Trend: Citizen Science – mapping penguins with Penguin Watch

citizen science penguinwatch

Screendump of my penguin mapping – taken from

A new concept (or term) has seen the light of day (or at least it’s the first i’ve heard of it): citizen science. According to my mind filled with other trends, it lives on the verge of ‘crowdsourcing’ and ‘citizen activism’ ….

I stumbled across it through this article on MNN,  

the project is scientific, and pretty simple: You get to map penguin colonies in Antarctica and help scientists define their behaviour and where they live better.   -with your mouse.

I absolutely love this -and I think it will sit extremely well with school kids. Who knows – maybe we will be mapping climate changes from maps of the earth in the near future?

you can check this (remarkable) Citizen Science project out  (and start clicking) here:

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