Trend: Citizen Science – mapping penguins with Penguin Watch

citizen science penguinwatch

Screendump of my penguin mapping – taken from

A new concept (or term) has seen the light of day (or at least it’s the first i’ve heard of it): citizen science. According to my mind filled with other trends, it lives on the verge of ‘crowdsourcing’ and ‘citizen activism’ ….

I stumbled across it through this article on MNN,  

the project is scientific, and pretty simple: You get to map penguin colonies in Antarctica and help scientists define their behaviour and where they live better.   -with your mouse.

I absolutely love this -and I think it will sit extremely well with school kids. Who knows – maybe we will be mapping climate changes from maps of the earth in the near future?

you can check this (remarkable) Citizen Science project out  (and start clicking) here:

rock on


Why do we need disruptive trends?

why do we need disruptive trends

The business world is in dire need for diversification. Every brand has a need to stand out these days. Enter stage: disruptive trends. Think about what Patagonia has done with their ‘buy less’ strategy. Standing out has become one of the primary reasons for selling your products. If you’re good at spotting disruptive trends, you can get ahead of the competition. But if you’re great at implementing these trends you can hit a home run with your branding. You can save a gazillion dollars in marketing because you’ve already claimed the mind space of your clients and potential clients within that niche.

This means that businesses are becoming more creative and making more state-of-the-art/ cutting-edge products – in order to gain market share.

If you can define disruptive trends and show the business world what it will look like in 3 years there a good chance that you can get ahead of the game.