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Enhancing your identity and branding ? you need a manifesto

One of the things I have worked with as an entrepreneur over the years is manifestos. I think they are dead important, both to the people who sees them because they stand strong, but also for me to get my head around what it is that I actually think and feel about a given subject. I went back in the blog archives and I have done a lot of manifestos during the years i’ve been running this blog… (8 years… cough).

A manifesto is a great way of figuring out what you think is important around a given subject – or even when you should be finding out what kind of company you are. I haven’t done a Henriette Weber or a Toothless Tiger manifesto yet – but they are up in my head – I know what I want to do and what I don’t want to do. What I stand for and what I don’t stand for. And that’s the great thing about manifestos because it becomes natural to you in the process and then you look back at them and think “hey that’s pretty cool”. A manifesto needs to be a natural process so you end out with something that everybody in the manifesto process believes in and acts out and stands for. It can be a lot of work (especially in large teams – but I guarantee you it’s worth it). in fact it often becomes something more than a manifesto

But here are my published manifestos over the years:

Anyway there was the silent revolution manifesto that became a large part of my book “return on involvement” because the silent revolution defines the changes that is happening inside of people. This was written before the paradigm shift in media and I still feel the “yep” coming from inside of me when I read it…

There was the creativity undefined manifesto that summed up my creativity work with Dannie Jost for our lift07 workshop – it’s still stands and is still the core of most of my thoughts around creativity. The surroundings has changed a bit though.

Then there was the creativity 100 manifesto – 100 pieces of advice for getting more creative… which is still one of my most read blogposts today =) I really digg that manifesto, and can’t really believe I did that…

And then – there is the involvement manifesto. A sum up of danish book (in english) which had the succes criteria that one person would print and put up on their wall in their office.(you can still make it). That’s why it’s designed and great looking and not just text=)

When I read through this my mind is going “I better get going on that creativity book” – 2 manifestos on creativity ? yes it is something I care deeply about =)


my theory of the silent revolution part 1

I have constantly been thinking about how to scope this theory  properly and how to write it so I wouldn’t look as a complete jerk.
It envolves my theory of the silent revolution.

The silent revolution as I see it, is what blogging sprang from. is why web 2.0 is happening, and why free agents start up everywhere, making a living of their interests. I have not done any research except for looking at the tendencies in society. so here goes

back in..uhhmm 1999 – I started reading the book called “no logo” by Naomi Klein. And as a real closet hippie, I was outraged and upset by the multinational companies abusing societies and making living standards, well not liveable – for a lot of people all across the world.
why ? for money and efficiency and to have more money to use on mainstream marketing to sell more ( and get consumers to consume more of their products). I think the book touched my anti-autoritive behaviour and I became real angry !…
what I found that “no logo” was missing was an action plan .. I finished the book at a holiday in Corfu, Greece – and I was all hyped up on ” all power to the people” , ” think global act local” – but I didn’t know how to make my meaning heard – or how to change anything!

then I read “culture jam” by Kalle Lasn of adbusters and “fast food nation” – the last one actually made me puke… I couldn’t believe that people would go to such extremes for money – and I could believe that the world around us is closing their eyes on it.

I don’t believe that people didn’t care. but for the first 4 years when I was a vegetarian – I was met with the question ” why ?” and ” well it doesn’t matter in the big picture” – but being a vegetarian mattered to me… it was my little provocation against society…

a lot of people in the start of the 2000’s thought that way. our influence wasn’t big enough as a sole person. then something happened.

I think it was a mixture between companies pressing products down our throats and making one way marketing to have us -well consume more.
Nobody actually listened to what we were saying. We weren’t mainstream media , so who cared ?

well other consumers cared. the revolt in seattle for the WTO meeting in .. whenever… the boycots of Esso – all happening because of communities and the insight that if people stand together as a group – we can actually make things happen.

this is the end of part 1, part 2 will be posted tomorrow –

I am using it all for a book project that I am working on, and hopefully will finish in 3 months.. it’s a bit deep.. but I hope I make sense

Identity + purpose

The silent revolution manifesto

here it is. my silent revolution manifesto:

silent revolution manifesto

The silent revolution is a movement WITHIN people to cope with the everyday information overload due to consumerism and marketing.

Nowadays we get so much information that there is no way that we can cope with it.

Not convinced? take a look at your inbox, or television or kids. Add your rss feed and your personal network. Stir it up with the products the media wants you to buy. Add a little touch of whatever the society wants you to be like – and you are almost there

Every company in the world wants you as it’s target group. They customize and scale themselves across branches and media.

In the world of today (and tomorrow) you will always be pressured. Deal with it!

What we need now is the best tools to make more time available – and they are currently being developed and marketed.

As a PR person, by now I know, that the chances of getting through to your audience via mainstream media ( TV, Radio and newspapers) are almost nonexistant.
It’s deathexpensive too.
And it doesn’t succeed.

There is nothing new under the sun. Companies are desperate looking for growth, and still, everybody ( including your neighbor) wants to sell you something.

I know, you want to sell something too.

So what happens?

People start to make their own media, global mikro companies, freelance companies etc.

You can even start your own bank now.

Everything is possible.

Creativity Ideas Trends

Enjoying the silent revolution

Let me introduce the “silent revolution”

We are a part of something big.

A silent revolution happening inside of people. It’s not aggressive. It’s simplicity and creativity. It is where society is currently heading.

Terms such “blogging”, “own logo”, “sharing”, “crafting” are in high demand here.

The information overload and the input is simply too much!

Brand value? –  give us products that work!

Make filters. We need to handle information, materialism and save the world.

Isn’t that a business idea for you?

Anyway, I am already unloading. Making my everyday diversified from my workday by meditating with my family. Resting in myself to handle stress.

ps. this was my first blogpost written about this, – you can read more about it here in the manifesto, my theory about the Silent revolution part 1, my theory part 2, and lastly, my theory part 3.