How to harm your creativity

how to harm your creativity

Do you sometime feel a struggle inside when you’re working, not being able to bust free? Where, even though you have good intentions, you are not able to create? You feel like your creativity is harmed, and procrastination is something that you can’t avoid – ending up checking your Facebook feed and your Twitter stream impulsively all the time. Yesterday I met with an internet friend and she said something that made so much sense to me she said that sometimes she felt like she was just too spoiled. Too cozy. Things were too good to change them.

Sometimes it seems like we are harming our creativity more than we support it. There’re so many distractions out there, so it’s natural that it’s hard to create both for our hobbies but also in business.

Creativity comes from chaos

For me, my creativity comes from chaos. Even though I thrive in chaos – I need it so, because with chaos that I get inspired to fix things up and explain my approaches to business. I think it’s, in particular, wise for people and businesses alike to enjoy the chaos. Maybe even ask us how much we would be able to change the world if everything were perfect and in order? So if you want to harm your creativity make everything nice. Nothing to riot against

Comparing yourself to others

I am personally really great at comparing myself to others. It’s hard for me not doing it. Maybe all of the world feel the same way. Social media hasn’t helped this at all for me because there nothing seems normal. Most of it seems like we need to see on the dark side of the ‘moon’ and remember that things are not at all what they look like there.

Belittling yourself

It goes hand in hand with ‘comparing yourself to others’. Belittling is easy, and it’s an absolute creativity killer to the point of not being able to think curly. Love yourself! You’re powerful. And if you don’t think so, it makes it so much harder to get shit done.

rock on

A link love manifesto – from my creative strategic curls to yours

I know that a lot of people are really happy euforic about my newsletter here on, when I send it out every 14 days I really try to do my very best. 2 weeks ago I wanted to try something new: to do a “photos only” newsletter. I know a lot of you newsletter professionals might shout at me very loudly now, but hey I tried it and it actually worked pretty well, and converted a bit more than usual.

Last week somebody who had received my newsletter decided to copy the concept, into her own newsletter, which makes me euforic, because I am always happy to inspire, but I was kinda puzzled that she hadn’t linked to my website at least or mentioned where she got her “inspiration” from. I asked her about it and she said that she didn’t think I would be suited for the targetgroup of her newsletter. Which is sad, because apperently my ideas where more than good enough for them. Anyway I don’t want to be bitchy about it so I decided to turn it into something like this instead: my personal link love manifesto for the whole internet to read:

An ode to Robert Montgomery and an internet poem

I am so much in love with the art of Robert Montgomery these days that I did a poem in his style about love on the internet:


“You made me lost and lonely even though we could connect every second of every hour on the interwebs – if we wanted to. A fake world relationship where we only showed off our cool sides- just as unreal as social media experts buying followers and likers to make more money because they look famous and loved. Still they spend most of their entrepreneurial life not creating anything themselves….”

Would somebody please hire my queen of PR ?

One of the coolest things I have been called is the “lady gaga of the copenhagen tech scene”. I know I don’t look like her, I don’t run around the city in stockings and a g string, but still – I loved it.

However, let me introduce you to my personal queen of PR: Fie Lundsgaard Olsen. She truely is. If I could give her a crown and make it official I would – anyway she needs your help rockers.

I have never done this before. Really never.

But I think it’s about time because a close friend of mine needs a job. She worked with Toothless Tiger for a month (because she’s well unemployed and there’s a thing in Denmark where you can go into a 1 month training period at a company). Unfortunatly she couldn’t stay with us, because a lot of things was all kinds of fucked up at Toothless Tiger at that moment.

However I would truely take her back any day without hesitation – when I have the money. Also because the way she communicates resonates with me. I think her work is the coolest wordpoetry I’ve ever seen. Yes she was that good. Her trait is PR and she fitted perfectly in our tiny team where things where hectic and where the process was very different than she was used to. However during that one month she got me in the danish mainstream media 3 times. She told me how to angle my stuff so the journalists would love it – and they did. That’s also one of the reasons she’s welcome back anytime, because it was very effectful for me. She rounded my edges. She made me feel amazing.

Everytime she’s invited to a jobinterview I would love to reference for her. She’s very closely connected to the blogosphere she’s been blogging on flo’s diner for ages. She’s good with the web + mainstream – I don’t understand why she’s not picked up by somebody ? it has been a while now which I why I write this.

Cut the bullshit guys and hire Fie ! I don’t have any words for how much this would be a win-win situation for your company. You simply can’t miss the target with this lady.

She’s overall amazing, workaholic and a fantastic contribute to every team.

If you can’t hire her – I hope you will share this with all your peers so we can get her a job real soon. I think she needs it.

And to Fie, I know you don’t know I’m writing this. Thank you for all the fun times, laughs and tears, I think you’re amazing and not well-rounded at all – just like me. I hope this helps a bit =)

Rock your business karma- the Return on Involvement needs to come from yourself















Tomorrow I’m giving a talk at KEA about ROI=ROI – it’s a talk about return on involvement equals return on investment – or the other way around. I have been digging deeper into it this week. Oh! – I can reveal to you , that for the first time I’m going to be on stage without any presentation or notes – it’s just going to be me – on stage.. talking about Return on involvement and why I think it’s so important that Im re-writing my danish book in English – making it a 2nd edition and see if I can stir up some english waters as well =).

Anyway one of the things I have found over the last couple of days was that the Guru of New have published two articles that are a part of the pillars of his new e-book “how not to be an e-hole on twitter” entitled “want to an e-hero on twitter” and “Focus Group confessions: the real reason they retweet you“.

