Would somebody please hire my queen of PR ?

One of the coolest things I have been called is the “lady gaga of the copenhagen tech scene”. I know I don’t look like her, I don’t run around the city in stockings and a g string, but still – I loved it.

However, let me introduce you to my personal queen of PR: Fie Lundsgaard Olsen. She truely is. If I could give her a crown and make it official I would – anyway she needs your help rockers.

I have never done this before. Really never.

But I think it’s about time because a close friend of mine needs a job. She worked with Toothless Tiger for a month (because she’s well unemployed and there’s a thing in Denmark where you can go into a 1 month training period at a company). Unfortunatly she couldn’t stay with us, because a lot of things was all kinds of fucked up at Toothless Tiger at that moment.

However I would truely take her back any day without hesitation – when I have the money. Also because the way she communicates resonates with me. I think her work is the coolest wordpoetry I’ve ever seen. Yes she was that good. Her trait is PR and she fitted perfectly in our tiny team where things where hectic and where the process was very different than she was used to. However during that one month she got me in the danish mainstream media 3 times. She told me how to angle my stuff so the journalists would love it – and they did. That’s also one of the reasons she’s welcome back anytime, because it was very effectful for me. She rounded my edges. She made me feel amazing.

Everytime she’s invited to a jobinterview I would love to reference for her. She’s very closely connected to the blogosphere she’s been blogging on flo’s diner for ages. She’s good with the web + mainstream – I don’t understand why she’s not picked up by somebody ? it has been a while now which I why I write this.

Cut the bullshit guys and hire Fie ! I don’t have any words for how much this would be a win-win situation for your company. You simply can’t miss the target with this lady.

She’s overall amazing, workaholic and a fantastic contribute to every team.

If you can’t hire her – I hope you will share this with all your peers so we can get her a job real soon. I think she needs it.

And to Fie, I know you don’t know I’m writing this. Thank you for all the fun times, laughs and tears, I think you’re amazing and not well-rounded at all – just like me. I hope this helps a bit =)

Adobe: Why on earth are you sending me pressreleases ?

Last week I wrote about  about people who add me to their newsletters without me acknowledging it on the Toothless Tiger blog.

It’s something that can really get my anger going – basically because it undermines my own work and the whole art of identity, viral effects, marketing and branding.

This morning I was send a press release from guy I don’t remember having met about Adobe’s new socialanalytics tool. It was bcc’ed me (in danish) so there’s possibly a lot of other danish “influencers” who has recieved the same pressrelease.  Yes I can see it might have some relevance for me and I could be a part of the target group and all (and possibly one of the people in Europe that Adobe really wants to have using their products).

Instead I’m sitting here completely pissed because I can’t believe that a company like Adobe would hire a PR agency who includes me in a PR list, without me having given my acceptance about it and where there isn’t any sort of personal touch. Press release, copy-paste, Send.  One of the hilarious parts of it is that in the end of the press release, it says “adobe – changes the world though digital experiences”… Yeah. erhm. right. For the better, or…? Because you certainly don’t give me that feeling right now.

I choose to make a big deal about this and actually take up some of my time to write about it, because in my eyes it’s the wrong way of doing things online these days – and I don’t think it’s legal in Denmark either + again, it undermines my own work.

Now dear Adobe, if I don’t include this – it would just be a bitching post (and it kind of is) but for the next time :

Get your PR agency to do a bit of the good old “know, like, trust” thing – you know: reach out to me beforehand and get me to know you, get me to like you at least – as a part of the community. It’s as a part of the whole identity, branding and marketing building that I am writing about on this blog!

And then include a personal customized note to every individual on your PR list (I know it kinds of contradicts the whole “reach a whole bunch of influencers really really fast”)

I’m honored that you think it’s relevant for me and Im cool with me being seen as an influencer – but you should treat me as one – you’re not really making me feel special right now.

The bottom line is this: that because I’m so sick about people doing this, dear Adobe, you became the tip of the iceberg. You became the case for this blogpost where I’m telling everyone that it’s not OK. Just because you can find my contact details on the internet doesn’t mean that you have the right to contact me, without me lashing back.