Intentionality – A Lifeskill.

Rumour has it, that I have lost 35 kgs in total since January 2019. And I have gained a lifeskill I call ‘Intentionality’.

And guess what rockers? That rumor is true. Yes, it’s awesome, yes I am changed in my body, but more in my head and spirit. I have gone partly woo-woo, which I think, for a business badass like me, is badly needed. I must say I am quite proud of myself for finally doing this for myself and learning how to take care of: The Queen Rocker of This Universe (I mean this website) Henriette Weber (drumroll or sad trombone, it depends on who’s reading I guess).

BUT! This weight loss journey has taught me a life skill, a very handy one. A life skill I like to call: intentionality. I used to be really good at pointing at different visions items and things and say ‘I want that’ – and then I would add it to one of my many bucket lists… Now I am really good at (still) saying ‘I want that’ but now I know how I will get it – not only with setting the intention and trust that the universe has my back, but also walking slowly towards this intention daily small steps that would bring me closer and closer to where I want.

Each day I have Gossip’s ‘Moving in the Right Direction’ tune on repeat when I am wearing my headphones. Because I know I am moving somewhere I want to be. The recipe is simple:

Focus and follow-through daily.

It was sickening hard at first, but 2 months in, I got the hang of it, and it turned out beautifully. And now I am doing what I like to call ‘self-care’ step 2 – which is that I have hired a personal trainer for the next 2 months to get me to my final target weight and teach me how to make new yummy healthy food on the way.

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“Invest In Women”: Women Entrepreneurship Day 2019

If I put my NGO hat on, it has been proven time and time again that if you invest in a woman or a girl in the global south she will not only use the opportunity for growth for herself but will also elevate the rest of the village.”

I spoke at Women Entrepreneurship Day 2019 conducted by Female Founders of the Future at Klub in Copenhagen back in November.

“Invest In Women”: Summary Of My Speech

I didn’t memorize my full speech as I wrote it, you really never do, but here it is:

Hi there! My name is Henriette Weber. I am an entrepreneur. A seeker. A climate activist. A feminist. A mother of a teenage girl. A leader, and currently the head of brand and engagement at the Climate NGO CARE, as well as being Denmarks first + Social Good Connector under the UN foundation.

I was invited here to talk to you about “Investing in Gender Equality”. This is something I feel very strongly about probably because it’s something I have been working on as an entrepreneur. First, trying to get a maternity fund for entrepreneurs implemented in Denmark, and later as the CEO and founder of Geek Girl Denmark and Geek Girl Magazine.

I almost won an Ivækst Award in the female category on Geek Girl Magazine. This is for teaching tech to women and doing stuff differently. As a “Female Found Media Icon”, I got fed up with being a role media because I really am not. I am chaotic, imperfect, and I didn’t feel I could live up to their expectations.

After Geek Girl Magazine, I decided to change lanes and head towards climate action. Something that has always been close to my heart ever since I was a young teen being told by my teacher that the ozone layer was going to kill the planet. I did a lot of research on sustainability and climate action at the biggest Nordic sustainable think tank where I was employed as a brand director. I found my bridge between sustainability and gender equality.

Did you know that the Project Drawdown by Paul Hawken is the leading organization that finds solutions for climate change?

Invest in Women and Girls

“If I put my NGO hat on, it has been proven time and time again that if you invest in a woman or a girl in the global south she will not only use the opportunity for growth for herself but will also elevate the rest of the village.”

The return on investment in investing in women and girls is so much higher than if you invest traditionally.

The same goes for teams with a female co-founder in startups. You’d notice that their startups perform exponentially.

As the old saying goes, we can’t keep doing the same thing, expecting a different outcome. Right now, not one single country in the world is on track to meet SDG 5: Gender equality. Even though gender equality has been agreed upon as a human right.

Denmark is leading on a number of factors under SDG 5, but we can ALL do something to save the world, and yes. I do mean save the world. When you help a girl, you help a village. When you help a woman, you are constructively doing climate action. 