They came at the exact right time for me to put three fat lines under my statement “involvement needs to come from yourself”. I think you should head over on the three above links to see what his findings are=)

Anyway what I emphasize again and again in my talks is that content dies after a while. Just because you’re putting something up on the internet doesn’t mean you’ve launched it. Just because your app got accepted in the app store doesn’t mean it’s launched. Just because you’ve build it, doesn’t mean the traffic is going to be there. You need to keep feeding it repeatedly.

The same proactivity you have to show around involvement. share some love. On this blog – I can see the numbers rising at an incredible pace if I, during the day – is active on twitter as well – not just pushing messages but retweeting and talking.

So remember : Involvement needs to come from yourself – share some love, Likes and RT’s and the business karma will come back to you thousandfold.

O- to-the-m.


What is the age and achievements of people in your network ?

Yesterday I wanted to create the “body of work” for both myself and Toothless Tiger. It was a fun journey I am still on. Seeing what I have done with my business life in the last 8 years is nothing short of epic and mindblowing for me, especially since since it all have been done with my voice and thoughts and actions flowing from my mouth and fingertips.

A dear friend of mine asked me a couple of days back if I knew any really cool programmers who would be interested in joining a startup he wanted to create. I know a lot of really cool programmers – but au contraire to 5 years ago – they are all working with really cool startups now. I couldn’t name one of them saying “this guy would be cool for you to work with” -because they are all pretty busy and seem really happy where they are.

A couple of months back – a dear friend of mine, Yohanna Idha I have known for many years was rewarded best actress at the filmfestival in Stockholm from her role in the swedish movie “Katinkas Kalas”.

Today one of my top inspirations Soulaima Gourani was nominated as a young global leader by World Economic Forum.

I feel so blessed that this is starting to happen to people around me! it’s so WOW and it really confirms me in my believe that we ARE changing the world for the better and we have the whole business side of things behind us.

It makes me want to step up my game even further and see where Im heading… I have 2 years on Soulaima =)

Wish me luck

Is a “like” enough response to a loveletter for a company? Take your branding seriously

Sometimes when I roam facebook as research for my strategic client work, I think there’s two things I see out there that makes me sad. It’s really obvious who has decided to put a lot of money in facebook and who hasn’t. It’s also really obvious who just has decided to purchase it as an add-on and who actually cares to convert it to sales by their actions out there and not the glossiness of the facebook page. I want substance, branding, identity and involvement and sometimes facebook leaves me crying because I can’t find it there.

I can find competitions, expectations from “likers” to get 10% off their purchases because they “like” something.

Expectations to get a shot at winning something or getting something for free.

I’m speechless of how bad companies are at the branding game

And sometimes I am stunned by how unserious companies are taking facebook. If they had only booked me. I could have taught them how to love their community.
Today I almost wept because I found something as pure as a loveletter to a company on facebook. It wasn’t like a band or a cool company.

But this client poured her heart out and gave them the reason why she stood by them in thick and thin and would never change to another supplier. Their reaction ? they “liked” her comment.

I say that if I was that brand, who took their branding very seriously – if somebody wrote me a loveletter to my work as a huge organisation, I would give them cake. I would send them flowers – I would have my CEO do a videoresponse – I would do anything more than a “like”. I think a “like” from the owner of a profile or a page, in a comment thread is the ultimative conversation closer, unless the conversation is very active.

here are some of the scenarios where I would seize the opportunity to grow more trust  and branding instead of clicking the like button.

“hey I love your products – especially that bag looks awesome”….

you should say “yeah we love it too -fell for it at first eyecatch. it’s especially imported from argentina where an old man called Diego has made it. he has two daughters and a sheepfarm and you can see a video recorded on our recent visit there.

“here’s the reason why I will use your product always and always”…

Send them flowers or candy or chocolate – or record a happy dance of people in the office thanking her (at the same time you tell the rest of the world that you put your customers at the centre of the universe – how awesome is that ?)

Does this has anything to do with facebook really ? no not at all. it’s about how show the world you care and gaining marketshare because of it – even though you’re a mastodont company. Just promise me to go easy on the like button in every case.

Getting credit matters

I found this picture on Design*Sponge it’s made by Pia, Erin and Yvette – it’s about giving credits on photos but I think the pointers can be applied to other areas of life as well.

There’s a quote by Harry S. Truman called ” It is amazing how much you can accomplish when it doesn’t matter who gets the credit”. To me, it’s obvious that this quote is from another time and space. Getting credit matters.

Because in this time and space, getting credit matters. Giving credit matters as well.

Seriously if you get people to help you out, at least you can mention them. At least you can show them some love and show them that you hold them in high esteem. Why ? because they’re not ignoring you. They are actually taking some of their valuable time and helping you out.

I don’t think it’s something we have developed naturally as a part of this “new” interconnected world, I think it’s something we should remind ourselves of – because it will create a lot of badwill if you don’t. I mean, to the individual it might be that they see it as if you are taking their stuff and reposting it as your own…

I think it was Danielle who wrote on her blog once that “People say “It doesn’t matter who get’s the credit” – well screw that, it matter a lot”




New computer love


It has been decided upon – I need a new computer. My macbook pro is turning 3 this march and it is very noisy (the fan and HD) – Today I was aftraid that it might explode and I started to think about looking into getting a new one.  I know I want a mac again – but I am thinking that I should get a macbook pro again – even though I don’t like the black uplit keyboard or the size. A Macbook would also be great, but I am afraid that a macbook won’t be able to run the programs I need it to run. Those programmes are adobe cs and a couple of pretty heavy games (like WoW).

Also I am wondering if theres anyway that I can buy an ipod nano, a nike + kit and a holder on the company account ? – probably not, it would be nice though