Have digital finally arrived at the correct action-packed plateau ?

I was so lucky that I got to attend the conference last week in Malmø. It was a great conference touching on all the different digital subjects and trends that’s currently happening. And it was So good! just the type of conference that I have been missing for a while. It felt very 2005-07 to me, before digital became a huge industry and everybody and their dog was doing something and made a ton of money.  Sadly – a lot of the digital conferences I have been attending have been more about startups and venture capitalists.  I had truely missed a conference where the ideas was the primary purpose and not launching in a new country/feature on stage. A conference where the speakers where accessible and everybody seemed like a part of the crowd! So thank you The Conference.

The motivation from the speakers was also different. –  All the talks I attended emphasized action in some way. From the incredibly cool beginning keynote from Ben Hammersley:

To the talks around local action, the education system, infrastructure in companies and so on. Digital is so übercool, and if we decide to use it for something purposeful it’s even cooler.

Overall I can’t stop being surprised by the creativity of these digital conferences – especially the conference, where they tap into something old to generate something new –  Reusing things that are old and cool to create newness. I mean all the crew was dressed in  outfits and hats that looked like they where taken out of Mary Poppins.

(pic by Heidi Harman)

I’m happy that the digital thought leaders they are now urging people to shift into action and start saving the world one day at the time.

Thank you for being the cool idea-filled geeky kid in the classroom of conferences! Thumbs up from here=)

talking to yourself as an idea generator


No I have not gone mental! – But I have a couple of goals I need to achieve in 2009 – on a personal and a professional level. All in all these goals boils down to a couple of words:

– Weightloss

– Focus

– Proactivity

– Unclutter

– Henriette-ness

– No Bullshit

I am very proud to announce that for the last 3 days I have met my goal of a regular exercise of minimum 30 minutes a day and a 20 min meditation every morning, as a part of the new year and the new me (only 18 days to go before it becomes a habit). I don’t know if it’s the meditation or the exercise but I feel better in a lot of ways.

Especially because the thing that I do, both when I am running (as I love to do for exercise) and i am meditating is talking to myself. When I meditate I subconsciously ask myself questions and answer them. When I come back from a run then the first thing I do is to grab the computer and fill the ideas into my management tools. So I hope that I can make both running and meditation a constant part of my life.

It really brings you focus. And I am happy to see that some of my goals goes hand in hand.

btw – you will hear a lot more about my goals in here because I want to keep ya’ll updated. Not for your sake, but to make myself stick to them =)

Share my enthusiasm for creativity?

enthusiasm for creativity

A part of me is extremely creative and actionable. It’s almost like a lot of my ideas come from a huge enthusiasm for creativity that triggers creativity that again generates more enthusiasm. How awesome is that?

Some days I would even say that I am inside my enthusiasm for creativity “bubble” for hours on end. Getting the details right, let myself go “all in” in writing or art project and just exist in a place where there’s room for me and my ideas and not that much else. I think some define it as “flow”.

Flow is important because it makes us create good shit. Epic shit sometimes even. You have to schedule time to flow in your workday, where you can just go with it and create something deeper, or as Stephen Covey writes in his “7 Habits of highly effective people” – you have to focus on the “important not urgent”. I think it’s  the things that you are most passionate about that you end up defining as “important”. Important means flow and creativity and enthusiasm. So it’s all a great inspiring “cyclus” to work in.

Do you agree? Do you share my enthusiasm for creativity?