If you, whether as a Dane or as an entrepreneur, want to do social good then you can start by helping another woman. Look at the first woman you see and SMILE at her =) You can do something life-altering for this woman. You can believe in her strength which would help her connect her to other people. Help her see her own “badassness”. Help her see her “Mad Skills”. Give her chances she normally wouldn’t be getting. 

Make A Choice. Make A Difference.

We need to make different choices. The world calls for our responsibility, on a personal level, and to all of us as humans. As Jonathan Safran Foer wrote in his latest book, “We are all the weather“. A personal climate plan or a family climate plan is what we need. A personal gender equality plan is just as important as well. We need to find out HOW we will act around climate, gender, and every other of the SDGs. We should also ask how are we going to make ourselves accountable?

How are we going to make the global goals our personal goals? By making different choices. It seems super obvious but for every different choice we make for sustainability, we are tipping the boat towards a healthier planet.

For a long time, first in tech, women, and then in sustainability, I’ve heard people saying “Enough talking, it’s time for action!”. And we’re fucking still talking about how much time for action there is. But we are doing the safe things. Men in suits are becoming “chief innovation officers” all around the world and I can’t stand it. Where are the wildcards, the misfits, the women, the ones needed to make a powerful change?

Investing In Women = Implementing Social Good

If you decide to make a woman a partner of your VC firm, you are doing social good. If you’re making a woman the co-founder of your startup. Social good. You are showing the world that you are innovative and that you are choosing differently, even though it doesn’t seem like a big deal. It’s EXACTLY these choices we need. As is eating less meat. Driving electric cars. And you know what, probably your whole team spirit will be elevated because of something new happening.

Better yet, see if you can make half the partners or founders of your company female. Be the difference you want to see in the world.

Those women will be role models for other women who want to work in a startup. Those who want to vet and invest in startups as VC’s. Those women will be visible beacons in a field where women are normally invisible. They don’t exist. This is especially if you ask the business conference organizers who are (still) creating all-male panels.

Look at us, as a group. Take me as an example. When I started in the tech industry back in 2001, I was one of 3 women out of a team of 100, men obviously being the latter. I was a developer and the other 2 women, one was a secretary and the other was an HR.

Change Starts With You

Now we’re at a sold-out event celebrating female founders. At my first web conference (reboot 2005) we weren’t that many women either. But it made us talk, network, and think that more women should be at these tech conferences. Some of us decided to do something about it.

We can all make a difference. Be social good activists. We can all work to change this fucked up world and we have to. 

What I came here to say is not just “invest in gender equality”. It’s more to “invest in different choices”. Invest in your own actions making these badass women visible.

Thank you.

Creativity Writing

Using A Notebook As The First Step In Idea Mapping


The inspiration for this blog post came to me last night. At the time, I was attending a short seminar on Kickstarting 2015 with Mark Anthony. Mark is one of the finest motivational speakers in Denmark. It was a great night. Kickstarting 2015 is one of the first things I am doing to put myself first. However, as I suspected, I left with more questions than I came with.

Luckily, I always carry a notebook around with me.  It has always been one of my favorite things to find (and maybe even purchase?) everywhere I went. My attraction to notebooks comes from the same place as my attraction to blogs: the creative potential to do anything, really.  Lately, my notebooks have transformed from having doodles inside of them that I never look at, to being the first step in my idea mapping process.

When I get home from an event like yesterday, the first thing I do is file the things from my notebooks into my filing system. I use Evernote for all my digital scribbling. But there are three files, in particular, in Evernote that I use these days. They are all spark files; idea mapping tools that I use to make ideas bigger.

First one is my business spark file.

This is for my work, where all my inspirations and other stuff end up in my to-do’s. You can read more about how to have a spark file here.

Second, I have my big writing spark file.

This is where every big question that needs answers reigns. Also, this is where all my stuff from yesterday’s workshop is going to end up, and written about in the following week.

The third file is my woo-woo spark file.

This is where I stock things on my health, spirituality, and self-development.

