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Lets get education to women, and by that, limit climate change

Happy IWD rockers!

Some people are having a hard time understanding my concern about climate change To some people I am seen as aggressive, and with some people, I just chose not to engage. A lot of people are concerned about climate, but they would rather see climate activists calm down a bit. Having a teen daughter who tends to have a bit of climate depression, I don’t think there’s time to be calm for me personally And right now, seeing how countries around the world are reacting to the coronavirus, I am just thinking ‘why aren’t they doing the same around climate change?’ – Or maybe what we as a global society will learn from facing the coronavirus will be a stepping stone on how to deal with climate change as a global society because we will be faced w. dealing with it sooner or later.

A renaissance born by activistic and educated women

There are more reasons for women than ever to join the cause for climate action. It has also been documented, in project drawdown that the best way to help the planet is to invest in women and girls. Today more than 130 million girls are denied the fundamental right to attend school and lay a foundation for their lives. Why does this matter for climate change? “The difference between a woman with no years of schooling and with 12 years of schooling is almost four to five children per woman.”

It’s super interesting to see that a lot of climate action is conducted by women – inf act I found a swedish research paper called: ‘a green fatwä’ – climate change as a treat to the masculinity of industrial modernity’. I believe it calls for female leadership in the era to come, even though right now female leaders within the climate field are being met with a lot of opposition.

I wish you all the best international women’s day.

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The generation with the most badass legacy

This morning the tragic news in the IPCC report came in through the radio. Rockers, we are losing planet earth and faster than we thought – we need climate action and we need it now.

We are already at 1 degree about industrial levels and according to the Paris Agreement. We need to stay below 1,5 degrees to not have completely devastating effect for humanity.

This has been known for a while – but it seems like it’s a bit worse than expected. However, we can still turn things around with radical action – actions that start today. Things ARE changing for the better though, but we don’t only need better we also need faster and more.

Is climate change only working against us ? or could it work for us?

It reminds me of Paul Hawken and Project Drawdown in which where he shares the mindblowing statement along the lines of: ‘we should look at climate change as if it’s something that’s working FOR us and not against us’.

A line that’s SO empowering – that climate change is working for us, making us become our most purposeful and action-driven selves. Transforming the world through our actions.

I hope you can feel the empowerment right now – I sure can.  What if we started to own this statement, and started to transform the world every day?

What if we could be generation that transformed the planet through the power we all have, at every given level of society. the opposite is really grim: being the generation that lost planet earth to climate change because of the way our society is structured.

The generation with the most badass legacy

We could become the generation with the most badass legacy. The generation that turns this around. The generation that hands our planet over to our kids and say ‘we’ve worked it out, you will be alright’ instead of saying ‘doom and gloom’.

I know, we can do this together, we can’t lose  faith and turn into small depressed cocoons. We need to do way more to transform things in the right direction.

So let’s do this! Let’s become the generation with the most badass legacy!