Climate Action

Do not be reasonable

George Bernard Shaw once said ‘all progress depends on not being reasonable’. The planet needs unreasonableness for climate action from every angle, and it needs it now.

I sometimes feel it in me, when my friends throw cigarette buds in a sewer or I am opening plastic from the stores to get my groceries into my fridge.

I am getting into an anxiety driven mood of ‘what a fucking waste’ combined with climate depression turning into climate action over time. It mystifies me at my core, that we as inhabitants on a planet has build a capitalistic system in such little support to the ecosystem it stands on.

I feel sad when I open the news seeing what weather- apocalyptic scenarios are happening around the world, and I am saying my prayers that nothing has happened in Denmark – yet. And I wonder: why is it that we haven’t implemented the solutions ready-at-hand by now? who are the hesitant decision-makers that we need to convince that this is something to be dealt with, in real-time.

I read a quote today by Gus Speth saying that ‘the top environmental problems is selfishness, greed and apathy. To deal with those we need a spiritual and cultural transformation – and we scientists don’t know how to do that.

Luckily a lot of other people do, they just need to be mobilized towards climate action also. We need the people working in the spiritual and cultural spheres to help people ‘not being reasonable’ and start directing their work towards Gaia or ‘Mother Earth’.

Anybody out there want to help me, make that happen? Of course, something is already stirring in my cauldron=) and I can’t wait to show it to you – soon.

Climate Action corporate activism

Living in the midst of a rising climate movement

Since the danish elections last week, the world has looked greener and more red. The night was pretty euphoric to me. Not only did the ‘lefties’ end up gaining majorly to form a government, the whole election became very climate-centric. In fact the numbers around the elections where just out this morning, and 24 % of the subjects that was spoken about during the elections was climate -related. It seems like our common consciousness and care for the planet is starting to take center-stage and well.. it is about time. Maybe humanity as a whole is tired of patriarchy and consumption capitalism? I think a part of it is beginning to be, and hopefully the rest of humanity will follow.

If I wind back a couple of years, to when I was director for brand and involvement at a think tank in Copenhagen, I decided that we need to do so much more to make people get together around climate, we needed to educate, co-create and communicate together with other organisations in order to start conducting action on climate – to make every person on the planet know that they need to do their share. I used to call it our ‘own little corner of the sustainability movement’ -and it was. I started to look out for other climate movement building initiatives and decided to become a climate reality leader (and I was personally trained in climate issues in June last year in Berlin by Al Gore). And lately I have been taken part in klimamarch as well as Fridays for Future in Copenhagen (together with my not-so-mini-geek-anymore). If I look to the UK I can see Extinction Rebellion rising, and in the US you have the Sunshine movement and the new green deal.

I can see very straight parallels to the demonstrations and movement happening in 1968 – and some might even call it the 1968 of our time – but it’s with such a bigger impact because of the internet and technology. It’s truly awe-inspiring to be a part of.

But all of these things seems like humanity’s answer to the global meta-crisis. All these movements are a choice towards the planet and towards a more people, animal and planet -caring humanity.

It’s a political move empowered by the people – of Denmark, at least. And I am hoping more citizens in other countries will join us in this move. It’s the wish for a different and sustainable world. And it looks lovely from here =)