And in those files, I write about the ideas I get and let them linger and put them somewhere where I can take action on them when time is due.

By the way, if you want to read more about the spark file – a “system” developed by Stephen Johnson you should go here.

And there’s even a video shot of “where good ideas come from” that’s also worth a view or ten:


Make Space For Serendipity


Serendipity is when you find something you didn’t know you were looking for.

In my previous life, as a digital guru, I always told my clients that the most powerful viral effects came from showing, telling, and informing people about things they didn’t know they wanted to know.  The “telling people about things they didn’t know they wanted to know” part has surprise elements in it that I adore, and that makes the concept so much more creative.

Missed serendipity due to being too pre-occupied

I only recently found out that the word “serendipity” was somewhat like it. And yesterday, by chance, I got to explore serendipity a bit more.  I rocked out with my awesome family at my grandmother’s birthday party. I saw how my daughter, at one point, closed down all her opportunities for “in real life serendipity” because she was playing around with her iPad. When we got home, we talked about a story my uncle had told at the party that she couldn’t remember because she wasn’t mentally present when he told it.

My mother found an old article in an old newspaper from 1985. My uncle was featured on it for becoming “Dansk mester” in handball, together with the rest of the Helsingør team. There was a picture attached to the article where my uncle looked completely 80s stunning (too-small shorts and all). She also missed the awesome story about how my grandmother met the whole team. They were going home from partying in the city early in the morning. Or the fact that some of the fathers of some of her favorite handball players today were in that picture.

Serendipity calls for exploration

Sometimes we miss out on things because we aren’t alert or present. Sometimes we see new things in old patterns. Maybe we are not world-explorers enough to allow enough room for serendipity, both online and/or offline. Sometimes we read the same blogs or newspapers or follow the same people on social media, not exploring enough.

For serendipity to grow, we have to make room for it so we can become inspired by unknown sources that could become real treasures and sometimes even change our entire world perspective!

Identity + purpose

Here you go! here’s my rockin’ best identity development tip

Have you seen this before:

Picture found on pinterest
When you talk about identity, marketing and branding, one thing that’s really important is to know what you have to give away. I have always been inspired to do one of those so I did. A Henriette Weber version with the stuff I want to give away: it looks like this:

I think it’s a great exercise and really important in order to prioritize and develop your identity.


The art of shoveling things down other peoples throat

I’m convinced that a lot of people want to know how to do this artform.  I myself, am going through a throat-shoveling period. Selling has always been a bit problematic for me, because I want to do it my way, and with integrity. I’ve written a bit about it before, with a social media/strategic sales angle, but I want to elaborate more on it.

As I see it with online sales,  the thing you really want people to do is to sign up to get more – get them so close so you know them well (and get them to love you and think you’re cool. If they don’t then they can go someplace else =)

I used to absolutely despise selling offline. I used to hate the “I wanna get money from you guys and I’ll give you something really valuable” and  “let’s meet and have coffee and you can tell me what you can do for me”. Yuck.

Luckily my clients love my work, so that’s not the point. The point is that I am so desperately afraid that people will think I suck =) I’m afraid you guys will hate me if I reach out and say “hey! buy me!”..

BUT – that has changed – Some of you may know that there’s a new guy in Toothless Tiger town – the awesome Mark Bandte, and he’s fantastic at shoveling stuff down peoples throats with integrity and with Toothless Tiger style. Heck I can’t even call it shoveling anymore! I call it “selling to cool cats and kittens”.
But even though Mark is doing wonders for the tiger, the real fantastic transformation is within me. Because I found out that it doesn’t have to be “cold canvas selling”,
Like some sales coaches are saying, and what I was schooled to believe. Sales = bothering people. I will not pick up the phone and call random people! Never ever ever.

