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A Personal Bio: My Game of Life

Let’s talk about your personal bio. I recently read Switchblade Lemonades’ excellent e-book ‘Bio Like Beyoncè’. Those of you who have read this blog long enough knows that I am a sucker for musical analogies. I want to end every article I ever have written with “keep on Rockin in a free world” or something like that. I LOVE that somebody has built an e-book around Beyonce.

However, it made me write a document called ‘My Game of Life‘ – which is a very very personal bio, in addition to my ‘professional’ bio. I think sometimes we need to go a bit deeper than looks and actually explain our traits and where we come from.

What to add in your personal bio

It can be hard to figure out where to cut the personal bio, meaning what you leave out or what you put in. There are some things in my personal bio that makes me cringe a bit – and I don’t know if I will keep it in there (who cares about whether or not I get tipsy at tech conferences?) however, this bit of information I also believe makes me… well, human. And I do believe that it’s something that others would love to know too, because, it’s a part of my personality.

To me, I would rather work with somebody where I know a bit about their history, in addition, to know about their achievements – but how deep should you go? How many of these traits should you be adding, and still not expose yourself completely, but simply giving you some twists and some of that sassy ‘je ne sais quoi’.

So get on with it! Personal bios in addition to your professional bio can teach you a thing or two about how you want the world to see you – it was good considerations for me at least. =)


Role Model On The Danish Podcast ‘The Role Models’

Just a heads up. I am the role model in the podcast episode 30 of the danish podcast ‘The Role Models’. Yes, it’s in danish.

Listen to the episode here


Revitalizing The Blog: Life of Henriette Weber Now

First off, I haven’t written in here for years and I have been missing it. If you people have been wondering what Henriette Weber has been up to, well, I’ve been busy taking on fixed-term contracts as brand director and still do.

Having a place to muse on interesting ideas on whatever I see happening in the business world is just what I need. It gives me some concrete “no bullshit” advice with a combination of “whatever is on my mind”. A lot of stuff has happened. I have changed and grown a lot, you probably have too.

I don’t even know if people still read blog posts or articles, but I have a sneaky suspicion that I will need this place again since I would consider myself an entrepreneur again=) This time around I will focus on products instead of clients and services. A fixed-term contract is landed and I am ready to go again. I still have room for another contract so let me know if you want to hire this badass brand director on fixed-term for around 10 hours a week.

I am planning on putting my old stuff online again such as books and freebies. And also, I am gonna be selling speaking gigs and brand workshops.

BUT – more about that soon. For now, it’s simply a small “hi!” from yours truly, Henriette Weber, with a promise of weekly activity in here.


from Z to A in ACTION! an essay on making ideas and dreams come true

I have used a part of my summer holiday to write this essay on action. I have researched on, what it takes to get from a-z in action or as I have called it “from Z(ero) to A(ction) in ACTION!”.
-defining some of the main steps necessary to generate ideas and putting them to work.

For a very long time, I have been thinking about working my way through the process of idea creation to creativity and finally to action. In my world, it’s a petty when a good idea goes to waste without getting to test a part of the actual idea out.

Now for a definition of action “ as my good friend J.C. Fischer and I came up with for a 6-word story  “babysteps will get you there too”.

In this case, it means that small actions inside yourself will lead to larger actions externally if the larger actions feel right. So the scalability of actions is really important.
If we take the word ”act” it means that you are doing something about a given idea. That ‘something’ could be anything from reflection on the idea, to bringing it to life by making it happen

So how do you generate ideas?

Ideas have a touch of magic and dreams.

An idea to me is a magical feeling that you get when you think about something new. A good idea to a person, is an idea that you decide, you would like to act upon – because you think it’s a good idea. Still, most of the good ideas stays at the good idea stage (and never makes it to action). So how do you spur your idea into action?

Creativity is interaction

Creativity is a constant steppingstone in the action process -not just a tool to spur ideas into action. You need creativity to generate ideas. In the words of Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi: “creativity is interaction”

Most important to me is the interactions between the people you see, the culture you live in and your own creative vibe.

How can you create a better creative vibe within yourself?

I have made a creativity 100 list a while back which is a 100 point list to get more creative.

My favorites from that list are :

– Creativity means creative choices of inclusion and exclusion (Robert Mckee)
– Creative action speaks louder than creative words
– Be a firestarter a twisted firestarter
– Eliminate the word ‘against’ in your mind. Don’t be against smoking or against war be FOR health and FOR peace.

Let’s say you’ve got the idea now, and you’ve got that creative vibe going what’s next?

You still have quite a way to go to get to action. All steps are small actions themselves but the place we want to get at is where people can see you are making something instead of just talking about the idea.

Talk and listen… ( trust me, you need your community =)

So when you have the idea and you are flowing with it,  start talking and introducing it to various people to get feedback. Don’t think about action just yet – just listen to what people are telling you about creativity

Listening is just as important as talking in action-hunting.

When people are saying the same over and over again and marking out the same assets and faults of your idea it’s time to add a little action to the idea.

An idea description

Change the thing about the idea that people say ( and you feel) is broken, and use the assets to make an idea description you’re probably going to change the idea description a thousand times during the idea stage but that’s quite okay.
Things I normally put into my idea descriptions are :
– what’s the point of this idea?
– Why is it going to save a tiny part of the world
– How can I make people like it?
– Who will like it the most (aka. Who is the primary target group)
– What is stopping you from going into action?
– What are the next steps to be taken?

Review and rewrite the description every time you idea get stuck and is more likely to go down the drain than to action =)

Remarkability ( be different)

For this to work you don’t have to think in ways that other people haven’t done before. But you have to be damn good at creative puzzles. Creative puzzles are the way you mix and match tendencies, functioning ideas, money-earning ideas into your own. Take your inspiration from places you had no intention of going.

So when you think of being remarkable you don’t really have to go all the way and reinvent the deep dish again. You can settle for a creative puzzle, which is just as unique. Remarkability can also be a unique way of putting together puzzles.

Turn everything …

Ask questions upside down, inside out.

How would a teapot see your livingroom? What would a cat do in a given situation

Find the coolest people as muses and ask yourself questions like “how would Elvis Presley write this book” or “how would the queen of Saba sing “anarchy in the U.K”- quite amusing and a grand way to put yourself in new shoes.

This essay is not ending.

I will continously add to it. But this is all I’ve got for now, from my balcony in surburbia Denmark =)

creative sources for this post:

Hugh macleod : “how to be creative”

James Wood Young: ” technique for getting ideas”

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Enjoying the silent revolution

Let me introduce the “silent revolution”

We are a part of something big.

A silent revolution happening inside of people. It’s not aggressive. It’s simplicity and creativity. It is where society is currently heading.

Terms such “blogging”, “own logo”, “sharing”, “crafting” are in high demand here.

The information overload and the input is simply too much!

Brand value? –  give us products that work!

Make filters. We need to handle information, materialism and save the world.

Isn’t that a business idea for you?

Anyway, I am already unloading. Making my everyday diversified from my workday by meditating with my family. Resting in myself to handle stress.

ps. this was my first blogpost written about this, – you can read more about it here in the manifesto, my theory about the Silent revolution part 1, my theory part 2, and lastly, my theory part 3.