a place in the sun – on engaging people and control


I have been giving my looks upon social marketing on a danish blog ( sorry in danish only guys) lately, I have been elaborating on it over and over again in my head and I have a couple of points I would like to discuss here on my own blog. Now if you decide to let go of the control of your brand and start using the involvement and the engagement as a marketing tool (a couple of campaigns lately has done that – without the “best” outcome for the brand – skittles, starbucks, motrin, slideshare etc.) The problem is that people on the business side of life see this as a failed marketing campaign. Heck “fail” is probably the box they normally put these things of “oh people did not act around the brand the way I expected”.

From a consultants side of the table, on of the first things I would encourage companies to is to let go of the control and start putting their content where people already where. Places like facebook, youtube, digg and one the 10.000 other social media and web 2.0 tools out there.

But seriously is it still a discussion about control ? – well not really – not in my eyes for sure. Is it about failing ? Nah. it’s about companies getting their act together and start doing cool stuff. It’s about not seeing a campaign as a failure because you achieve getting people to engage in a brand, but then they don’t engage in the brand doing only good stuff. Some of the stuff they do with your brand might be pretty scary shit for the management of the company, it might be scary for business as usual. But seriously if you can get in the attention stream of people and having them spending 10 minutes taking anti-pictures of your brand – you don’t have to see this campaign as a failure, you should see it as something that you seriously need to adress.

In my view there is no magic middle for companies to lie in the sun and make money with no opinion and nothing to stand for anymore. Motrin got their ass kicked pretty bad with their motrin mommy ad (I as a mother cannot see how the commercial could air, because in short it is offensive and disrespectful to mothers) – but if that’s what they stand for, fine by me, I just wouldn’t buy their products. Other people would probably.

My point is, that there’s no magic place in the sun – where people don’t have opinions about you anymore, either people will think you rock or they will think you suck. Sucking is to be taken seriously because it shows that some people think that your existence as a company – well basically shouldn’t be  (rockin’ is for partying hard and being cool – and do more rockin stuff and being cooler)…

Engaging people makes you wiser, for good or bad, it shows you what you really need to work on as a company – especially over time.

a couple of examples of companies using social media


So I have been wanting to make this list for a while. Now I had to research for a speech I am giving later this month – so this is what inspired me this time around in the company/socialmedia’sphere, either because they are new, or because they keep on going =)


My Starbucks Idea is based on that the customers knows better than everyone else, what they want from Starbucks. They created a community around these ideas with a login.


The danish bank Nykredit has a “think new” (“tænk nyt”) blog where you can actually shape the future products of Nykredit.


Nike doesn’t only have a mashup community (pictured), they have several Nike Women blogs, a Nike Basketball blog, the Nike + community, an official Nike running blog and a Jordan Training community. They also have several different applications and pages on facebook. a real social media treat =)


Absolute Vodka’s “ABSOLUTworld” channel on youtube.
They also have a facebook page for their  “ABSOLUT top bartender” campaign.

And then I will strongly encourage all you small companies out there to create social marketing with a blog and a facebook page in addition to your webpage.

A company that I have adviced in starting up their social marketing is Just Business, who began by lurking the social media space, then created a facebook page and a blog to their website. Just remember that it is not really the tools that are important, it’s the mindset and the frequency of being a part of the community.

oh a last inspirational big company piece.

Daimler has putted all of their online presence on Friendfeed.


Søstrene Grenes katastrofale kundeservice

Først af alt, vælger jeg at betegne nedenstående som et meget charmerende karaktertræk hos mig, evig klodset, evig komisk..

Jeg var taget hele vejen til Fields idag for at købe et STORT lærred i Søstrene Grene til et maleri jeg har lovet at lave til en veninde… så jeg tager min micra hvor der før har været kæmpe lærreder i. Endda sammen med en veninde og en baby på bagsædet. MEN idag kunne jeg simpelthen ikke få det ind i bilen, ligegyldigt hvordan jeg vendte og drejede det…

Så tænkte jeg at jeg bare kunne gå op og få pengene retur… hvilket jeg prøvede.. men nej.. selvom det var 3 minutter siden jeg købte det store lærred, selvom jeg havde bon’en og selvom jeg ikke kunne komme hjem med mit lærred – så tog “søstrene Grene” ikke varer retur. så heldigvis tilbød min veninde at tage metroen hjem til hende selv ( med lærredet ) og køre ud til mig i hendes citron farvede citroen berlingo..

men helt ærligt søstrene grene ? I kunne da godt have gjort en undtagelse ?

Så søstrene grene er hermed officielt på min boykot liste.

så vil jeg hellere betale dobbelpris for et lærred af bedre kvalitet i Tutein og Koch..