I found out that I could actually be really strategic about it and define who I thought was cool enough to work with me, and that I only wanted to work with cool people. I could use all my energy on targeting those companies and give them so much value before they bought anything, so they would buy my hours afterwards – so far it has worked. I’m totally selective to the point of obsession =)

I used to live on a planet where selling was black and white… And now I’ve figured out, that I am actually pretty good at it, and that you can adjust it.  Heck I might even do a “sales with integrity, fuck cold canvas” online workshop. Because I think it’s brilliant, and It has raised my confidence in my approach to other people.

Oh, another person that has changed my views on selling, is Kim Duke of the sales divas.  Her newsletter rocks (it says on the site that it’s only for women, but if the men just cross-dress for this one, I guess it’s ok).

On the danish site of things Anna Thygesen is totally fantastic in the latest episode of the energitte podcast (only in danish) but a 2 hour podcast about sales? I’m totally on (oh and Anna if you’re reading this, I will totally book you to look things over when I think I’m ready for it =)

Who do you think rock sales and why? I’m looking for more inspiration in a field I’ve never seen myself in =)



diversity: getting away from people like yourself

I think a really important thing for everybody is to get away from people like yourself. Not constantly or all the time, but sometimes when you need inspiration.

So go to that financial conference. Take a trip to a place you never thought about going. The diversity is creativity in it’s essence.

Be inspired.

Customer experience

Dear CEO of Imerco: Why I choose to buy my stuff online


Dear CEO of Imerco.

This evening I have had the worst experience I have had in a store ever. really, it was THAT bad (I even choose to use a bit of my  precious time to blog about it – that’s how bad it is). Anyway I have worked “a bit” around e-commerce in my days on the internet and the reason for buying stuff “in real life” (aka. physical stores) has to me always been the personal experience. However these days I get a much better experience online, almost everytime.

This evening something happened to me in your store in city2 that was extremely disappointing to me.

Now, I am in the lucky situation that I got married in May. We got a gift certificate for Imerco that we have been using a bit here and there. Tonight we needed a new sandwich toaster because we have wires sticking out of our old one. We choose to drive our car to city2 where we knew you have a store.

So we look around and you have 1 (1!) toaster on your shelf in the imerco store in city2. We ask the clerk (there was 4 of them in the store and they where really busy talking to each other instead of talking to us) if she has another toaster, she says no. OK very limited choice we think, but since we have a gift certificate we are interested. However the clerk has no intention of trying to sell the only toaster model she has to us. So we leave the store and walk into inspiration (a competitor) where they have the same toaster. It’s a real cool one – so after discussing it we walk back to Imerco to buy the one model they have.

We enter the store and I ask if we can buy the toaster to another clerk. Meanwhile the other clerks are loud and laughing and not being very service oriented at all, hmpf. The “new” clerk tells us that she has to look in the storage room if they have a boxed new toaster that they want to sell. She’s gone for 5 mins. meanwhile we stand still by the toaster shelf waiting for her.

She comes back from the storage room and goes to talk to the other clerks. We think it must be related to the purchase we are trying to do and she’s supposed to be selling us something. However she stands there for 5 minutes and we decide to leave because we are pretty pissed off by now. I get eyecontact with her and she asks “may I help you?” incredible! it leaves me laughing a bit but it infuriates my husband. He tells her that she was actually serving us  and she hasn’t given us a reply about if we could by the frickin toaster. She simply says “oh I thought the others had told us that we don’t have any”. We run out of the store speechless.

Wow. Simply. Wow. Having this experience left me feeling stupid and underestimated. Theres no way I will ever enter an imerco again. Seriously.

So this is why I will probably throw out my wedding gift certificate of about 1000 kr for imerco and buy my stuff at an online reseller:

starblue More models online

starblue Better prices

starblue If they don’t have the product they don’t list it

starblueNo clerk ignorance and stupidity

starblue In online stores you know that people are selling you stuff. You don’t need to beg a clerk to serve you nicely.

starblueOnline I don’t get a really bad service, as I do at your store.

starblueI don’t have to search around for the products in an online store, I can simply use the search field.

starblue I don’t get to waste hours driving to a mall to buy a toaster that turns out to be my worst customer experience ever

All the best

Henriette Weber
ps. I think you can do much better than this