become diluted.

For the last couple of years, statements has become huge on the internet in a “keep calm and carry on” way. Stating a lot of stuff we should be and should do. On a good day, I love them, I love that it inspires people and it makes them strive for more.

On a bad day I think it sucks that all these great actions becomes words without any meaning behind. It’s like a really bad social media presentation where all these buzzwords are being mentioned (you need to authentic, trustworthy, remarkable, outstanding, epic etc). And it’s not really the words that’s my problem. My problem is that it has become so easy to make them into a game of buzzword bingo, where you just mention a lot of cool stuff, but where it doesn’t go deeper than that. To me that doesn’t seem valuable, it seems hectic and unserious.

I mean if you really want me be to authentic – shouldn’t your primary task be, how to get me to elaborate on what authentic really means ? It’s the same in the business world – I mean everybody is talking about some “smart fancy pancy thing” but should you instead of talking about it, see if it would fit your company and start to implement it ? To me these words becomes diluted because everybody is mentioning them and not a lot of people goes into detail around them.

There are some people out there who really can put action behind buzzwords just by mentioning them, but that’s because of the identity of the person who says the words. it’s about her esteem (or kloutscore or whatever, you choose =)

Anyway it would be SO cool if we, instead of doing the buzzword bingo – started to elaborate a bit more on what is it that we use these fantastic HUGE words for, because in that aspect they truly can be world-changing =)

Fighting something SO much bigger than ourselves

Im a girl who came home crying from school in 3rd grade because the ozone layer was going away and I was afraid that the earth would be turning into a living hell because of consumption. This article probably isn’t anything new, it’s just my reflection and call for action to other people, hoping that it will help them to do a little more…

I woke up this morning to the horrifying images and videos from a gigantic earthquake and Tsunami sweeping over Japan. It left me sitting and crying in front of the computerscreen. Im convinced that these devastating earthquakes and tsunamies are manmade and a part of the climate change we are experiencing in these years. It’s now a fact that glacier movement increasingly are causing earthquakes and tsunamies I guess Im sad and in tears because I feel like there’s no actions that I can do to prevent this. The things I am told to do by the danish government agencies is to save water and oil and try not to use as much energy. It’s putted sharply in contrast with what other people are doing around the world. I don’t want to point fingers.

I am sure that we can sit here for a couple of years yet to come and see “it” happen, before the iceberg tips and words are putted into action on a global scale. Im a democratic girl all the way, but I seriously feel that this is an issue that is so much bigger than democracy. It’s so hard to grasp because it affects us all in a timeframe that is called “the next 30- 50 years”.

This is the only ONLY time you’ll hear me say this, but in an ideal world, I think the world needs a climate dictator, superior to none. Someone who can say “ok that’s it – you ain’t getting any more oil”. We need global action, people.

If I could change the world, I would like to see that the climate was putted on the top of the list of the political global agenda, by all leaders of the world. Call me an idealist, but this is going nowhere, the leaders are meeting at COP-whatever and I am wondering how many years will go by before we see that it’s becoming back to normal – whatever normal used to be. Normal just didn’t use to be monthly catastrophes around the world and melting icebergs. I can’t put my finger on the climate status quo- but it sure isn’t this.

So how can we fight this? What is our most powerful weapon ?

I think my most powerful weapon is my action and my voice. I will not tolerate that the earth will be completely fucked up when my grandkids and great – grandkids are born. I don’t want this to be a part of my generations legacy! I want you to do more. I want you to show up. I want climate demonstrations online and offline and I want the whole of the rightminded world there. I want to shout out to my friends on the internet and say “stop what you’re doing, this is so more important, it’s about survival of the species”. I want to take these tears and these tweets, facebook updates and prayers and I want them to change what you do and how you do it. I want the whole world to jump at the same time and say – this is enough. I want legislation to tell us what we can and cannot do, if we are supposed to be here tomorrow. I don’t want to be able to choose between have an oil heated house or a solar heated house. I need to have the solar heated house to save the climate – it’s that obvious to me.  I want you to ban stuff and choices that’s not good for me!

