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Make Your Brand Stand Out: Speak In Taglines

speak in taglines

What makes brands vulnerable? The answer is not having gone through the process of developing taglines. Their inability to pave out in cement what they stand for. A huge part of working with your brand is to get these things developed.

Your brand lives inside people’s heads and it might mean so much more to them than you imagine.

Your taglines can help direct the brand. You have some control of what you stand for, being inside of people’s heads and all. r. It’s a way for people to get to know you better, and it’s a way for your brand not to be indifferent or simply not stand out from the competitors because you’re too ‘vanilla.’

What are the great taglines?

Great taglines are sentences that add a sudden kind of ‘oompf’ to a brand. It’s what differentiates. Depending on what industry you’re in, it could be world-revolutionary. They could also be an off-spin of ‘having the customer in focus’ (which a lot of companies use as a tagline, but it’s a given in the contemporary business world). It depends on your industry and how you want to position yourself. I would love to have a business world where more people spoke in taglines. It’s short, sweet, and it makes a whole lot of difference in your personal business world.

Here are some examples of company taglines that might help you come up with an idea of your own.

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Branding Identity + purpose

Add Action To Your Personal Mission Statement

personal mission statement

You should create a personal mission statement, so you always know where you need to go, where your true north is.  My personal mission statement has become a way to adjust what I am doing and what choices I am making.

Another important element is to start showing the world how you’re living your mission statement. Adding action and documenting those actions in pictures, blog posts, tweets, pins, Snapchat, you name it. Documenting your journey is something I refer to as “storyliving”. It’s a word I have developed and a cornerstone of my branding work with my clients.

Actions and documenting those actions (the glossy word “storyliving”) when it comes to personal mission statements adds substance and trust to your brand. Suddenly you’re not only claiming you’re doing living your personal mission statement, you’re showing the world around you how you’re true to yourself.

You’re not just sharing buzzwords and making your way to becoming an expert because of your brand. You’re consistently showing that you’re adding action upon action and that you mean what you say.

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Is Purpose The Best Currency?

We do like cold hard facts right in the business world, right? More than branding. More than purpose. It’s so interesting that we have this urge to collect a lot of data to validate our actions. And just when the data is collected, we forget about it. We write a strategy about it and then put that strategy in a drawer.

I am very passionate about the environment, sustainability, and gender equality. Mostly, I’ve previously expressed this passion by giving a lot of my time to be one of the editors of the amazing-now-no-longer-live “Green Girls Global” blog.  In my writing and speaking gigs, this passion came as an outcry for people to try and put purpose before profit. And if that was completely not doable, they should at least level purpose and profit.

Back in November, a report came out from CDP where they tracked 500 companies for 3 years, and the results were remarkable: Companies planning for climate change are more profitable, have higher returns, and are more stable.

You can read the full report here. Via Co.EXIST

From a branding perspective, a report like this can move mountains for an individual company. Putting purpose before profit is a real action defining who you are as a brand. Even though it hasn’t been updated for a couple of years, I was a huge fan of Greenpeace’s guide to greener electronics. I thought it was an important initiative, especially mapping out what action electronics companies were doing to become greener and giving consumers a clearer view of how green their electronics are.

Purpose before profit works, my awesome business rockers! So get those awesome world-changing projects going, no matter what field or company you’re working for. The universe will be all woo-woo like and shall reward you for your efforts!