How to harm your creativity

how to harm your creativity

Do you sometime feel a struggle inside when you’re working, not being able to bust free? Where, even though you have good intentions, you are not able to create? You feel like your creativity is harmed, and procrastination is something that you can’t avoid – ending up checking your Facebook feed and your Twitter stream impulsively all the time. Yesterday I met with an internet friend and she said something that made so much sense to me she said that sometimes she felt like she was just too spoiled. Too cozy. Things were too good to change them.

Sometimes it seems like we are harming our creativity more than we support it. There’re so many distractions out there, so it’s natural that it’s hard to create both for our hobbies but also in business.

Creativity comes from chaos

For me, my creativity comes from chaos. Even though I thrive in chaos – I need it so, because with chaos that I get inspired to fix things up and explain my approaches to business. I think it’s, in particular, wise for people and businesses alike to enjoy the chaos. Maybe even ask us how much we would be able to change the world if everything were perfect and in order? So if you want to harm your creativity make everything nice. Nothing to riot against

Comparing yourself to others

I am personally really great at comparing myself to others. It’s hard for me not doing it. Maybe all of the world feel the same way. Social media hasn’t helped this at all for me because there nothing seems normal. Most of it seems like we need to see on the dark side of the ‘moon’ and remember that things are not at all what they look like there.

Belittling yourself

It goes hand in hand with ‘comparing yourself to others’. Belittling is easy, and it’s an absolute creativity killer to the point of not being able to think curly. Love yourself! You’re powerful. And if you don’t think so, it makes it so much harder to get shit done.

rock on

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The art of failing faster and harder


I see a tendency in how companies who are letting go of the control and embrace the anarcistic chaos of the internet are bombarded back to square one, if they don’t do it properly. I decided that this is a good thing and companies who are trying to embrace the chaos should think of this as a good thing as well. If this wasn’t a chaos you wouldn’t be able to get constructive criticism and feedback for your company because of the control you actually gave up. I have seen a couple of times that the companies who is actually being critized on the net, instead of looking on what to do and what it is that the users are giving them critique about, simply stuff their head in the ground and remove themselves and their initiatives from the net again.

an example of this is skittles, a case I have mentioned before. The result of this case is that skittles changed their strategy slightly so didn’t only show the twitter search skittles.

– another example is the motrin ad

Actually I am listening all the examples of companies failing to embrace their users and social media in my “casestudiesblunders” tag on delicious.

So what is the biggest error in these approaches of companies pulling their horns back again, after doing something I would say that most social media consultants are asking them to do (Loose control)?. I actually think the biggest error is that they don’t stick to it. It depends on what kind of project and response they are getting. My advice to skittles would have been to keep it up for 3 -4 weeks and then evaluate, instead of changing strategy after a week or so. We get tired of things that ain’t new.

I think it’s really important that these initiatives fails – not that it’s a good thing for skittles or motrin but on the other hand they come back brighter and richer for sure, with more understanding of their crowd and more knowledge of their target group – clearly this cannot be a bad thing ?


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