Creating in the riot garden when the days starts to be filled with sun

Spring seemed to land in Denmark last sunday morning.

I rushed out into the Riot Garden and started removing some weeds, mixing some earth with compost and potted of plants – it felt super good.  I am, in particular – looking forward to my potatoes (kartofler, in danish) being ready to be harvested. There’s a whole Zen-ness to gardening and creating outside that I wouldn’t have imagined before we moved into the Punkborough (the house) . There’s a whole planting-a-seed-and-seeing-it-grow, that I absolutely adore by now.Plants for creativity


I have a couple of seeding projects this spring, both some of my oldies but goodies – but also some new experiments. I want to see if you can plant sweet potatoes up here in the north. I have no idea if it will work out, but I will give it a go.

In general – when it comes to the Punkborough  or the Riot Garden often I have NO idea what I am doing,  or even if it can be done. However my approach is always that we can do more than we think, ourselves.

I channel the happy-go-lucky amateur who thinks everything can be done in no time. Which, admittedly, sometimes ends in catastrophe, but most of the time it ends up well – or at least ok. seeding

Another thing that signals spring more than anything is that I am starting to send my dryer away on vacation for the summer, meaning that clothes will be dryed on the huge drying rack in the garden (and – I get a +1 for climate action and not using electricity to dry clothes all summer.  I gave it a go with some towels (however they didn’t become completely dry after a day out) – soon they will though.

Retiring the dryer for summer