And still I’m searching for political action on a global scale. Im trying hard to find cases of companies that are doing something really good for the climate. Im sorry guys, but I truely feel that the time of choices is over, because we’re just not choosing what’s best for us on a global scale. We need leadership and we need action. I promise you I will do whatever it takes to get us there – and I am sure you will as well.

Lovers, haters, likers, ignorers and the social media value chain

I got back from Roskilde Festival sunday night. Monday was for catching up on stuff and today I feel like creative writing. It’s fantastic, because it’s one of the things I love the most, the total flow of needing to get things down on “paper” and shared away for inspiration.

These days I feel like im in some sort of vacuum waiting to burst out. It was the same when I released “return on involvement” in Danish last year. And with the english book “return on involvement” coming out + my new e-book (working title “social media value chain”, which I still need to find out if I can publish calling it a value chain without getting myself in trouble). Update: the e-book has ended up being called “rock your identity” and it consists of my social media value chain, described in details.

Another things that’s on my mind is the process of moving. We are (still) selling our gorgeous apartment and we’re moving back to my childhood home in Elsinore (about 50 km around from where we live now). Talking to the bank and facing the “when will your apartment be sold” question or “how many has been out to see it” makes me tired.

But – I turn to writing and researching for clients and myself. Now, one of the things that popped up in my curly head today, was a fun trick that I think will help you gather acknowledgement and fame (and make you into the rockstar that I KNOW you want to be).

One of the most important and interesting parts of my business is to figure out what people are saying about you. Both the lovers and the haters, the likers and ignorers (the people who ignore you for some apparent reason) and the rest who hasn’t had the chance to meet you yet. There’s a couple of things that always gets me going and makes me put myself on the spot all the time.

These things are the facts that:

– I believe that about 10% of all people in the world will be straight out negative about you. If you expect that, then the path to being your fullest self and daring to be different isn’t that hard. You will experience that some people thinks that what you’re most passionate about is the most stupid waste of time. Accept that these people are around and get going. Don’t focus on them. on the contrary I choose to believe a lot of people thinks that what I do kicks a**. I need to believe that – you do too.

– It takes quite a long time to get people to find out what you actually do – don’t worry they will come around if it’s for them.

– “They” will screw you over. it’s likely to happen so why not expect it?

– I will come out of every situation stronger.

– That you need to think about these things in a positive way, otherwise you wont publish your next piece of brilliant content, or the next – maybe it’s not exactly accurate, but it get’s your self-esteem up and makes you dare to be yourself. You’re on a special mission and nothing is going to stop you. You’re doing something that no one else has done before – because it has that magic touch of you on it.

But a way to direct this and to strategize around people, is to get aware of what it is that you want people to say about you. Put it down on paper.

So here’s the questions I asked myself (and my own answers below):
Why do you want the lovers to love your work ?

Because they think it rocks. Because it gives them value and that kind of “Henriette” insight and creativity that they didn’t know they where looking for. Because it’s made to inspire. Because it will make them more money and have their business running better… (and that’s also why I believe that Toothless Tiger (aka. my business) has been in business for 5 years, and is still going better than strong=)

Why should/would people hate you ?

If you think I’m an obnoxious woman, who likes to voice my opinion and whom you can’t stand. Don’t like me. Not even on facebook. Don’t retweet. Don’t sign up for my newsletter. It’s ok. Question my authority. Tell your friends to hate me too. I’m fine without you. No worries. You will be fine without me as well.

Why do they like what you’re doing ?

Because they are inspired by me and my work. They think I am a creative individual who gives them value.

Why do they choose to ignore you ?

One of the things I continuously say in my head is that they deliberately ignore me because they are afraid of me – sometimes I even say it’s because they are jealous. I need to believe that  it’s because I am better, faster, smarter, sexier and more insightful than them

What do you want the in-betweeners to say after the first time the read/hear/see you ?

That I gave them insights they haven’t thought about. That my ideas where genuine. That they would love to work with me at some point.

This is a giving exercise to do. It helps you position yourself. Now look at the answers to your questions and figure out: how will you make it happen ?

