Is busy a marker of importance?

I used to be busy. All the time.

I used to think that busy meant important.

I couldn’t bear to look at the signs – telling me that I had taken the wrong turn and that I was too busy.

There was only one option to me, and that was that I had to be important so I could be busier. I had to have more clients.

But busy isn’t a marker of importance.

Busy is a marker of stress. It’s a marker of thinking too much about things that doesn’t matter that much when everything comes together. The only thing important? The only things that matter when everything comes together is you, your health and your family.


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dictatorship of future generations and the LOLcats of change

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Im one day late for earth day. Damn. I am surprised that nothing seems to be happening in Denmark at that day though. I have to change that for next year.

Anyway one of the things that can get me going mostly about the current state of the world, is that some people don’t really believe that the climate changes are caused by humans. Some of those people are in my near family and I can get so furious when:

1. people have all the lights turned on in ALL of their house
2. leave all their devices on standby
3. flying everywhere for leisure

We really need to rethink this -and we need to implement the changes and the action in a positive and fun way. Why the f*** should climate change be so serious ? Most of the planet can feel now how serious it is – but we can have a different approach that seriousness. Think Lolcats of change. Think green flashmobs and guerilla gardening.Think different and just do it. There’s two very good books that is actually helping this approach made by “we are what we do” -and they are cool for children as well. They are called “change the world for a fiver” and “teach your granny to text and other ways to change the world“.

Another thing that you need to think about when you think climate change, is that we are actually in a process of un-freeing our children. They are going to be limited in the future because we in the last 100 years have been using the ressources they are going to live of. This is truely a dictatorship of future generations. Im reminded of this everytime I see a lightbulb that doesn’t have to be turned on, a device that doesn’t have to be on standby and when I hear people getting on planes all the times.

BUT i am positive that this is creative, fun, involving and exciting times – and that we will be wiser on every level of all of these crisis’ – remember the universe has got our back =)

Nothing stays the same, always change to remain


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just a quick excellent pointer to a mindprovoking blogpost on the Brains On Fire Blog. It basically states that
social networks are not what we think they are. – Instead of really creating new networks it enhances already existing relations.

This is really good news for my mill, because I have always argued that you really need to supply social media and social networks with IRL relations.


nb: the title is from the lyrics of the elastica song “nothing stays the same“.

Business proposal for


Just the sound of the word kinda get’s to me.
It feels like it’s somewhere elderly old barons in suits belongs.
Not me.
I would though, if business was something more than business.
If marketing was something more than using spreading noisy messages to potential clients.
If employees was something companies embraced.
If businesses could change from one day to another.
They can’t – because they are businesses.
if you look inside an organisation – how many people do you think are actually working to embrace new ideas – to make their clients happy, to create products that are worth buying ?…
And how many people sit around and actually lives their life being core of the business and the controling factor of the employees ? For business to change we need to create a business environment that is suited for changes. For every person within the company to take a ball and run with it…

Now please help me out and go so I can get to write the manifesto…

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