Things I’ve missed dearly: Hittail and long tail keywords

When you get ill, and you’re on government funds, you’re forced to shut commercial things down, such as a blog as well as your long tail keyword tool. Back in the end of April 2014 when I decided that I couldn’t run this blog while being sick, I unsubscribed to a lot of services that I have been using throughout the years running One of the services that I lingered the longest unsubscribing to was hittail.

A lot of bloggers obsess over their Google Analytics/ stats. Since I subscribed to hittail a couple of years back, it has been a daily stat obsession. I am eager to see what keywords has lead to, and enhancing the link building and page rank by adding more content around those keywords.

So here I was again today, signing up to hittail -looking forward to seeing what those mighty Google keywords brought in. I had to set hittail up in Google Webmaster Tools again, but then I was ready to roll.

I love the idea of being able to see what words brings you the most traffic, in an easy digestible format. I know a lot of people simply use google analytics for this, but being able to see the search keywords/traffic coming in, in real time, thrills me.

So –  what’s my approach to using hittail as inspiration for content?

I only use it once every week or so to amp up my page rank on a given search – normally I will map this out strategically with one search term every second week. But I also need to make sure that my key values in business and all of my creative concepts + books are being found via search terms on Google.

How many times do you need to use a given search term in your blog post in order for it to show up on Google or hittail?

Honestly I don’t know. I went to the creative brand design site of online marketing a long time ago. However, I found that the Yoast Seo plugin works wonders in order to get your articles found on Google. I wouldn’t even qualify as an SEO novice, but I find that Yoast and Hittail in combination actually take care of most of it, without me using too much time on it. I’m sure SEO could be much more useful for me. But, I simply don’t have the resources to use more time on it, or even have a dedicated person looking at it a couple of hours a week.

So – I’m super happy with managing my long tail keywords through hittail and I am sure that most small business owners and other bloggers would be as well.

Passion lucrating on the long tail

These days I think the internet is a true wonderland – more than it has been before. As well as we see former geeky communities has gone more mainstream, we are seeing so many people actually starting to make it into very profitable subscription based services. Two of my favorites these days are and and they are totally awesome worlds of self-development and Yoga/ Pilates.

It seems to me that entrepreneurs has gotten into the learning curve of the internet and they are starting to use it in ways that support their overall business idea..or even better – for their personal mission statement and passion. If I where a coach or a fitness company I would start to look in the general direction of the internet. The beauty of these services is that they are available when you are, and not the other way around.

That might seem like a small thing. But it’s a huge thing, because it’s so convenient for us (aka the clients) instead of the old way where they were supplied by businesses when it where convenient for them.

Another thing that I think is so fantastic is that it isn’t only people who basically sell software that are doing this – its people who’s in the yoga and personal development business as well