New brilliant things found at the #ton40 unconference

I have two very dear friends of mine that lives in Enschede in the Netherlands – Ton Zylstra and Elmine Wijnia. People who has supported my work and ideas for years on end – and people whom I look to when it comes to learning new stuff and figuring out things about myself and the internet. Thursday my husband and I drove from Denmark to the Netherlands to attend #Ton40 – or Ton’s 40th birthday – which is two/three days filled with cool people and learnings unconference style. Yesterday was one of the highlights – the birthday un-conference (in BarCamp style) on ” working on stuff that matters” – (or as I would say “epic shit”).  This is some of the key findings I took away from the conference.

picture by Elmine =)

– Creating stuff instead of publishing stuff is gaining momentum.

There was a bunch of FabLab people at the un-conference – which is a great movement of people “learning by creating and making stuff” instead of only reading stuff – I totally dig that people learn better with their hands and a creative experience. For me writing a blog and publishing stuff online is a creative experience, but again I would say that you could take it further into “maker-mode”. A total inspiration today was Siert Wijnia and his homemade 3D printer where we saw a whistle produced over the course of the day. When he asked who wanted the whistle – I yelled “I” grabbed it and will make it reside in Coworkingboat Pan that we are increasingly turning into a state-of-the-art-tech-boat when it comes to functionalities – so an oversized whistle is perfect for her =)

– How to post stuff that matters to you , even if you’re into the blogging/ social media thing.


Some people don’t tap into the whole “personal branding” thing surrounding blogs and  social media these days, they feel that’s a lot to make up to, maybe because they don’t feel the need to express themselves and making their mind publically as other people do. I think a real find for me taking away from yesterday is that you have to make people like this aware of that they don’t need to create something extra to publish stuff. Like fx. a developer who really wants to share his stuff online but he can’t get himself to write blogs about code – I can understand why, because coding is actually “doing the work” and blog-writing is “writing about doing the work”. So if you can make an ecosystem of recording what you do – while you do it, instead of afterwards (code with a camera on a helmet for all I care=) I think you’ve nailed a big part of it. Other people who aren’t into looking silly (I am for sure=) could do a screencast and edit it afterwards. Anyway think real-time recording instead of publishing stuff later =)

– How to rethink and reuse innovation and creativity

I did a session on rethinking and reusing innovation and creativity and all the talk about the abundance that everybody talks about we’re supposed to have in our lives. We are abundant – especially in stuff. If you look on the pacific ocean garbage patch – we’re really abundant in plastic – so much that we can afford to have it flowing around in our oceans. We need to find a way to reuse these wasted materials and add value to it again. I think this part of the global chain of production is key to figuring out how we will go from a post-industrial society into putting the silent revolution into action. Now I think it’s something we need to do proactively (again the coworkingboat is a good example of reusing something that was going to be waste otherwise). We need to find (or make) the resources in our local neighbourhood that has a use for waste and can make it into something new – and keep on reusing it. I know that material-wise there’s a long way to go still – but we ARE getting there people! I’m a total optimist about the future, but we need to put innovation and creativity into action and actually do stuff instead of padding our own backs because we write about the changes. To some extend it makes them real – but there’s a huge gap from thought to action – a gap we need to be aware of, and a gap we need to fill with our own proactivity to changing things.

#ton40 was brilliant – so many new ideas and so many awesome people =)

Very proud to be a geekgirl

Yes – I am finally one of those cool ladies who has been to a Geek Girl Meetup. I even have an official sticker saying it.  I have been dying to be a part of that gang since I heard Heidi and Paula talk about it in Stockholm about a year ago. Saturday was my big first-time-at-a-geek-girl-meetup. For me it was a fantastic experience and I used it for inspiration for the danish geek girl meetup events that we have been planning and I even gave a speak about action on the social web (im up at 23 minuttes in the video).

I was so impressed by these ladies, first up the venue was mindblowing. The people who spoke where amazing. The food and the sponsors rocked! The team behind the meetup really did an fantastic job putting it all together – for all your hard work – thank you !

But most of all I cherished the conversation with the leading geek  ladies of the SkÃ¥ne region. So many things are being done over there, so many ideas and dreams, and so many successes!. I felt like staying there forever in this creative mindspace that we all participated in – awesomeness.

My favorite quote from the day is the one you see on the picture on top “passion is more contagious than expertise”. And it sums up the day so well for me. I think it’s brilliant that we can meet cross-industry/media/countries around a given subject that we are all passionate about : geek and share our point of views and how we look at the world.

What I took away from Geek Girl Meetup in Helsingborg was that we are shaping the world by these meetups, impressions and sharing our ideas. I still feel so inspired and have added a ton of stuff to my lists of things I need to do and research on to become better. Better at business but also let go of more stuff that I am dealing with, maybe do something completely different?I found out if I was supposed to do something else than being a creative web person I would become a veterinarian with 4 kids – it has always been a dream of mine. It’s not something I am considering (especially since I have this thing that I faint everytime i see (or sometimes even think of blood)

So thank you for letting me take part in your mind on a sunny saturday in Helsingborg. I am a fan =)

Oh and the creative mindspace of the event made me and Karin promise that we will set up a geek girl meetup in Copenhagen soon. stay tuned for more =)

coworkingboatpan july 2009 recap

So during the last 2 weeks a lot has happened – there has been a reboot, a lot of socializing, getting to choose the right paper for printing my first book – but most important of all: there has been a launch party of the coworkingboatpan. It wasn’t a final launch – but it was a celebration of how much the co-founders (my husband, my brother and I) has gotten done on our inreallife – startup. Basically you could say that the launch party was from private to public beta -and now we only have to get the funding to have the engine running to actually have a fully functional yet ugly webapp coworkingboat.

here’s a video from a night filled with sparklies (champagne) pizza, boats, beach and fantastic people:

we still have a bunch of shares to sell off around 100 at 500 DKR a piece – we need to sell around 10 more this summer to get the engine working – so please contact me at henriette @ toothlesstiger . com and become a shareholder in the coolest – most action packed IRL startup around.

So this is to get the engine working – in the fall we will actually try and fund for a winterhood and for a paintremoving/ painting job.. so still lots to be done – internally as well as externally =)

btw that we are aiming for is a miniature version of Alastair Callender’s Soliloquy – the super green super yacht. We just want to make a super retro super green coworkingboat. the yacht comes later =)


Great article on the superyacht on coolhunting.com

ps. pictures from the coworkingboatpan party+ progress here

global microbrand – revival and pundering


SXSW has been great. Yesterday Bruce Sterling took the stage and did a keynote – and it was an absolutely amazing keynote. He also mentioned the “global microbrand” a term that Hugh Macleod has been discussing for a couple of years now.

Global Microbrands are or companies without space and time, that everybody know of, in small fragments of a much bigger industry. So people behind these microbrands are extremely valuable speakers at conferences, advisors etc.

I have actually been thinking about it for a while – I love my work. I love running Toothless Tiger, but sometimes it seems like I don’t “do” anything. I talk. I tell people what to do to make things work on the web. My clients think I rock.

Yesterday I even caught myself considering a really great joboffer for a fulltime job. Something I don’t do normally.

I think that even though I like the might and glory of being somewhat of a global microbrand (I don’t see myself as a global microbrand – im probably a mutation of it =) I really want to do something. Because in my head it feels like Im not doing anything. I don’t work. I talk. I write. I help people do kickass projects. But I don’t have a project of my own that I can take to webheaven, a project that is useful for other people and that I have time to work on.

My project is so far going to involve geekculture, sustainability, action instead of talking and is going to be based on community and the now-open-sourced-former-fantastic-rockstar-client jaiku.com. I think I might toy around with it since even though with all this twittering, my heart still belongs to jaiku. Maybe I’ll even do two projects. A geekculture one and a actionpacked sustainable community based on Jaiku.

I dunno yet. In my honest opinion Jaiku is the best functional microblogging service out there. It’s just not being developed anymore and I want to change that.